Celtic Fans Should Be Wary Of Jam Tomorrow Transfer Stories, Especially Right Now.

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Celtic fans looking online tonight might be wondering what the heck has been happening behind the scenes at our club lately; there’s a story doing the rounds that we’ve targeted the 28 year old keeper of Fenerbahce and we’re willing to spend as much as £7.5 million on him.

The reports are oddly specific.

They include details only people at the respective clubs would know. Their origin is murky. Which is why I’m not reading too much into any of it.

Tomorrow, we go to Ibrox. For the record, I think we’ll get a result and I don’t mean the draw that would suit us just fine. But whether we win or not, there has to be a reckoning for the disastrous mistakes that have been made at the top of our house.

This feels like some sort of effort to calm emotions and provide some good news should tomorrow not go according to plan. This club needs to sell season tickets come what may, and a lot of people have probably already decided on a policy of “wait and see” in relation to several things, the most notable of which is that we want to see evidence of strategic thinking.

I look at a story like that, see that proposed transfer fee, and I think to myself that there are a lot of areas of this team which need a little TLC. Certainly, we need a top-class keeper and that is not something that can wait, but it’s a lot of money to spend, although if he’s the ready-made real thing then a guy like that is going to cost a few quid.

But I’ll believe it when we do it, not just when we talk about doing it, and I am certainly not going to get excited over unattributable briefings to the media. It is time people at Celtic outside of the football department stepped their game up. The least we deserve, whatever the outcome of this campaign, is for someone to treat us with the respect of outlining a plan, a blueprint for where we are going as a club and how we’re going to get there.

In spite of being pretty happy with the team going into this game tomorrow, there are areas of the squad where we are still painfully, horribly, short of quality … and for their failure to spend properly over the last four windows, this club is facing a major rebuilding job regardless of the outcome in the title race. There, it’s actions we’re going to want to see, not rumours.

To be blunt, I’ll believe we’re going to spend a high seven figure sum on a player who doesn’t tick the “project” box when I see it. I’d like to think I will, and soon, but I’ll wait.

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  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    Yes, it does have that old familiar stench of Pedro the Hun about it……

  • Seanavich says:

    We had an opportunity to sign livakovic for £1m more than the proposed price for this guy during last summer when it really should have been done…this is just another season ticket selling exercise…this board doesn’t care about the teams success or progress on the park sadly

  • SSMPM says:

    Talk of a big spend is cheap when the windows are closed. Apparent board support for the manager is only valid if it was evident when he needed it most, when action was called for.
    Future speculations are only necessary when they have nothing to give, but plenty to want. Words, talk, nothing is what we know of this lot.
    I’ve gone passed believing in any of these so called caretakers of our club of Paradise.
    They’re tea’s been out for some time now and gone cold in the storms they’ve created in being full of their own blow.
    No matter our results from here to the end of the season it should be a “Goodbye from them and a goodbye from us”. C’mon a Hoops

  • Gerry says:

    Not particularly interested in any possible transfer speculation, until we’ve got this title secured and can then, concentrate on next season…we all have long memories and have seen these familiar fables too many times! We shall wait and see…

  • KC67 says:

    More propoganda from Lawwell and Nicholson. Only the gullible will fall for that nonsense.

    I can see Lawwell chuckling away telling Nicholson to get it out there.

    I’d love to chase that no good lying bastard down London Road with a pitch fork.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    This has been one bloody shitshow of a season but after that draw at Liebrox today I’d say it’s advantage Celtic but we will need to be at our level best these last six games !

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