Aberdeen’s Astonishing VAR Statement Makes You Wonder What Celtic Don’t Know.

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Last night, Aberdeen issued a quite incredible statement on VAR in which they broke the news that the SFA’s officials had decided to over-rule the on-field decision of the ref in their recent game against Livingston.

Miovski scored late, only for the VAR officials to chop off the goal not because the technology showed the decision was wrong but because it hadn’t done its job. They replaced the ref’s judgement with their own and made an educated guess.

Aberdeen will not be in the top six now. It would have been hard for them to have made it even in the event that the goal had been allowed, but now it is impossible. Their end to the season has been defined by officials who didn’t know what they were watching and who essentially just made it up on the spot. That is a major scandal. That cannot be permitted.

Their statement ends on a devastating note; “(At) the moment we do not believe that VAR’s presence is enhancing the game in this country.” They have thus added their voices to those of Celtic and other clubs, who are grievously concerned at the impact – almost all of it negative – that VAR’s implementation has had on the game.

There is a tendency here to skip over the point; the technology itself is limited, and especially, as Aberdeen have pointed out, the cheapskate version of it we’ve got here … but the technology is not the problem. The problem is with the people who are using it. The problem is with the incompetence, or whatever you want to call it, of the SFA’s officials.

Celtic has queried several VAR decisions this season. We already know that one blatantly wrong decision was influenced by a dreadfully positioned camera. But unless we specifically request audio from a decision, we generally don’t get it; it makes you wonder what other on the spot calls have been made by VAR officials without cause or justification.

The crucial thing to remember here – and one of the reasons Aberdeen are so furious – is that VAR is not supposed to re-referee games, although its operators do it now nearly every week. It is to be used only in a handful of cases with one key criteria; if there is a “clear and obvious error” from the referee. How can the Aberdeen decision be justified in any way, shape or form if the technology they are using isn’t even working?

It’s a disgrace. Heads should have rolled for it.

And VAR should roll right out the door with it, because if this is how the technology is being used then it’s nothing but a job creation scheme for officials who are incompetent as it is and can’t be trusted, and that’s a situation which would be unacceptable in any season but in this one, with so much at stake, and with some decisions already which defy rational explanation it is fair to ask if there’s not even more going on than we’re aware of.

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  • Martin says:

    If Aberdeen’s claims are true this is huge. A guess cannot be used like that. Only with evidence can the on field decision be overruled. It’s like the Scotland try vs France. We all know it was grounded, but we saw no proof so the on field decision must stand. We may not like it, but it makes sense….

    But this… This is potentially the biggest SFA scandal of the century. A half decent legal team could sue the SFA over this.

    • Johnny Green says:

      SFA scandal of the century….LOL. It will be history in a couple of days.

      Move along now, nothing to see here…. as per the usual non response.

  • Allan says:

    People like Andrew Dallas no longer fit to run will be relying on a pension from VAR so wouldn’t expect them to agree to bin it. Jobs for the boys but not bhoys!

  • John Copeland says:

    What would happen if one of these days someone or some club decided ,you know what ,stuff this for a game of troops and came up with proof that the authorities are not playing fairly in this country and took them to court for corruption ? Now ,if it was proven that was the case and the SFA /SPFL were complicit in it all at the root ,what would be the consequences ? I don’t know about you , but It chills me to the bone ,just thinking about it ?

  • Dinger says:

    Var video advantage rangers

  • Seamus Campbell says:

    Expect to see the VAR team awarded with Hampden gigs for the semi finals.

  • Alexander Munn says:

    End of season? No Scottish cup?

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      They’ll be no Scottish Cup for Celtic Alexander…

      These bastards will want (in their eyes, certainly not ours as we know that Sevco have NOT EVEN ONE treble to their name) – But as I said in their eyes they see Sevco as having seven trebles and us on a world record eighth one and they will want it levelled at all costs…

      And you know what – They might just get the Cheats with Whistles, Flags and Monitors to pull it off for Sevco…

      Ok – It’d be their first ever treble in their short history but as sure as night follows day The SFA and The SPFL will have it as them having eight…

      I really sometimes wish to fuck that I wasn’t even born Scottish…

      I used to be so proud of that identity – But not any more…

      See how The SFA and The SPFL destroys folks’ love of their country of birth !

      • Malc says:

        You’re not proud to be Scottish cos of a few bent officials in a sport? How old are you?

        Answer to the problem is simple – any club who genuinely believes VAR is unfit for purpose pulls their funding. Do you honestly believe for a second the SFA or SPFL will make up the shortfall? Of course they won’t – problem gone, and we’re back to good old honest mistakes…

  • Pan says:

    What has to roll is the heads of the SFA and the supposedly top referees who are utterly incompetent and also appear to be dishonest. Games SHOULD NOT BE re-refereed. These decisions can only be explained if the people who make then are stupid and incompetent OR they do know exactly what they are doing to benefit a particular team.

    I would love to see a League made up of the top Scandinavian clubs and including Celtic and Aberdeen from Scotland, with a pathway to the European cups for those in the top places each year. I believe that the club from Ibrox would not be welcome in Scandinavian countries as they are well aware of their irresponsibility, bile and hatred and can do without it there. However, I don’t perceive it happening.

  • Alastair MC guile says:

    Var is working only for one club and we all know who that is

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Now hearin if that game’s postponed again next week, it’ll be played behind closed doors at an as yet ‘undisclosed’ ground. Ah think we all suspect where that’ll be and if its correct, it disnae matter if there’s an empty stadium, it’s still handin the ibrox club a home game and big advantage. If that happens Celtic should not stand for it.

  • John says:

    So that’s scottish football f**ked now( was always bent one way) but this revelation concerning aberdeen now blows everything wide open concerning VAR. This is a very serious accusation and if true goes beyond a scandal.

  • Roonsa says:

    I took on board what you said about VAR just before it came into play in Scotland. It would make the job of the officials who were clearly biased in favour of a specific team much harder if not impossible. We’d be able to look at decisions and remove the subjective aspect to it. That was it. That’s pretty much what you said and I agreed with you.

    What has actually happened is that it is has made their job more easy. If a ref is called to the monitor to look at something again, 999 times out of 1,000, he’ll go with the VAR view rather than stick to his guns. So no longer do the refs have to take the flack off confusde players. “Sorry mate, it’s VARs call, it’s more than me job’s worrth” …. I’ve lost count of the number of times that this has done us over or gone in their favour. Last Sunday’s penalty is one of the most blatant dodgy decisions I have ever seen given with the aid of VAR.

    Let’s get put the call out. Refereering reform. Who’s in? If the huns want to join in, they’re welcome. They seem to think we’re the ones who benefit from dodgy decisions and the unseen Fenian hand. Well OK – that works for us. Let’s reform how the game is officiated and agree on measures that will remove any doubt. Let’s call their bluff.

    The people running the game in Scotland are a joke. I think it’s the one things that we can agree with sevconia on. I’m all for joining forces and making the game a fairer one.

  • Mick says:

    It’s not incompetence. It’s has been all part of the plan from the day it was introduced. It would be just the same without VAR – honest mistakes etc. we have been on the end of manufactured bad decisions for decades. When people making decisions on a game of football have certain views, beliefs and intolerance to being second best they won’t hesitate to bend the rules to suit their own agenda. Until the collective step up and demand change we won’t see any difference regardlless of Technology unfortunately.

  • Roddybhoy says:

    I agree James , heads should roll for this. This is scandalous. This should be a watershed moment for clubs to say enough is enough. ( but I won’t hold my breath ) The SFA have had 2 or 3 years to sort this out and are incapable of doing it. Either rid the VAR panels of Scottish referees and thier pals ( it’s just another money maker for them) or get rid of VAR simples.

  • Mr magoo says:

    They.. the SFA, have stopped Aberdeen getting in the top 6 … therefore Aberdeen will not be in hand to take points off the tribute act .. the SFA know Aberdeen always give the huns a hard game . SFA Rigging the game again with the pattern of assistance in favour of their Masonic brethren

  • David Joyce says:

    Another good article from you Mr Forrest,thanks.
    A silly and minor point from myself is your frequent use of the word ‘has’ when the proper word should be ‘have’.

  • Michael Taylor says:

    Theres no integrity/respect from or for officials in this , why cant we get in line with rugby. Mike up the ref and VAR show it on screen everyone sees and hears the discussion. Its open honest and would provide confidence in the system and its officials

  • Jay says:

    I have a good few friends who are Aberdeen fans & to my surprise the outrage of the fans appears fairly subdued. Partly down to them agreeing that the player was offside but I also think that the silence actually says more than screaming from the rooftops.
    It’s just accepted that VAR is a joke, run terribly & is here for the foreseeable. Motherwell who have also voiced previous unhappiness with VAR.
    I hope clubs meet for a decision to be made on weather we stick with VAR or clubs who are not happy with it refuse to contribute towards it & those who want to keep it can front the costs.
    The argument of it allows the referees the opportunity to referee european or international games is redundant also when they wouldn’t be considered based on there level of ability anyway.

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