Celtic Are Still Top, But The Media Is Counting Ibrox’s Champions League Money Already.

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Today The Daily Record has published the sort of article that only they can; fantasy fiction masquerading as a sports story. It is absolutely bonkers.

Before we get to it, here’s a question; do you remember a few months back when they ran a story about how the Ibrox club might make more money from the Europa League than we stand to for this season’s Champions League campaign? I scorned that story at the time, thinking it piece of banal trash. In that scenario, Sevco would have to get to the final and win the tournament, but that didn’t stop the paper running lurid headlines and promoting this rubbish.

Today’s is in some ways even worse; they have an article up where they are counting their Champions League money whilst we sit top of the league, and they’ve concluded that because of co-efficient rules the Ibrox club could even make more money out of that tournament than us if both of the clubs are present in it.

It was ever thus.

They will bend the numbers however they need to get the conclusion they want.

I mean, this is just nuts.

Neither side is certain to be in that tournament, and whilst we all know there’s a huge pile of money at stake for getting there, we’re certainly not counting it, not by any manner of means.

What made it funny for me is that we’re suddenly being reminded again how poor Europa League income is in comparison to Champions League cash … that’s a strange realisation to have dawned on that rag after all this time.

I said in a previous piece that you can detect the rising level of arrogance over there again; they think because they are on form – they lost more recently than we did, didn’t they? I’m sure that I remember that – that they are world beaters.

It manifests itself in lots of different ways, like the casual dismissal of every other team in this league bar us, and in the way their players are suddenly strutting about think they are champions elect to garbage like this … counting money that isn’t in the bank yet, which every gambler knows is a bad idea.

The article itself actually carries no byline, except by something called “Scotland’s Co-Efficient.” Whoever, or whatever, that is, I am certain that they’ll be surprised to read the screaming headline on the piece bearing their name; “(Ibrox) to hit Champions League jackpot IF they win title as Celtic pay price for Euro woes in major shake-up.”

Even more ridiculous is the picture on the piece; Manneken Piss himself, holding the League Cup and roaring in triumph.

The picture and the headline both make it clear that someone at The Record has sniffing the Bostick again. As I said in the first paragraph, this isn’t sports journalism. With the spin they’ve put on it, this is fantasy fiction.

This is tempting fate big time because if we win this title this article is getting filed away for a day in the future when a Europa League run is again valued more highly in the press than getting to the top competition … a story which only the Ibrox club will ever inspire.

They could only have inspired this one. What utter nonsense it is.

We really need to get back on form and put this lot back in their box again. I knew the media was going to go hysterical over them before long, but it’s already almost unbearable.

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  • Tim says:

    Jelly and ice cream when the tabloids die

  • John Copeland says:

    As I’ve already stated , there will be every conceivable Ibrox related feel good factor yarnS being produced daily by the SMSM until the season’s conclusion ..a’ we have your backs lads ‘plot from the haemorrhoids in particular! To accompany the Govanland enchantment pieces , there will be the most disruptive , troublesome , destructive and disheartening stories from the same posse ,about everything Celtic FC related . They will shovel on the coal in their ploy at disorder inside our team . Messy won’t be a good enough adjective to describe their barrage of diatribe .

  • Danny Breen says:

    Can you honestly tell me James,were going turn corner anytime soon,there players out there not playing for manager,and start with captain and logo,could name more.

    • James Forrest says:

      I don’t think it’s a case of them not playing for him. Almost all of them signed extended deals.

      I just don’t think they fit the way he wants to play.

      • Jas says:

        The huns only need to bury Ross County 2-0 to go top next week, their friends in the media etc can say what they like, I don’t watch, nor listen to BBC hootsmon and never buy or read any Scottish tabloid.
        The huns are famous for winning the “nearly won the race” trophy, I believe when CCV and Hatate get back things will change, we just have to make sure the mistakes are minimal until then.

  • Daniel Cullen says:

    As far as “putting that lot back in their box. Celtic missed that opertunity on two occassions. One after the Europa league final, again the board refused to build on that by buying a few quality players to go onto the next level, hence the real reason Martin O’Neil left(& porbably similar reason why Ange left, not getting financially backed). Two. when the tribute act liquidated, Celtic board again failed to put them completely out of football with their secret agreements(Lawell & we all know about them) and the massive failure to buy real investment players since. The board has made it clear since. “The Board need a Rangers” in their eyes. But we don’t.

  • Somehow says:

    Brendan better get his act together, the teams gone backwards under him. I

  • Davie says:

    Need to get realistic here, The Rangers are in with a great chance of winning the league.
    Celtic have gone backwards under Rodgers with nil sign of improvement.
    I feel we will hang on to Rodgers and Lawell, that will end our chances of winning this season and possibly next.
    Rodgers has dismantled a winning formula, he has installed negative football at celtic.
    So wake up to how we are going backwards, we hung on to Lennon until it was to late.

  • Mick says:

    Rather you than me reading that toxic bs fantasy rag, but I suppose someone has to and thanks for enduring that for us all. And while I’m at it thanks for venturing onto their sites, I did look a couple of times but they’re totally different animals in comparison to Celtic sites, no thanks though, I was washing my eyeballs for days afterwards.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Their sites are a thing of beauty when they get beat though Mick – I love the schadenfreude experience of it all…

      As for James’ comments The Daily Record soon to be God Willing The Late (dead) Daily Record surely this latest article reported by The Celtic Blog will be the last straw for the very few and very odd idiotic Celtic supporters that are still mental enough to buy it !

  • Martin o kane says:

    James Have you come across many Celtic fans running to put bets on our wee team wining the league ????? So why shouldn’t the other side of the city talk “bravado” God knows we talk a lot of it ourselves……League over at C’mas ……good enough to get out out of C/League group …we are being feed this “bravado on most podcasts week after week. I could understand our “bravado” if we were a team playing well….playing the ball side to side in front of a block of 10 has now been worked out by every other team. From being 8pts ahead and smothered in bravado we are now hanging on by the skin of our teeth . Where are the leaders in this team when we need them and please don’t include Kyogo who depends on 2 wingers to do 2 simple things “beat his man and put in a cross” = Game Over . How does our captan look at whats going on around him ,Is it not time he had a wee word with players not doing the basics before it’s to late.

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