Anti-Celtic Goons Like Ferguson And Souness Are Only Lying To Themselves.

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I don’t know what Barry Ferguson’s problem with Rodgers’ comments this weekend are. (Except that they were made by Rodgers, and Rodgers is the Celtic manager.)

I’ve read his gurning rant a few times now and I can’t work out what he’s gurning or ranting about except that Rodgers was silent on our penalty when having his say on officiating this weekend. I basically have two answers to that.

The first is that our penalty didn’t materially impact the result, since we missed it, so his point is absolutely ridiculous in that respect.

But secondly, if he’s saying that it wasn’t a penalty in the first place then he’s just made Rodgers’ case even stronger for him.

Because of course, the ref thought it was a spot kick and Beaton didn’t correct him. So far from getting the officials off the hook he’s actually wholeheartedly agreed with Rodgers that their performance was unacceptably bad.

He’s not the smartest kid in the class this guy, is he?

All Ferguson was doing was having an anti-Celtic rant for the sake of it.

He put as much thought into it as Keith Jackson does into one of his columns, which is to say none. He attacked Rodgers reflexively and hoped that amidst his nonsense there was something to generate a headline or two. He never had to worry about that, as any negative statement about Rodgers right now guarantees those.

Souness actually thinks the Ibrox club had a good weekend.

Jesus. How stupid do you need to be to actually believe that?

We should have gone top of the league and we didn’t. That’s our problem. But it’s ludicrous to say they had a good weekend just because we didn’t win.

They got beat at home. We lost away with ten men and were the victims of some terrible decision making by the officials.

They have been getting results. We know this. The media keeps on talking about momentum. Their club has been boasting about being unbeatable although we’d already beat them, and so even though we didn’t win our game and top their alleged supremacy has been exposed as a nonsense.

That’s damaging. It can’t possibly be anything else. Teams now know they can be bested and that will change the way sides play against them. It will have knocked the confidence in the dressing room. That result, much more than our defeat against Hearts, is a potential end of season game-changer.

The media has to know that Ferguson and Souness are talking drivel. It’s so self-evident that these are stupid views that the hacks should be mocking both of them, but we have a media which almost seems to value stupidity and crass commentary over sensible debate. How else do you explain the likes of Keevins, Jackson and The Village Idiot having jobs in it?

Neither Souness nor Ferguson are actually pundits, not in the proper sense. These guys are actually just professional Celtic haters, and neither of them makes any bones about it. Ferguson does occasionally give us credit when it’s due and he is one of the few ex Ibrox players who is not shy about slagging the new club over there, but Souness is nothing but a goon, like a bad cartoon character brought to life.

I am really tired of these people being treated as though their opinions weren’t completely loaded down with bias. It’s tiresome having to work through this stuff each and every day. Celtic fans are subjected to more of this crap than fans of any other club in Europe.

It cannot be this bad elsewhere. It’s impossible.

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  • John Copeland says:

    The difference between the two is that Ferguson has to ask his wife’s permission to give an opinion …on everything ! Ever since he signed over his assets to the Mrs , he has to get the old lady’ s ok or its a no – no from her indoors … Souness just opens his mouth and all of the adoring SMSM lap dogs just want their tummies tickled ,whilst they endure the old ‘ sticky leg ‘ syndrome !

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Souness is only a Johnny come lately to Sevco and their previous club Rangers who kicked the bucket 11 years and 221 days ago…

    I believe he was a Heart of Midlothian supporter and ought to be constantly reminded of this –

    That said both clubs (Hearts and Sevco) and the dead one (Rangers) are as bad as one and other !

  • Dennis Begley says:

    Souness is really anti celtic and I wonder why,msybe because we never signed him as a boy even though he trained with us,he forgot his old arse when he got a new one,a bit like our Charlie boy and is a right wing clown bending the knee to the royals, conveiently ignores the bigotry from the Ibrox stands and pandering to the morons amongst the Ibrox support whilst trying to get on the board to take more money from them.

  • SSMPM says:

    Spot on James. Why oh why are these people even relevant? OMG I’m beginning to write like them now. Shite. We know why. HH

  • Michael Clark says:

    Hey James both of these guy’s are not worth the mention. Barry Ferguson’s the guy who went down town Glasgow with his Rangers tracksuit on after he got sent off against us at Celtic Park…. we anhilhated them that day and he got lifted that night. Kenny Dalglish thought Graeme Souness was a queer and wouldn’t share a room with him on International duty. So were talking about your normal Old Firm FC footballer.

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