Celtic Fans Should Not Concern Themselves With Rocco Vata’s Next Career Move.

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There are two ways of looking at the continuing saga of Rocco Vata.

One is to live in hope, hope that he is the player a lot of people think he is and that he signs a new deal with Celtic and stays and gives us many years of valuable service in the Hoops.

The other is to realise that if just one of those things isn’t in line with hope that this is just a waste of everyone’s time.

If Vata isn’t the player we hope for, then we’re going to be in five years where we are with Mikey Johnston right now, with a guy out on loan somewhere telling the world he never got a chance and nobody believed in him, when we all know that neither of those things is true.

On the other hand, Rocco Vata could be the best player in the world. But if he doesn’t want to sign a new deal with this club then whatever level his talent is capable of reaching, it is lost to us already.

We have offered him a deal. At least once.

At least one negotiation has stalled.

I don’t think anyone at Celtic realistically expects him to sign a deal at this point, unless we offer him something way beyond what his talent and experience justifies, which we won’t.

Rocco Vata is going to leave Celtic at the end of his current deal barring a dramatic change in his own thinking, and I don’t think there will be one.

His own dad doesn’t think he’s ready for a move elsewhere. Vata disagrees with him. He’s got his own plans. If he follows them, he’ll go and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. From all the evidence before us, that’s the decision he’s made.

At that point he’s then betting on the next element of this; is he as good as he thinks he is? To be honest with you, the minute he leaves Celtic Park I really will cease to care.

He won’t be the first or last player to depart this club, having given it nothing substantial, who thinks he’s somehow made it as a footballer already and is prepared for that “next step.”

He’s not going to commit his future to Celtic. He would have done it already if he was.

That he obviously does have a high opinion of his own skill-set is evidenced in his being willing to wait until his contract expires before he even talks to other clubs; he could have left already for the first halfway decent offer he liked the look of.

I have no doubt that he’ll land on his feet.

Whether he makes it is up to him.

But it won’t be at Celtic Park, and to be blunt, it already feels like a waste of energy worrying about losing a player who hasn’t given us anything yet.

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  • Pat says:

    You may be right but it’s a concern that so many young players don’t see a future in the game for them at Celtic.

    • James Forrest says:

      He’s training with the first team. He’s been offered a new deal. Daniel Kelly is in the side right now.

      Whatever is up with Rocco Vata, it ain’t to do with us.

  • Brattbakk says:

    Bye Rocco?. There’s nothing to miss if he goes and I hope he does well wherever he goes but I can’t mourn the loss of nothing which is his contribution to Celtic thus far.

  • charles says:

    Yes don’t give him enough money to stay and pay 6 million for banardo. Great deal

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Got too agree seen so many players over the last 73 yrs, tell us how good they only interest is they want to play for Celtic.If not go away and play somewhere else I have no interest in how there career goes when driving his taxi years later telling everyone who doesn’t give a fuck I used to play Celtic

  • SSMPM says:

    I don’t think the Scottish system helps youngsters to come through. It wasn’t always that way but a league specifically designed to give them consistent games against other good quality youngsters would do all our clubs and the player’s themselves a good start.
    Mike’s Johnston is not Vata. He certainly gave us several years of unfulfilled promise but being injury prone never helped either. In his favour though I thought he did contribute this season prior to his loan move with some good play, energy and goals. He was impactful. Given how he’s performing now; maybe just maybe he’s worth holding onto now he seems to have developed beyond those injuries. His reputation should not be a stick to beat him with. HH

  • Frank Connelly says:

    nuff said.

  • Peter kane says:

    Chase him ! Be playing in englands 2nd or third tier , a’ la feruzz, karamoke Dembelle ,who were supposed to be up and coming superstars ,more ego than ability !

  • Captain Swing says:

    The parable of Islam Ferruz springs to mind. His talent took him to supercar ownership and then to a a surprising new career selling baseball caps – he has probably diversified into sports socks and gas lighters by now of course….

  • John McDermott says:

    This article reads like a whitewash. There’s no management accountability: no reference to the lack of empathy a ND compassion towards the youth of celtic bc: no reference to complete lack of real opportunity for an outstanding talent. You’re just a lackey for our awful management of our youth. Would you play any of our new forward line instead of data? I think not. We just won’t spend a penny…. useless.

    • James Forrest says:

      Your head is up your backside. Honestly, that might be the daftest post I’ve ever read on here. Would I play KYOGO or MAEDA or IDAH over an untested youth player? EAH?? For Gods sake man, don’t drink and post.

  • Jimmy says:

    Cheers James. Woke up this morning and read last four stories. Can’t disagree with any of them. Our injuries have curtailed our season enormously as replacements are a big comedown in quality. Rocco Vata has a dillema that millions of fans would love to have. Contract offer from Celtic or go elsewhere. He is down the pecking order currently but given his age that’s understandable. Hope that he has the right people guiding him. No matter where he goes he has a lot of development to do. Why not do that at Celtic.

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