Celtic Fans Watch With Interest As Dundee Get The Green Light To Play At Home.

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Dundee’s pitch has been passed as fit for their game against the Ibrox club tomorrow night; this brings to an end the saga which certain people hoped would end in the game being played somewhere else without the home support behind them.

A dry day, and a forecast which looks pretty decent, along with a pitch inspection this afternoon, has seen the pitch get green-lit. This is good news for Celtic fans. For openers, that field is not going to be in great nick, even though it’s been deemed playable, and the Ibrox club is now facing the tough away fixture they had wanted to avoid.

The Ibrox club will go into that game tomorrow four points behind us, knowing that the slightest slip will almost certainly prove to be fatal.

The last thing they wanted was a game on a Wednesday night on a less than pristine playing surface, but that’s exactly what they’ve got. There was talk of moving it to Perth – which wouldn’t have been ideal, but a lot better than Ibrox’s breathtakingly cynical suggestion to move it to Paisley or even play it at their ground, in front of no fans.

Dundee will have the benefits of home field advantage and their own supporters in the ground. That’s all a team can ask for, and it’s all the rest of us can ask for as well. Sporting integrity is what got the green light today, not just a game of football.

We all understand there is a schedule to keep here, and that it has to be respected, at least to a point. But sporting integrity is best served by having the games played where they are supposed to be, to make sure that no team is disadvantaged.

Sporting integrity is important. That’s why I have to laugh at the people – mostly of a Sevconian persuasion – who are banging on about how Dundee should have sacrificed spending on their playing squad and sunk their money into the pitch.

These people make me laugh. Ibrox has been floating on a dirty river of directors’ loans for the past 10 years, and Rangers won its latter trophies by operating a tax fraud; they have some balls lecturing people on spending their money responsibly. How many companies did Rangers leave out of pocket when they went bust?

These people have got no shame whatsoever. Dundee re-laid their pitch at the start of the season, so it’s nonsense to say they’ve not spent properly on their infrastructure. The Ibrox club risked fan safety for years by setting aside ground repairs and other essential stuff … and for what? To finish behind Celtic regardless. They shouldn’t be lecturing anyone.

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  • Bhoy in paradise says:

    Correct James, the current version of the rangers have a cheek commenting on other clubs finances. Glad the dens pitch got the go ahead. Cynical me had convinced myself that there was going to be another outcome so all I want to say is, good luck to Dundee. The rangers are there for the taking

  • Jim M says:

    Aye, home advantage right enough for Dundee, the pitch is hopefully still heavy and will cut up easily playing into Dundee’s hands as their used to playing on it , and the added pressure on sevco playing catch up .

  • JimBhoy says:

    Hope the Dens club go for it, nothing to lose and they saw what RC did on Sunday. Uneasy spell for rangers and they will be rattled.

    The dull Clemente does not seem to have the charisma or talent to motivate his players.

    Go into that game goal-less at the break and Dundee will have every chance of getting something.

    As I said before reap what you sow and if the rangers drop points and pick up a couple of niggles then excuses at the ready.

    Clemente is a bag of wind.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      THE rangers will be rattled JimBhoy !

      That club died in 2012 and died big time…

      Perhaps I’m being pedantic about it –

      But we must NEVER let Sevco and The Sevco Huns forget that…

      As off today they are 11 years and 262 days old…

      And ‘Rangers’ are deceased and rotting in Hell !!!

  • Henriksgoldenboot says:

    And a lone voice in the dark asked why couldn’t Tannadice ever be considered as a possible alternative venue?

    • Jim M says:

      Apparently they don’t have VAR facilities, so no chance of controlling the game in favour of sevco.

  • Roonsa says:

    I know this is your blog James and I don’t really want to be one of these guys who refer back to what they said in a previous comment like anyone cares. It’s you who has to front it if you make a cock of prediciting something. BUT YOU SAID WE WERE GONNAE WIN, JAMES. AND WE DIDNAE WIN, JAMES. SO IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT, JAMES.

    Aye boo hoo ya fud.

    But … for once … I will say it … drumroll … I CALLED IT! Well sort of. I knew all that McCoist and other media lackey pish about playing the game behind closed doors or at Ibrox was noise.

    I am the sea of tranquillity in an ocean of panic.

    Mon the Hundee!!!!

    • James Forrest says:

      Feel better now, yeah?

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      M’mmmm They might not be so Hundee tomorrow night Roosna – (Well hopefully not anyway) !

      Sevco have hopefully really pissed them off with their lack of respect and that crayon level writer from the Scummy Scottish Football Media as well…

      I think they probably see more in sporting integrity nowadays than religious bigotry…

      I know two of their fans (Dundee) and they are more inclined to side with us than Sevco…

      They truly hate the Sevco Huns more than us for sure do these two –

      I think it’s due to their arrogance and utter entitlement and cockyness rather than religious reasons !

      • Roomsa says:

        I’ve seen some Dundee fans on FB and they are most unhappy at sevco’s behaviour. I am predicting nothing this time. Don’t wanna tempt fate. But I hope for it to btle tasty. If not a result in our favour then some bodies carted off the pitch.

        • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

          They’ll need to be carted off – Because they sure as hell won’t be sent off with that lot (The Cheats with whistles, flags and monitors) in charge for sure !

  • Bernie The Bolt says:

    Being compared against Sevco is no honour to us. We are obviously a organisation with integrity and fair mindedness. Let’s never forget the scummy tricks they’ve played and the unwarranted contempt they hold Scottish Football in. Basically they are a disgrace!

  • john clarke says:

    Viewed the Dees Oficial Facebook. They are bouyant and super confident. Many praise County and believe they can win.
    Most say County has inspired the team. Many fans sympathise with other clubs that have suffered from dubious or biased spot kick penalties.
    One item shows punters rushing a bookie to place bets on spot kick
    penalties. Not so funny. There are Dee fans that want the tail that
    wags the Hampden Dog, cut right off. Hope all Dunonians celebrates a victory tonight.

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