The Celtic Boss’s “Good Girl” Controversy Is A Manufactured Insult To Our Intelligence.

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The media are transparent at times, aren’t they? And Celtic fans put up with a lot of stuff that other fans don’t have to. Some of the ways in which they insult our intelligence are shocking, and this morning there’s a manufactured controversy to annoy us.

As everyone knows, Rodgers walked away from an interview with Jane Lewis of the BBC yesterday after she’d needled him over the first half when he wanted to talk about the second, and then pretended to be stupid when she repeatedly asked him to explain his comments about “the story” surrounding our club this season.

The “story” comments were given an airing at the print media’s presser as well. This has really pissed the manager off, and we wrote about that last week. This club has been constantly in the crosshairs since this season began, and Rodgers in particular. We deserve stick. The board deserves a hell of a lot more than stick. But some of it has been hysterical.

They want us to forget that when the season opened it was The Mooch who was the tactical genius who was going to present Rodgers with all kinds of problems. The only issues he gave Rodgers involved keeping a straight face in interviews whenever his name came up.

Manneken Piss has got them looking organised, but they’d also like us to forget that Rodgers has already beaten him. They would rather we forgot that. That the gap is two points in their favour owes nothing to this guy; we should be miles clear of his team.

The criticism Rodgers is getting today is for being patronising and sexist. How ridiculous. I wouldn’t agree with either. Rodgers had already expressed his anger, he expressed it in walking away. There was nothing patronising or sexist in his remarks at all. I’ve read some utter rot that “he wouldn’t have said it to a man.” What, “good girl”? I wouldn’t think so, no.

But would he say “good man” or even “good boy” to a hack? I bet he has, repeatedly. I bet he’s done both and nobody cracked a light. Lewis doesn’t get special protection simply because she’s a woman. She’s just another journalist who asked a stupid question and got the response it deserved. His closing remark to her wasn’t even a throwaway, it was nothing at all.

You know how you can tell this is a manufactured controversy? The people who are piling into it. The Daily Star has a piece on this for God’s sake. The Daily Star. Defending women in journalism. The only women who usually make it into their rag are only half dressed, so forgive me if I don’t appear to be taking this garbage even remotely seriously.

Jane Lewis is not considered a Celtic-friendly reporter. She actually self-defines as a Motherwell fan, so having her interview the boss in the first place was somehow absurd and typical of BBC Sports Scotland and the way they go about their business. Even with the best will in the world, a home fan is going to struggle to stay objective after watching their team concede two goals as late as that, and let’s face it, we wouldn’t have trusted her to be objective anyway.

This is the state of journalism in Scotland. It’s no surprise to see some of the hacks leaping on board this, and putting their spin on it. Their spin is the reason Rodgers is so fed up with them.

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  • Wendy says:

    He always ends his interviews with good man on SKY. He did so yesterday as well.

    • Paulybhoy2 says:

      I believe Jane Lewis told a bare face lie to Brendan Rodgers saying she didn’t know what story he was talking about

    • Roonsa says:

      Yes. He said Good man. Not Good boy.

      There is a difference. It was not a dog he was talking to.

  • bertie basset says:

    while not defending rodgers , especially for yesterdays first half performance , the ” good girl ” reference would be used regularly in ireland and not as an insult , good boy , good lad , good man , all normal every day speak , those who perceive it as a slight or anti women are being either ignorant or malicious towards rodgers and trying to undermine him and celtic , it is so obvious , even childish in approach , but it reveals an ugly undercurrent in scottish media

  • king murdy says:

    as you said james…if it had been a bloke he might have ended that particular conversation with “good man”….or…possibly, if the bloke was younger…”good boy”…
    it is a patronising response – no doubt about it….i’ve used it myself when ending a confrontation….BUT, SO THE FUK WHAT !!!
    the cow was needling him intentionally….(yea, i know….now THAT is sexist….) fuk her and the bbc……will there be a hue and cry from the media at the next hun match when they get going on their sectarian and racist song book ? NOPE !!
    i hope rodgers maintains his anger and channels it into the team and their performances….


  • Dinger says:

    BBC billy boys club

  • David Johnston says:

    She also tried to needle Ange Postecoglu when he was our boss so methinks a wee pattern here.

  • Mick mc Farlane says:

    James please accept my apology but I was tuned into GB news this morning when this story came up on their sports desk and Eamon Holmes was on it like a shot to defend Brendan hope you get a clip of it the whole episode will truly galvanise the club front now till we win this title starting from Wednesday against Dundee we’re a wounded animal being cornered so buckle up and enjoy the ride hh

  • Bob (original) says:

    It’s a non-story, but an easy one for the SMSM to exploit for

    the headlines.

    Maybe in a weird way it will help?

    Circle the wagons, create the siege mentality,

    and win the league – despite everyone else’s negativity?

    Would be great if BR could simply ban all the SMSM

    until season end?

    That would get the churnalists foaming at the mouth! 🙂

  • Captain Swing says:

    Is this the same journalistic firmament which routinely turns a deaf ear to tens of thousands belting out anthems to sectarian hatred on a weekly basis, going absolutely tonto over a throwaway remark which could at most be taken – in a certain light – to be slightly patronising or mildly sexist? Asking for a friend.

  • Roonsa says:

    As I’ve already said twice in other comment sections, I disagree. He came across as rattled and, let’s not forget, it was he who started that line of conversation about a story being written about Celtic. It wasn’t Jane Lewis.

    I know nothing about Jane Lewis. I hadn’t heard of her until yesterday. I was listening to the interview in my car and I was saying to myself “Jesus Christ Brendan, what are you doing?”

    In my view, Brendan is getting stick that he deserves. He started the conversation, didn’t like being questioned on it, and ended the dicsussion with a condescending put-down. Sexist or not, it was stupid.

    Pick your battles is what you always say James. Don’t pick this one.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      I disagree on this one Roosna !

      Fight BBC Scotland all the way…

      Brick for Brick – Bot for Boot – Blade for Blade – Bottle for Bottle !!!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s everywhere and ye can sense the sheer disappointment and resentment about our win, runnin right through the lot of them. Clearly, they already had their gloatin articles written for today after, as they all eagerly expected, we lost, or dropped more points. Now that didnae happen, instead, they turn tae an anger fuelled, desperate, hatchet job with anythin negative they can dredge up, because in spite of us playin bad, we’re still hangin right in there so far. the hurt is strong with them today.

  • Jimmy says:

    It’s time to stop talking to the press, BBC in particular.
    End of story.

    • Roonsa says:

      What? It seems like we are embracing this siege mentality that is being forced upon us. No, no, 100% no.

      We are not doing that!

  • Mick mc Farlane says:

    James they tried to make a thing of it on gb news sport section this morning but eamon Holmes blew it out the water fair play to him this only the start of this nonsense everyone of us need to be totally up for this fight it starts on Wednesday total support no fear from kick off everyone all in hh

  • Brian Cheyne says:

    The press are annoyed because they had already written that Celtic drop more points story. But big Adam blew a hole in that one. The narrative will continue unless we turn it round on the pitch.

  • Frank says:

    You keep downplaying an experienced manager with a good track record. Calling him juvenile names says more about you than him.

  • John Copeland says:

    As I’ve said previously ,they are all in on the act to cause as much disruption for Celtic FC on and off the pitch as much as possible . These cowboy and cowgirl scoops have waited a long time to be able to aid and abet their pet project clumpany and are grabbing the chances with guns ablaze . It’s a SMSM calculated bunch of attacks in which they hope one will hit the bullseye . It will be an onslaught of more of the same until the title is won .If it was me getting interviewed ,I’d be giving no’s , not really , possibly and minimalistic answers to questions from desperate scoops ..every time ! They will soon get the message ….loud and clear .

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Given that she is one old Fcukin boot – The OLD hag ought to be grateful that he called her Good GIRL !

  • Effarr says:

    This is typical of today`s woke culture and plenty of Celtic fans are as guilty of the faux horror. Having worked on many building and civil engineering projects with Irishmen, “good man” was almost a byword with them. Maybe she would have been happier with “good
    man”. To be honest, I hate to hear her screeching voice at the best of times and that is why I turn off after the game. To my mind, complaining about an Irishman using a common, everyday phrase must be racist.

  • goodghuy says:

    It was patrionising no doubt about it, do I think Brendan is sexist, absolutely not, do I think Brendan is a decent person, absolutely, but you have to watch what you say now, as everything is so political correct these days. I knew the moment he said it, it would have been everywhere, it was on GB news this morning, I watched it. He has been urged to apologize , and I think he should actually to be honest, I have two girls, would I be happy if a guy said to them good girl, no I most certainly wouldn’t, so I’m not being hypocritical with this. Brendan is a good man though, he didn’t mean it the way that’s being portrayed, so a we apology and we move on. HH

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Much ado about nothing. “Good Girl or Lad” a turn of phrase used by Irish people over the years.

  • JimmyC says:

    Sorry, James, I agree with you most of the time, including that some of those hyping this story are no friends of Celtic. And maybe Jane Lewis isn’t either. But she does not deserve to be condescended to and patronized. Brendan blew it. And a man, any man, saying “good girl” to a professional woman doing her job is objectively sexist. He should apologize. Doubt that he will, but for the sake of the Club, for whom he is a spokesperson (yeah, sneer at me if you wish for the terminology), he should. We don’t need to be associated with that kind of disrespect.

    • Donnybhoy says:

      Jimmy – you’re not wrong.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Actually – When it’s BBC Scotland we are dealing with we ABSOLUTELY DO need to be associated with that level of disrespect and more to be honest…

      Just how respectful are they of Celtic !

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