Celtic Fans Should Be Delighted With The Post-Split Fixture List … Except For One Thing.

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The post-split fixture list is out, a little earlier than a lot of us thought, and I have to say, having looked over it, I am reasonably pleased with how it looks. The three toughest games are grouped together in the middle, but the first two are at home and the third is on a Wednesday night when the issues might well already have been settled in our favour.

If not, then the Wednesday night game at Kilmarnock is my own quibble; coming in the second to last of the fixtures, if we’ve won our games up until then (and provided Ibrox’s hapless lot only slip against us) that’s our league decider.

An away game in front of only a couple of thousand of our own fans, and that’s provided Kilmarnock don’t bring in a sudden cut in the numbers, which to be frank I would not put past them at all.

A Wednesday night league clincher away from home is not ideal. But we all know, if we’re being honest, that if we’ve won the first three fixtures (Dundee away, Hearts at home and then the Ibrox club) that we’re champions anyway. Because we can afford to lose that one at that stage, and still clinch the title at home to St Mirren with a win on the last day.

The Ibrox club fans seem a little miffed with certain elements of their fixture list; namely one home game out of two on a Saturday whilst our three home games are all on a Saturday. They also have to go to Tynecastle for the final match, whilst we’re at home.

They seem to think they have some narrow advantage playing us first twice; I think, actually, if they can handle the psychological pressure of that it’ll be a minor miracle. They also have one day less than us to prepare for their game against Dundee at home; they play that on the Tuesday after a Saturday 12 o’clock. Cue some inevitable moaning over that.

But in truth, they are clutching at straws and they know it. All we have to do is win our next two matches and then it’s them at home. Win that and we’re all but over the line. The maths is simple enough to do on the back of a napkin, even for them.

We got the tricky away game exactly when we’d have wanted it; when the other major issues are already decided. If we go into that game, that night, ahead by four or more then it’s already as good as over and they know it, and that’s why this has worked out well for us. I am happy with that fixture list, especially three home games on a Saturday.

The last one is pencilled in as a flag day. That’s the other thing worth noting.

I think overall that things are set up nicely for us now here. There’s nothing complicated about it, and the SPFL haven’t given us the toughest possible start by sending us to Rugby Park, not that any of us should be in the least bit concerned about that prospect at the moment, as we’ve upped our game to the point where I think we can win all five of these.

But one game at a time, and the first of them is in Dundee. Win that, and then it’s home against Hearts. Nothing complicated. Even in the horrendous event that the Dundee game gets postponed because of the weather – and you better believe there will be an outcry if anyone even suggests moving it to a “neutral” venue – it won’t affect the job in front of us.

This is now ours to lose, and the map towards the treasure has been laid out.

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  • Bunter says:

    We’ve got to be happy with this. Could have been a lot worse. And hopefully a celebration party against St Mirren in the last game. Let’s do this bhoys!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ahm good with it and tbh it could’ve been worse. Tho nae doubt, the ibrox club’s last game against the hearts mob is 3 points banked. That lot will show up on Sunday for their cup semi final aye, tho we know how much ‘effort’ they’ll put intae the ibrox league game. Anyway, now we know, so let’s get on with it.

    • Sid says:

      Have to admit, I’m happy with these fixtures. It’s basically win the next three games and we’ll definitely be champions. No way we’d lose it from that position.

  • james heron says:

    the worst day ever for us against the sevco, its my grandsons first holy communion and he,s a season ticket holder as is his dad , brother and me,can we persuade the spfl to change it to a sunday, gutted lol, stillits a big milestone for the wee bhoy, im sur the bhoys will do us proud.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Well, Well, Well – You called it right James… Three games at home indeed it is !

    First caller on Clyde Superscoreboard calling Sevco ‘victims’ over the Dundee game goin on at Dens Park and host putting him back in his box (it’s not hard though)…

    Looking Sooooooooooooooooooo Forward to big, big SCHADENFREUDE tonight as it’s the incoherent rambling gibbering wreckage of Kenny Miller that’s on and he will be bloody HURTING, HURTING, HURTING…

    Listen in Ghuys n’ Ghirls – It WILL be fun, fun fun !

    So the three games at home then – So much for all the desperados on CQN and SC that ‘believed’ The Open Liars that deserve to be in The Open Liars (That’s the publication called The Daily Record by the way) !!!

  • John L says:

    They will be wishing for more bad weather and we have to sit with a game in hand , and it better not come down to the last game of the season, as the jam tarts will happily get pumped by as many goals as necessary. Dunfermline all over again.

    One game at a time and no skullduggery from the MIB,s . Cool head’s HH

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      “No skullduggery from The MIB’s John L….

      Jeez oh – Nice thought indeed…

      But April Fools Day was 16 days ago !!!!

  • Gerry says:

    I think it’s fair to say that the majority of our fanbase resonate quiet confidence, rather than the supremacist arrogance, that emanates from Ibrokes.

    As we have been over this course many times, whilst the Sevco hordes believe that the three trophy haul, won in their short and profligate history, equates to unbridled success.

    Quiet confidence in our club, is important, even allowing for all the negativity we’ve all endured, on and off the pitch, this past season. We have a quality manager in charge, who now has the majority of his squad available, at the optimum time.

    No one is declaring that these final 5 league fixtures will be easy…far from it. However, if we keep doing what we tend to do, in the really ‘big moments,’ then I have no doubts that we shall prevail.

    I expect Dundee to make it hard for Sevco tomorrow night, but unfortunately, we always expect some ‘ honest mistakes,’ to influence the result.

    Nevertheless, it’s all about us now, our approach, efforts and keeping our strongest available 16, for these games. Do that, and we shall be champions again !

  • Peter says:

    I am a gibbering halfwit. Celtic will win nothing! The SPFL will not publish the fixtures until after the split … oh wait, they just did! That’s a conspiracy that is!

  • Robert says:

    You’re right, I give in. Celtic will win the league.

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