Rodgers Had A Not-Too-Subtle Dig At The Ibrox Play Actor And His Manager Yesterday.

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Brendan Rodgers gave a wonderful interview to CelticTV yesterday; I watched it with great interest, and I was particularly impressed with one moment in it which although it has been reported it has not been properly explored. He savaged Silva and his manager.

I am sure that I am not misinterpreting this. I am reading it five-by-five.

I am 100% sure of this. Read his comments and it’s there between the lines, and it’s not even buried that deep. In fact, it’s clear enough that even The Village Idiot would get it.

“I’m really pleased with how we went about our work, the integrity and honesty of the players on the field. They produced a great first-half performance. One or two things went against us in the second-half but we showed a great fight, a great heart and a great spirit to get a result at the end of it in a real hostile environment. The players came through it really, really well. We left that game in a really good position still, and that’s all we really could have asked for.”

Isn’t that incredible? Isn’t that some statement?

“The integrity and honesty of our players.”

Superb. That is just sublime.

Not only is it a clear dig at Ibrox, but that needed to be said. That is exactly what was required in light of that disgraceful display from Silva, and his manager’s denial/defence of it.

The media has not defended integrity or honesty, and so I am glad that he did that, I am glad that he defended our footballers because Clement defended his and I am not surprised that the press has not pointed the contrast out, although it is clear. Clement defended a cheat. Rodgers defended our players for not stooping to that level, and I am thankful for that.

Those are the things he values. I wrote in one of my articles the other day that no Celtic manager would have stood for one of our players acting like that, and yesterday Brendan Rodgers made it clear that he feels exactly that way, that he would never have tolerated it. Silva would never have made it out for the second half if he’d played for us and there would have been no ridiculous effort to deny the reality of his actions in a later press conference.

I love it when Rodgers does this. There is no song and dance here. He doesn’t bang the drum by playing to the media gallery, and he’s certainly not a coward. Those comments were not Clement’s blunt instrument garbage about un-named players at un-named clubs. There is a sophistication to what Rodgers does which Clement simply does not have.

He is clear in what he’s doing, but his statement contained no direct insult because that is not necessary. He had a point to make, which is that he’s proud of his players and the way they handled the game, that none of them resorted to cheap tactics or cheating. It’s brilliant, because it has provided a contrast, that’s all. He has spelled out the difference in philosophies and cultures and it is now up to others to decide how, or whether, they report that.

None of them will. None of them are going to have the bottle, or to break with the orthodoxy, which is that Clement is a man who exemplifies those two traits, honour and integrity. But look at his conduct over the last few months and say that with a straight face. They can’t, and so Rodgers has shown again that he is streets ahead of these people.

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  • brian rooney says:

    Jock Stein called out Bertie Auld for sitting on the ball during a game thus inviting the opposition to “come and get it “

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    “The media has not defended integrity or honesty”

    When the fcuk did The Scummy Scottish Football Media ever…

    And – When the fcuk will The Scummy Scottish Football Media ever…

    The Twelfth of Never – That’s when –

    But once again brilliant journalism from you James and brilliant and calculating words from Brendan as well !

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Tbh BR has never been slow in defendin, or givin his players due praise and he’s clever enough tae dae it in a very astute manner. Tho can remember, when Dembele came in for injured Leigh Griff against them and bagged a hat trick, one reporter tryin tae be a smart arse interviewin BR after the game, began with ‘Leigh who….?!’ and Rodgers absolutely slam dunked him. So he has that side of him tae. Ah think he handles the press very well.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    As all Celtic fans and other spl teams followers know if the incidents at ipox involving players being put at risk of injury by coin and bottle,were to happen with them being the away team the demand for points deduction would have been heard all over Scotland, I believe it is viable but a full fan ban in ipox for next 3/4 games would serve as a warning if ignore them deduction should be next,ipox owners ,board management and players believe they are untouchable and entitled to do as they please without action . SFA mason,s or not NEED to take action NOW

  • Frank Connelly says:

    The club should have to large screen shots behind him when he spoke. The one screenshot Dallas was given of Johnston’s foot touching Silva’s knee and Johnston’s hands on Silva’s chest. And then have the video bhoys run a video of his reaction.
    That was a booking straight away and would have totally discredited the shite coming out of the Sevco mangers mouth. Let them accuse us of bringing the game into disrepute. we need to stand our corner cos that “booking” and his penalty dive would have resulted in a red card and us still two in front

    • Allaboutceltic says:

      That’s a good shout.
      Taking it further, when there’s a VAR call for a potential foul, why don’t we do our own slo-mo (and normal speed) on the big screen for everyone to understand the excuses they’re buckling their brains about to prevent Celtic being awarded whatever is right, and not just through the lenses of the Lanarkshire Referees Association.


  • Gerry says:

    Our manager may divide opinions amongst our fanbase, and especially the way this season, and our performances, have went thus far.

    However, in my opinion, Rodgers is a class act, and always addresses the witless SMSM in an articulate and rational manner.

    In comparison, big Clement Freud is the latest, in a never ending conveyor belt of arrogant charlatans, that seem to be attracted to the Ibrokes hotseat!!

    For me, the only one that appeared to buck this trend was Van Bronkhorst, maybe due in part, to his long standing friendship with our king of kings, HL…and look how, GVB was ultimately treated by them.

    No motivation should ever be required, but you can glean from BR’s media interviews this season, that he’s been well irked by the narratives he’s had to contend with, compared to the cosseting of Clement & club.

    Hopefully, the latest disgraceful antics of Jacques Cousteau Silva, and his manager, give that extra inspiration, ( not that any should be required ,) to our team for 6 huge wins !!!

  • Michael Chalmers says:

    It’s alright saying it on ctv but needs to be put out there why is everyone so scared of this club get it out there they said when. They went bust there would be civil unrest when and where did that happen that’s why all this is going on it’s not getting seriously challenged

  • Thomas Daly? says:

    It was there for everyone to see,that’s the tactics THEY are getting away with because THEIR poor officials are letting THEM do it

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