Celtic Must Not Allow Liel Abada’s “Allies” To Smear This Club And Our Fans.

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The Daily Record and other outlets are carrying a story tonight claiming that “allies” of Liel Abada have attacked this club and accused fans of treating the player “disgustingly”.

Avi Luzon is the guy they’ve named, and this mouthy git has been at the forefront of efforts to get Abada to leave Celtic for a long time. In March last year he embarrassed himself with a claim that Abada wanted to leave and was set to be sold … he wasn’t sold and signed a new deal.

Whatever has been going on outside of Celtic Park, the idea that the fans, inside the stadium at least, have treated Abada badly is demonstrably false.

If he’s getting stick in the street then that’s shameful, but to tar the whole support and the whole club with that brush because of a few random nutters, who might not even be Celtic fans, is deplorable.

I know we make this demand at lot, or we seem to make this demand a lot, but Celtic can’t allow us to be slandered in that fashion. This guy claims to be a close personal friend of Abada – he’s the president of Maccabi Petah Tikva, his former club – but he had no idea what was going on here before when he said Abada was unhappy and he has no idea now.

This guy just likes to talk. And he likes to attack our club.

We should not be allowing that to happen, because it paints a dreadful picture of us and it isn’t outside the realms of possibility that we might at some point want to sign another Israeli player … we cannot afford to have this club or this support slandered in this fashion.

This isn’t something we can just ignore.

When we were accused of being an antisemite club late last year the bloggers contacted Celtic for comment and Celtic issued a statement through them; a lot of people didn’t believe that was an appropriate response, and I have come to agree with them.

That ought to have been made through official channels and in a much more aggressive denial.

This club has a responsibility to protect our fans from this kind of rubbish, and I would hope they would take it. When Abada is sold this club needs to accompany that deal with a clear statement which sets a few people right. This guy is one of them.

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Keep politics out of football we are a football club all are welcome politics have no place in football just causes trouble as in this case we are losing a good player because of politics.

  • king murdy says:

    abada is a disgrace…has done NOTHING all season….money for NOTHING…
    good riddance…
    fukn SHYSTER.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Agreed king murdy, even if he goes to USA Israel will still be involved in this dirty war ,which is now one sided and there’s probably lots Palestinian support in USA as well so how can he play there but not for us.Its a scam cooked up by him and his agent to get out,this conflict in Gaza is just an excuse, good riddance.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      ‘Money for nothing’ –

      The Israeli version Mark Wilson then King Murdy !

  • Scott Campbell says:

    You can paint this however you like James, but that group of fans seen this young boy off the minute they put that deplorable banner up at Parkhead. Half of them couldn’t find the Gaza Strip on a map. Sure, there’s been guys in his ear ever since, but you can’t blame him for wanting to leave. Sad thing is, the vast majority of Celtic fans care about football, not banners about Hamas, banners antagonising police, football. If you watch the prem, you don’t see that carry on. The ovation Abada got on his return from injury was exceptional, sadly, the damage had already been done.

  • Hockey vince 67 says:

    To be Frank what’s going on in the middle East would you employ another one they ain’t shining a light on basic human rights if we were doing it eg Ireland hmm

  • Johnny D says:

    It’s not all of our supporters just a certain section that made it quite clear the boy wasn’t welcome. I suppose it must have an effect on you when a section of your own fans are flying flags of a people who want your country’s destruction. Keep political activism out of football.

    • Dennis Begley says:

      We all had sympathy for the boy but there’s more important things than football,as for keeping politics out of football what about the kick it out campaign,what about support for Ukraine,bit selective and just for the record the oppressed people have become the oppressors and ig needs to be called out and if Abada is unhappy with supporters showing compassion to the palestinians then so be it and maybe should look at his own country’s brutality.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      It had an effect on me when a section of ma stadium that I attended in the 80’s had The Butchers Apron flying over The Main Stand at Parkhead Johnny…

      That flag to me represents the destruction of The Island of Ireland where my ancestors came from and the destruction of Scotland where I come from –

      But it didn’t have enough of an effect on me to stop going…

      But Lawwell saying nothing about Doncaster saying that Sevco were the same club as ‘Rangers’ certainly did !

  • Effarr says:

    So much for allowing him time off to celebrate the Jewish festival. I wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye when he managed to inflict such a severe injury on himself that he was missing for months. He would hardly have missed more time if he had been hit by a bus. Someone blogged that the Celtic fans hate them for their religion Not as much, though, as they hate the Catholic religion. I can`t get my head round the fact that it has taken them so long to win their so-called war. The Gaza strip is even smaller than the island of Arran. They certainly don`t mean to leave any stones unturned. You have to admire (that`ll be right) the pathetic old bastarding halfwits among them with their uniforms on spouting lies to try and cover up for their genocidal tactics. It really must be difficult to slaughter newly born babies with jet planes, tanks and rockets when it has taken them around six months and still a long way to go. They talked about Hamas using civilians as human shields, so why didn`t they use their hostages? Normally, that`s the reason for taking prisoners. As for Biden, he is a bigger ratbag than any of them, and that is saying something. Goodbye abada (sic) you were “all right” and that`s about it. You will hardly be missed.

  • Michael Clark says:

    Listen, as far as I’m concerned. Celtic are a football club and that’s what I follow. We are going to lose another one of Ange Postecoglou’s signings which made us great to watch. However we get involved with this Palistine/Israel conflict which has absolutely nothing to do with us and were going to lose another quality player we really can’t afford to lose. What’s more important, waving Palistine flags or winning games, waken up

  • SSMPM says:

    The actions of Israeli state governments and the IDF over decades has been unforgivable to Palestinians and in particular to members of Hamas. They have not and will not forgive them.
    The actions of Hamas on October 7th were unforgivable to Israelis and they will not forgive them.
    The innocents in all this are the poor and impoverished Palestinians being bombed to bits, literally, and starved to death. They have no power in or over any of this.
    Unfortunately what has occurred over decades from the two power bases is history that cannot be changed.
    However what is happening yesterday, today and tomorrow can be changed.
    The outspoken voices against our club represent a country’s government that’s starving people to death but they clearly have every intention of carrying that on and no intentions of raising their voice against the bits of babies that are being blown all over the streets and scooped up in black bags.
    As their voices escalate alongside our club and literally any voice raised in despair at their continued support of their governments genocidal actions I never hear any of their voices speak out against the slaughter of so many innocents.
    So best not have them around to ruin our version of Paradise too. If people can’t see what’s right in front of their eyes then damn your eyes.
    That’s not a political statement simply one of compassion for the innocents. HH

  • Captain Swing says:

    The first thing that struck me was ‘why Charlotte FC?’ Hardly a big club even in the US, though the city itself is a big enough place, it’s still not one of the ‘major’ cities and is also very much south of the Mason-Dixon Line and certainly in ‘Dixie’….

    Charlotte FC is owned by a billionaire hedge fund manager from a Jewish background and although he doesn’t outwardly appear to be a particularly controversy-courting individual, given the overall circumstances of this transfer I don’t think you need to be Nostradamus to think there is potential for further seriously negative stories about his time at Celtic to come, given the mainstream media’s thirst for them. I can barely remember a single worthwhile interview with Abada in nearly three years with us, so it’ll be interesting to see if he comes out with one now about his ‘hell in Glasgow’, because that has the potential to do a great deal of damage to our image in the US.
    I hope the club had the sense to include a NDA along with the sell-on clause, but given who we are talking about, I expect they were focused entirely on the number of zeroes on the cheque…..

  • goodghuy says:

    What is so special about these “poor Palestinians “, it’s as if they are more important than anybody, what about the poor Ukranians, there is over 20000 Ukrainian refugees in Scotland because of that scumbag Putin. What about these poor people who have terminal injuries, what about these poor homeless people lying on argyle st the now, as I’m making my way to work. These “poor Palestinians” seem to be more important than anybody. Israel were rite to go after Hamas, offcourse I have sympathy for the innocent Palestinians who just want to live a normal life, but I also have sympathy for Israelis, Israelis are actually lovely people, it’s governments that do these things. I will always support the west, as I am massive on democracy. Some comments on here though, it’s as if Palestinians are more important than anybody, they are not , everybody is of equal importance. HH

    • Dennis Begley says:

      Your ignorance and lack of compassion are astounding

      • goodghuy says:

        Read what I’ve wrote Denis, there ls no lack of compassion, I have said I have sympathy for the Palestinians, but I also have compassion for the Israelis who were slaughtered, I also have compassion for Ukrainians and every people. There is no people more important than anybody else.

  • john clarke says:

    Liel Abada created a rod for his back in March 2023. Media outlets alleged, his whinge was “not enough starts”. The stats under Ange at that time were 92 appearances, the greatest of all Celtic players; with 37 from the bench (Source 67 Hail Hail). The media called him an impact player and a super-sub. The Israel National Team Manager, Alon Hazan said, that for a player of Liel’s age and at a great club like Celtic, Liel was progressing well. Liel was a young man in a hurry, with tickets on himself.
    Why did he or his “allies” think he should displace Jota and Diazen or even James Forrest from the starting X1 ? You would think at 22 years old he could make decisions for himself?
    He will be safe in the MLS. In October 2023 Palestinian flags were banned from MLS games.
    Charlottesville, N Carolina is very Christian (Bible Belt) with a big proportion of protestant evangelicals who support Israel. 10 mill Quid is a good return on the initial cost of 3.5 mill Q.
    The Press reported there were multiple interested buyers of Abada during April 2023.
    I hope the SPFL Young Player of the Year be a big success in America if the rumours are true.

  • SSMPM says:

    Palestinians lives are equally as important as any life is. Ukrainians most definitely have my sympathy for Putin’s illegal aggression and we in the western democracies are certainly showing and giving our support, apart from that of Trump’s party it appears. The comment above from the guy with the name that’s clearly a contradiction appears veiled and grudgingly given and apparently fails to recognise their same right to life and to recognise the lack of support for the innocents of Netanyahu’s Gaza slaughter from the west. Therein lies the difference

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