Celtic Has Rolled Out The Big Guns For Tomorrow In A Move To Shock The SFA.

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It is not often that Celtic will get word to the media of anything that they are doing behind the scenes, unless they want to deliver a very specific message, and I don’t think any of us can be in the least doubt about the message they’ve sent today.

They have made sure that the SFA is fully aware of the legal team it has assembled for the Brendan Rodgers hearing tomorrow, and they’ve made sure that the rest of us are too. There is little question that the club has wheeled out the big guns here.

Not before time. The decision to charge Rodgers is a travesty. The decision to award Don Robertson our very next game after the hearing is a flat-out, open insult. They aren’t even hiding that fact.

Nick De Marco’s hiring shows how seriously we’re taking it.

Tonight, The Record, as per usual, is spinning things the way it wants. It has Peter Grant rounding on “conspiracy crackpots” except that’s not what Grant has said at all of course.

The word “crackpots” never left his lips, that’s a Daily Record lie, and all to bury the point Grant was making which is that if Rodgers is punished by depriving him of a place in the dugout for Ibrox people are going to be making all sorts of claims. Of course we are.

Nobody who is on the outside looking in at this doubts that it stinks. Two former refs have already accused the governing body of “arrogance” for sticking us with Robertson for the Livingston game; it is way beyond arrogance, of course.

That reeks of vindictiveness, not decisiveness. If they were going to show that they’d have given a Collum a game against Ibrox before now.

The thing is, a lot of us are pretty sure that we’re watching a rigged game here. If we’re not, if we are all “conspiracy crackpots” that should be fairly easy to prove. But the evidence in our favour just keeps on piling up. Celtic sees it. Our lawyer sees it. He wouldn’t have taken our case on if he didn’t think that there was some merit in it. These guys don’t like to lose.

So it’s into battle we go tomorrow, with a top-notch mind leading the way. And this can’t be allowed to go down as the final word either, it has got to be the start of something.

The people who brought us before this charge are still around, and so are those who caused Rodgers to say his piece, knowing what it might lead to. They are the real problem.

And until we find a solution to that, this doesn’t end tomorrow, whatever the outcome.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Well, if CFC has engaged a high profile football K.C.,

    charging – what – c.£5K per day,

    then there had better be fireworks on Thursday!

    [Otherwise, tightwad PL will be demanding a discount? 🙂 ]

    Game on!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Not long now until we find out the verdict…

    If there’s no right of appeal then it’s highly likely to be guilty –

    And then ‘surprised and disappointed’ will be wheeled out as per usual and per always by Lord Lucan-Nicholson and / or Daddy Lawwell…

    Although they might just ramp it up to ‘perplexed and disillusioned’ to try to shut up opinionated rebels like myself and get me and my type of their backs for a bit –

    Not that they’ll read The Celtic Forums directly but I’m sure that they’ll have someone, somewhere giving them the feedback !

  • Effarr says:

    He is also a film and video editor. Maybe he will give a wee film show to the panel with Scottish referees being the leading actors.

    • Quietly Brilliant says:

      Brilliant, I take it you are joking? I really do hope this is a Watershed moment for Celtic Board and even if they lose this Appeal they look at other options?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Regardless of the outcome and ah obviously hope we win it, we’re still gonnae be up against some real big decisions between now and the end of the season, which will be tae the benefit of one particular club and it won’t just be when we’re playin them. It’ll be in the rest of the remainin games both teams are involved in. Can see the sfa lettin these officials away with a lot more, especially if it’s through spite at our board gettin the better of them. Still, pleased tae see the manager gettin this backin and hope we stick it tae them tomorrow. Get in.

  • James Ward says:

    Allan, Beaton and Robertson should all be sacked after tomorrow.The Scottish football association and var of which Crawford Allan is head of has been favouring one team only with their ridiculous decisions.

  • JimBhoy says:

    The outcome tomorrow will be a review of some procedures of var, something that will pay lip service to the problems with some officiating as called out by Brendan.

    The refs for the weekend game may be pulled and Brendan let off with a warning.

    Effectively no change of significance unless we can force var out. It is a total waste of money unless it is moved to a professional company outwith Scottish bias to officiate on.

  • Allan Loveman says:

    I commented other day re my opinion on outcome,this was before the get it up ye from sfa by appointment of Robertson,that I believed BR would receive the full ban of two matches, despite our representation I still believe sfa will blunder on regardless n implement the two match ban. …the reason for this even more so now is by Robertson getting next game and married to face collum hasn’t been near sevco games since his correct call in Glasgow derby game ,they hung him out to dry , Robertson they’ve brought in from the cold ….watch this space

  • D.Joyce says:

    Excellent piece Mr Forrest,thank you for saying what I think.
    Bravo ! First class

  • Stephen says:

    The Celtic Board will bend over and accept any punishment the authorities decide.
    Hope I’m wrong and day I will be.

  • SSMPM says:

    Oldco and newco. Two completely different entities one ongoing consistency. Animals. A nickname attached to their Supporters, including of course the SFA. They like to be known as the Bears and now we know them as Rinos haha love it.
    Soon we can add Kangeroo. HH

  • Joe says:

    Brendan will be let off,everything dealt with behind closed doors, tav gets a penalty against us

  • Robert Downey says:

    Celtic have made a statement here, without making a statement.
    It’s not before time we brought out the big guns, this will put the fear of death into the arrogant shower at Hampden.
    If nothing else it will lay down a marker and show them we are not going to take this nonsense anymore.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting today.

  • Joe coyle says:

    I read somewhere that Rodgers won’t get a 2 game ban….a 1 game ban more likely if appeal not successful
    The reason being it will be too unsafe to have Rodgers in the stand / directors box at ibrox as opposed to the dugout/ technical area. The club at ibrox cannot control their fans and would need an exclusion zone and security all around Brendan in the stand….even the directors box……the ibrox clubs fans are too big of a risk to themselves…..with glass/ bottles being thrown at ibrox recently and wasn’t a corporate fan at hampden hauled up for unsavoury behaviour?

  • John Carlin says:

    Yes .The fact is that an anti Celtic bias has existed within the SFA since time immemorial.Celtic must from now on call out biased decisions whenever they occur which as we .well know is a regular occurrence especially when the teams IE The Rangers are evenly matched as is now the case.The Scottish refs are in the main pro Ibrox which they dont even try to hide .

  • GFD says:

    If the SFA are stating that referees are infallible and above criticism, so much so that that any allegations of incompetence warrant disciplinary action of the accused, then the only path available to provide rationalisation of the honest mistakes is corruption and bias The evidence will be provided and the SFA will have to publicly state whether they’re corrupt, biased or incompetent. Whatever the private outcome, I reckon a very public statement will be made by the KC. The SFA have fucked this.

  • Henry McNamara says:

    Our board will do what it always does , absolutely nothing .craven

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