Celtic Cyberspace Is Filled With Quality. Glasgow World Is The Bit Beneath The Barrel.

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In every media ecosystem, there are a small number of elite titles. They break big stories. They drive events. They have important things to say. Beneath them are layers, and obviously the lower you go the lower the quality, until you get to those which post 50 things a day just to get clicks and hits. I used to think they were the bottom of the barrel.

Celtic cyberspace has dozens of sites now, and everyone has their own views about where individual sites fit on the big board. That’s always up to the reader to decide that and it will vary according to people’s individual tastes.

But I know this; most of us know what the real trash looks like and who produces it. We know which sites you can go to for news and opinions and which are just purveyors of clickbait and will do anything to get your attention, shady misleading headlines and all. I always thought they were as low as internet “journalism” could go.

And then Glasgow World came along, and redefined what the real bottom is. Because there is a layer below the bottom of the barrel. In fact, there’s a layer beneath the barrel itself, and when you move it away and dig a little, that’s where you find them.

Last night I had the misfortune to click on their latest piece of bog-standard junk, an article entitled “Every (Ibrox) and Celtic star available to sign right now as several Premiership players up for free transfers”. And I thought “Eah?”

Because, of course, nobody is available to sign right now unless it’s on a pre-contract agreement, and the only people who don’t know whose contracts are up at their own club at the end of this season are the ones not paying attention to anything.

Who is that article for exactly? What’s its function and purpose?

If you presume, as is a fact, that the only club in the league which might conceivably have players out of contract who could get into our squad is the one at Ibrox – and we’re not interested in signing any of those – then that article isn’t for us. If you assume we have the only players leaving on free transfers who their club might consider signing – and they’re not going to do that – then it’s not for their fans either. Further, assume none of the players from Parkhead or Ibrox are going to sign for clubs lower down in this league … who, then, is its audience?

That headline is written to get hits from our fans and theirs, and all of us know right away that there’s nothing in there worth reading. And it gets worse, because the first person who Ben Banks names – for he is the writer of this absolute piece of trash – is Joe Hart.

Joe Hart. Who is retiring. And so isn’t available to sign for anybody, not even those Saudi teams which will pay the guy the earth no matter what age he is. And once you realise that this is one of the foundation stones of the article, all of it, by the way, gleaned from, a site so bad that the news aggregators won’t let blogs use it as a “primary source”, you actually feel that scuzzy way like someone who’s walked into cobwebs.

I might disagree with my fellow bloggers at times, and I might express that in various ways, although I don’t usually unless it’s something really egregious, but I have the utmost respect for every single one of them, and the work that they do. All of them, by the way, regardless of what it is that they are writing. Not one of the fan sites would entertain trash like that.

Not one of them. That’s an amazing thing to consider when you think about it.

It takes a mainstream title to come up with something as bad as that, as stinking as that, and the problem I have with that is that we, the bloggers, need to jump through hoops to get on the aggregators and to have our work garner even a modicum of respect … and all the while having to compete with a mainstream title which produces garbage like that.

The best thing those who want to support fan media can do is never, ever to read what is on those sites. Glasgow World is the absolute worst of the lot, the one which “predicts” matches based on how they come out on EA Sports FC and Football Manager. If there’s anything worth reading on that site, ever, it will be the first time there was and probably the last.

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  • John L says:

    James, if there is one thing that you have taught me , is ,when you are unlucky enough to ever get to the bottom of the barrel, there is another barrel.

    I really struggle to listen to Clyde radio or watch Sportscene. Biased doesn’t cover IT anymore.

  • John Copeland says:

    I believe Ben Banks is a freelance scoop of whom the daily Record uses more than a lot . In other words he has been commissioned by the Glasgow World bosses to produce such a misinformed and obviously unresearched piece full of absolute crud content . They covered their ass when using Banks for this garbage tale …if it goes nipples up ….it’s all the hired hand’s fault ! I heard Banks travels to and from work on horseback ? yeehah !

    • Hugh says:

      There is one Celtic player included on the list. That is Scott Bain. Presumably to enable them to add in Celtic in the headline. There are a half dozen or so Rangers players. Hart is specifically excluded in the article because he is retiring. So that would not appear to be its main problem, as stated. It is a piece about nothing and is unworthy of comment in my view.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    John L – They are the most beautiful things in the world to listen to when Celtic are winning and Sevco are losing…

    The League Cup Final, The Scottish Cup Semi Final, And The Day we won The Title were simply delicious tuning in to their uncontrollable grief and it was truly awesome schadenfreude over malt whisky and champagne before hitting the pub to celebrate big time…

    Other than that though as you say it can be a struggle and has pretty much been avoided since December to be honest !

  • DixieD says:

    Football Insider is another joke outfit who deal in fantasy. The halfwits clickbait site of choice.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      This is the very first that I’ve heard of Football Insider DixieD…

      And I’ve simply never heard of Glasgow World either…

      And Goin by the comments on here and the fine reporting from James in The Celtic Blog – I don’t think that I’ll be having ma Virgin look at any of them either !

      Thank The Big man above for the likes of The Celtic Blog !!!

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