Sky’s Resident Clown Deserves Every Bit Of Stick The Celtic Fans Throw His Way.

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Following Celtic’s late winner against Motherwell today, Sky’s resident Village Idiot, got some stick from our supporters and instead of ignoring it as professionals on that channel have had to do since time immemorial, he decided to respond like the grinning fool he is.

How many more lessons in how unprofessional this goon is do they need over there?

This guy is his very own one man cartoon. And if Sky are going to stick up a cartoon character they are going to have to get what accrues to that automatically.

I find their pre and post match shows unbearable.

Half time is hard enough for advertisers, as it’s the time when most people leave the TV and go and find something else to do for 15 minutes.

This has actually been charted, believe it or not. You know where you see it? And this is no joke. It’s in the electricity spikes during the break. Cause that’s when people go into the kitchen and stick the kettle on. In Scotland, you wonder if anyone’s ever been tempted to get in the shower with it so they never have to listen to his rubbish again.

His snark at the Celtic fans was the sort of rubbish you would not get anywhere else on Sky. Literally nowhere else. Every other commentator, no matter which club they follow, would have more about them than to act like a kid.

Sutton has had stick like this without uttering a word.

The most controversial thing Sutton has said about the Ibrox fans was that their club had insulted them when it said he wasn’t getting into their ground because he wouldn’t be safe. Lennon has been on Sky a thousand times and never once has he responded to stick from rival supporters.

The stick comes from his being an odious little man who can’t control himself when Celtic win and can’t contain himself when we don’t. That’s what it’s about. And in return for getting the stick, he does what? Acts like an even bigger idiot.

Sky deserves this. They could have someone like Mikey Stewart for whatever they are paying this gurning halfwit. This is what they’ve reduced Scottish football coverage to now, a freak show where he’s the starring freak. I hope they’re proud of it.

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  • Roonsa says:

    When I had Sky I would deliberately watch matches on delayed broadcast, by enough time to allow me to FF through the half time blab.

    In terms of the Village Idiot, I refuse to listen to him and I refuse to read any words he somehow manages to get printed.

    The day Sky sacks him is the day I will consider paying for Sky Sports again. Until that day, there is not a chance of that happening.

  • Gordon Raeburn says:

    He’s only there to pacify the mutant hordes. Mikey Stewart would never lower himself to work with this pathetic excuse for a human. To refer to him as the village idiot is disrespectful to village idiots.

  • Frank Connelly says:

    Hes on just so they can poke us with a stick after we demanded he be sacked a while back. Result SKY stuck him on there Saturday afternoon slot together with Paul Merson who they retained when they bumped the original three albeit Nicholas was one of them and that was a correct decision. Merson I get because of his personal issues but Boyd has no excuse

  • Jimmy says:

    Aftet an unbelievably bad first half. We were a few minutes away from a disastrous result so Any journalist or TV pundit, is that we are focused on. Kris Boyd is a clown. No idea though why he would get attention or a BBC pundit. Is that the teal story.
    As you wrote Brendan Rodgers was 45 minutes away from losing his job at half time. Our fans like me were raging and distressed.
    Lots of changes because starters were under performing even after as we read recent about galvanising speech, no response as hoped from some. I would question some of our own in the Celtic sites I read so often. Two commented on Scales being ” A Stand our performer.” A pundit you know well James. And another saying he was the success of the season. Quality like him Kuhn Ralston Palma and others are not good enough and as a result we were 45 minutes away from disaster. The real story is we got a victory when our season looked doomed. Well done Big Idah.

  • Mark keenan says:

    Why dont sky sack tha fat clown boyd he is useless

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Brainless. Didnae even have the sense, or professionalism tae realize that totally ignorin it, would’ve gave the impression he was risin above it. His reaction was nae surprise tho, he’s a moron.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ye can feel the rage and disappointment oozin out the DR. Celtic support gettin it for seat damage and an obviously pig sick mark pirie, actually sayin boyds got one over them as well. Lookin for any angle tae try and help their massive upset at us winnin. We didnae get a mention from them, of the ibrox supports recent despicable abuse and bile at teenager Neil lennon’s son tho did we ? Hypocritical sewer rats.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Take it DR is The Daily (Retard) Record Kevan…

      Trust that you chanced sneaky look in shop and dumped it back down or found it on a bus or train seat as anything else (online or purchase) isn’t killing it off but very much keeping them alive !

  • SSMPM says:

    In the same vein as BR’s comment to Jane Lewis, he’s a ‘good wee boy’ to the cause. Childish immature hunnery to the core. It just makes you fold over and collapse to see him get in such a state when we win. The pain is simply exhilarating. HH

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Probably days like this that I wish I could see his bitter and torn face…

    But imagining it is quite nice as well !

  • Tambhoy50 says:

    James he’s only got the job because his auld man is in a high position in the management side of sky Scotland and they take him for games anywhere so they can have a laugh the English think all Scots are like him and thats why Scottish football is so bad that they laugh at it he’s not got enough brains to be a pundit

  • Jim Duffy says:

    I gave up sky sports 2 years ago because of idiots like Boyd,BBC sport scene and BBC radio sport scene are about as bad ,I think they keep big Packy as the token Celt but the rest of them are all Huns.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Only worth listening to if Celtic are top and after a loss for Sevco…

      Otherwise not !

      Sky is feee with a fire stick and the other lot are free anyway !

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    The guy is a moron no doubt, Celtic should spend some money on having a more professional platform, Celtic TV is a hard watch or listen more to the point. I refuse to have Sky anymore I would rather listen on the radio than pay these condescending prycks. Any pundit should be objective regardless of their preference for any team. Boyd was a bog-standard player and is even less talented as a pundit.

  • Gerry Henderson says:

    Paid for being a bigoted idiot from Sky, this is my last season with Sky as they continue to employ an arrogant ignorant lout

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