Rodgers Wields The Axe And Again Shows His Contempt For Celtic’s Summer Business.

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Well done Brendan Rodgers, showing his ruthlessness, and stamping his mark onto this team. We all know that things had to change, and whilst the formation is the same the team is radically altered and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re raising the tempo as well.

The forward line is all about the pace; Idah, Kuhn and Maeda.

The fastest front three we’ve got at the club, and that’s what Rodgers wants. Kyogo is a fantastic footballer, but let’s not kid ourselves here; he needed dropping for his own good and for ours. The flat-footed Palma is benched. Abada is benched. This should change the tempo of our attacks.

Johnston, Welsh, Scales and Bernabei at central defence is another momentous vote of no confidence in the summer business, with Nawrocki dropping out the team.

Make no mistake about it, there is very little about the summer that the manager is pleased with. Only Bernardo stars this game of the summer signings still left at the club; don’t forget that three of them have already gone. The impression grows that the manager sees it an utter write-off.

As I predicted, even Palma has dropped out of this side now we’ve got Maeda back. Bernardo probably wouldn’t be in the team if Hatate wasn’t injured. The weakness of the central midfield area now that Turnbull has left is shocking. We’ll be relying on these same players for the rest of the season, which is an utter travesty and an indictment of this board.

But Rodgers has said “no more” in terms of the way this team has playing.

If he’s going to pull this off he’s going to use his own judgement and players he actually signed off on after taking a long hard look at the options. This is finally something like the Rodgers version of this team, and what a two fingers he’s stuck up to the directors and the scouts at the same time.

Let’s do this tonight Celtic. Let’s win.

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  • Bunter says:

    Glad to see these changes. Kyogo is off form and has been for weeks. Palma blows hot and cold. Abada has lost a bit of confidence as well after his injury. Good on Brendan. Let’s get a good win tonight bhoys!

    • Walter Harvey says:

      Another dire performance and a very lucky 3 points. If we are to get out of this slump it’s going to take more than a reshuffling of the current pack.

  • Jas says:

    Bernabei? Really?
    Bosun Lawal is tearing up Div 1, why can’t we bring him back?

  • Marky says:

    About time! Good!!!

  • Dave says:

    That performance has Rodgers written all over it, Celtic win but I think we had around 3 chances on target, 2 were penalties.
    The possession play is slow and negative.
    Idah had as many touches as Kyigo gets.
    Hart had considerably more.
    I will maintain Rodgers has to go, his style and tactics are diabolical,.
    This win was won badly, style, flair, entertainment was out the window.
    Team is utter garbage under Rodgers.
    He and the board must go.

  • Cyril Donohoe says:

    Obviously that was the plan but the longer it went on ,it just got worse,very fortunate to win .In many ways it mirrored 2 hf on Saturday.Also we dont like the physicality, the quicker CCV n Taylor are bck the better.Hopefully the win inspires the lads, hope springs eternal

  • SSMPM says:

    Tk Fock for the new bhoy Adam, the only player on the pitch that looked like he could or would score. To think we all had a right moan when we signed him, nothing personal, but we all felt like a lack of ambition from the board tbh. He probably feels he’s got a point to prove and he did, hopefully that will rub off.
    I had a right old moan earlier about our failure to score penalties so credit to him for stepping up.
    Interesting to hear BR saying the team need to create more from possession so it’s clear he’s not telling them to go sideways continuously and to get forward more.
    We did create chances again but the rest of them could have played all night and not took their chances. It’s weird to see the same guys that scored confidently earlier in the season seem so lacking in ability in front of goal.
    Anyway it’s 3 points nearer to the the title and better form to come I hope.
    Can’t quite believe Andrew Dallas VAR pointed out the late penalty but his fellow hun fans will be cursing him tonight. HH

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Let’s do this Celtic. Let’s win.

    Well they did but bloody hell that was brutal –

    I suppose we have found a penalty taker at last – Though I don’t like the way that he kinda sand dances around the run up like Palma although to a lesser extent admittedly…

    The stats of shots on / off are pretty poor tonight and we ain’t getting away with much longer –

    Scary that St. Mirren were home n’ hosed and 0-3 up at Half Time in the very same ground on Saturday…

    And scary that I’m scared of St. Mirren in The Scottish Cup on Sunday –

    For Fcuks Sake – What has this season come to at Celtic !

  • Walter Harvey says:

    Another dire performance and a very lucky 3 points. If we are to get out of this slump it’s going to take more than a reshuffling of the current pack.

  • There Is No Old Firm! says:

    The best axe he could wield is on himself. Same as first time around the football is utter dross under him. He destroys player’s intuition and impulse making them so stuck in trying to adhere to his tactics they become stale and devoid of flare. He’s destroying Kyogo the way he destroyed Griffiths and O’Reilly and Johnson have faded. He must go asap!

  • Thomas M Daley says:

    Roger’s is doing what he needs to do
    More strength to him

  • Robert Downey says:

    Rodgers can only pick from what is available to him.
    Ange would have struggled with that mob.
    I wonder who signed off on these players, can’t see Ange being happy with them.
    Looks like a Lawwell & Son production to me.
    It has all the hallmark of another season like the 10 in a row season.
    In some ways I hope it does, surely the Lawwells couldn’t survive that.
    Or does big Peter have nudies of Dermot Desmond.

  • Carlos says:

    Another blog, another opinion based on…….not a lot. Rodgers might not be happy with the summer signings, but how the team sets out as well as its shortcomungs, are his domain, and his responsibility. It’s plain to see our defence is under pressure and struggling through injury. The midfield is not protective and has no depth. Where is the holding player, the Btown, the Lennon. If Iwata isn’t rated he needed to find one. That should be enough to sort out our domestic problems and is Rodgers’ responsibility. As is finding a way to bring our best striker into the games. Simple as that.

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