As The Title Race With Celtic Hots Up, Ex Ibrox Players Resort To Comforting Lies.

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Have you noticed the number of ex-Ibrox players in the media lately who are pushing a brand-new line? That there is as much, if not more, pressure on Celtic than on them, because our players might not have the mentality of champions?

Is it just me who thinks that some of them need to take a look at last season’s league table, and the one before that, and the composition of the Celtic squad at the moment and how many of its regular starters for those two campaigns are regular starters now?

Hell, this is one of the things we’ve been complaining about most vocally … that there are none of the new signings blazing a trail and holding down permanent positions when our veterans are all fit.

This is the pressure time. These are the months when the title race starts to really hot up. I know why they have resorted to comforting lies like this. It is a hell of a lot easier living them with them than with the uncomfortable facts which form the alternative.

A lot of the players in our squad were blooded, literally, in the first Ange Postecoglou campaign. We didn’t lead that title race until February, so the idea that these players have never had to cope with a tight race at this stage of the season, or with the pressure that goes with it is just doesn’t stand up to even the flimsiest examination.

Yet this idea is being promoted as though it were a fact.

It’s not the only way in which the mentality of this team of ours has been questioned during this title race. But the mentality of this team isn’t why we’ve dropped so many points; too many of our players took too long to adapt to Rodgers’ style of play.

When this team has had to dig deep and fight like lions they have performed more than not … we went to Ibrox earlier in the campaign under immense pressure, and with a crippling injury list, and won.

You can question whether the manager has his tactics right.

You can question whether some of the players who have had to fill in for us have been up to snuff.

You can question whether some heads have been turned (O’Riley claims his hasn’t, that’s good to know) and a bunch of other stuff as you like … but the mentality of this side is not in doubt for me.

It’s a product of wishful thinking across town more than anything else, as so is the other one, which is that this is not a squad of winners. Almost every player in this side has won things; the combined medal haul for our squad would eclipse those of every other player at every other club in this country added up together.

The more of this stuff you see and read the clearer it becomes who really feels the pressure here. Most Celtic fans who I speak to regularly are pretty relaxed at the moment; we know that if Rodgers has finally got his ideas across that we’ve got a right good chance here.

We know that we can’t afford slips, but neither can they … and so we really are eyeball to eyeball.

And you know what? I don’t think we’ll be the ones to blink. Too many players in this team have been over the course before, whatever their media stooges are trying to tell us.

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  • SSMPM says:

    They don’t like to mention that we’ve beaten them twice already this season.
    It’s clear when we have that core of 1st team players from AP’s time here that we’re the better team. If we have them for the run in we’ll be fine I reckon. Injuries to the core players have our downfall over recent months not quality or talent except of course in the replacements that the board have sanctioned instead of backing Brendan.
    Interesting also that their ex players verbalise and support their team/ teams including the auld rangers that they used to play for haha to be dead accurate.
    Bunch of charlatans most of our ex players. Just love the blue pound. Traitorous barstewards. HH C’mon a Hoops

  • Effarr says:

    I see Fart Hatefae trying to get his “ambassadors” job back by telling them how he snubbed Pope John Paul 11 when with Milan. Mind you, come to think of it, I seem to remember Pope John Paul being a bit down at that time (not).

  • Tony B says:

    They are shit scared. This is the patter that wee diddy teams players come out with every time they have to play us, and it usually ends up with them getting humped.

    Bring it on ya chanty wrasslers!

  • Dora says:

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t April the bottle bankers Fav month!!?
    I’m very much looking fwd to seeing how the bottlers cope…even a draw at old firm & that’s that …day day wangers..

    • Jim says:

      After their (sevco) next defeat and the fans turn on them , wait to see who handles the pressure then .

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Have you noticed the number of ex Liebrox players in the media lately who are pushing a brand new line ?

    Your first sentence James and my answer is an emphatic NO, NO and NO…

    Because I’m a Celtic supporter so why on earth would I financially support our sworn and deadly enemies…

    But when you report their evil practices towards Celtic on here and that’s for free then it’s a YES, YES and YES…

    And with it plenty bitching and cutting remarks to the bastards from me for one anyway !!!

  • Michael McCartney says:

    The Rangers defence hate playing against pace and this Celtic team have bags of pace, get CCV, Calum and Hatate fit and our squad will be too good for them, Maeda and Kyogo’s pace will have them panic stricken. Let’s make noise and roar this team on to the Title. At least a draw at Ibrox and victory at Celtic Park plus 5 victories and the League is ours.

  • Tam Boylan says:

    I am 75 yrs old and have neverseen a meida campaign like this negative stories about celtic they are attacking us for running the club and having money in the bank

  • Robert Downey says:

    I personally think O’Riley is telling porkies to someone, in a recent interview in Denmark he said he is delighted to be associated with a club the size of Atletico Madrid.
    I’ve got news for him, he will never play for a bigger club than the one he is currently at, he will make more money, yes but La Liga is a lonely place if you don’t turn it on EVERY MATCH.

  • Dando says:

    A case in point is the Lundstrum ‘contract saga’ that has been rumbling on in the SMSM for months now.

    They know fine well what the current situation is with his negotiations (rejected a 60% wage cut, he’s also been offered more by two EFL clubs). yet they refuse to disclose it as it’ll have a negative effect on the tribute club……


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