Keevin’s Celtic Score Prediction Is Embarrassingly Un-Serious. It Is Trolling, Pure And Simple.

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My mate texted me earlier today to tell me about the “outlier” prediction for how tomorrow will go. It is not a serious prediction, in my opinion. It was made by someone impossible to treat seriously for a start; Keevins, the yapping clown on Radio Clyde.

Recently, one of our fellow Celtic fan media sites – The Celtic Exchange podcast – turned out an outstanding production on the Fergus McCann takeover; it got rave reviews everywhere. I wish I could give it some. But I haven’t watched it, although I will.

All but one episode, and that’s an easy decision for me to make because there’s an entire one filled with Keevins self-aggrandising, and I simply won’t watch that.

I don’t want to hear him talk as if he was integral to saving this club; that was us, the fans.

Clyde gave Fergus airtime. Keevins conducted an interview with him.

Clyde have given a lot of people airtime over the years, and Keevins has interviewed plenty of people; these folk work in the media.

Their job is to break stories and cover the important people in them. He acts as though this was something exceptional; to him it might seem that way, because he’s so seldom actually done the job properly. In fact, it should be all in a days work for a real journalist.

I remember the Fergus interview. I also remember that Keevins and the paper he worked on were instrumental in undermining McCann and his revolution almost from the moment he was in the door. It was that paper which slapped him on the front page alongside Saddam Hussein. It wasn’t even the worst of their sins.

Now, I am sure that the episode in question is interesting, and I am certain – because everyone who has watched it has told me this – that the entire production is outstanding across the boards, and it is tremendous to see a fan media outlet put together something of such exceptional quality – the other guests on it, over its episodes, are uniformly excellent – but I won’t watch the Keevins episode because I cannot stand the guy, I think he’s become poisonously anti-Celtic, I think he’s a disgrace as a journalist, a moral coward, and he specialises now in trolling.

There’s nothing to credit him at all. And after today that shouldn’t even need pointing out.

His “prediction” for tomorrow is so outside of the mainstream that it’s piss-taking, it can’t be anything else, even for someone as thick as he is. He thinks that if Carter Vickers plays, we’ll lose 3-0. He thinks if Carter Vickers doesn’t, we’ll lose 4-0.

That’s not an outlier as much as it’s something he’s pulled out of his backside.

I would be surprised if he actually believed a word of that.

I mean, is it technically possible? Sure, although they’ve not beaten us in a meaningful league encounter for years. But we could have a dreadful, dreadful day and lose by that margin; I very much doubt it, but you never know.

But as a prediction for the game?

What’s he basing that on which is grounded in reality?

There’s nothing in the form of either team to suggest that it’s likely, even with the intervention of Beaton taken into account.

I think he does this stuff for no other reason than to get a rise out of people, and because he’s allowed his perspective on the whole club to become warped by the intensity of his dislike for certain people inside it because he is persona non grata within our walls.

The thing is, and he’d know this if he wasn’t such an arrogant arsehole, is that the contempt with which they treat him is wholly earned and richly deserved.

The truth is, he degrades his profession with garbage like this and is slowly but surely helping to destroy it. Some folk will say that his job is done if people like me are upset; they are wrong.

The joke’s not on me, I’m not listening to that radio show he’s on and I don’t read his abysmal paper unless someone draws my attention to it; I won’t even watch a fan media production of the most brilliant sort, about a subject I care about because it features him.

No, the joke is on everyone who does give this guy airtime and attention and pretends that he’s a credible individual, and I think that it’s really them he’s trolling here, and as long as they keep on doing it he’ll keep on laughing at them.

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  • Jim M says:

    Well said , “shug”keevens is an obsolete irrelevance.

    An embarrassing excuse firstly as a sports “journalist” and secondly as a clueless radio “pundit “.

    not to mention the most utterly annoying voice for anyone’s ears to hear.

  • James McAllister says:

    Brilliant because he would insult a cloun

  • Dennis Begley says:

    I stopped buying the record and the sunday mail years ago because of this moron, he really is a poor journalist and is so petty and childish, amazing how you hear the hun supporters saying can’t wait for scoreboard when something amiss at celtic because they know that moron will be all over it, can’t stand the prick.

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Keevans well we have another name for his likes .gobshite

    • Joseph McQuaid says:

      I think “gobshite” is one of the most beautiful words ever invented by the Irish to describe someone like Keevins (tbh he probably isn’t worthy of the term!)

  • Joey Donny says:

    Yet you feel you have to highlight whatever nonsense keevins spouts….. ignore the idiot and he’ll move on….

  • SSMPM says:

    The sad thing is that idiot used to be a housing officer and undertake assessments on adults and children’s needs in a previous job role. As a unionist collaborator I wonder how objective he was at that either.
    This isn’t a knock at you really but I agree with Joey fuck him off, right out of your head, he doesn’t need to reside there.
    Anyway I’ll settle for a 1-0 win for us, but think we’ll score at least 2, as a result of Beaton awarding us a late penalty for handball by Goldson followed by his red card. I’m losing it. C’mon a Hoops own these bastards so the cheats and bigots can’t interfere. HH

  • David O'Neill says:

    Beaton could go nuts tomorrow and give sevco 2 mcCausland penalties red card celtic player and an offside goal.. 3-0 sevco.. keevins wouldn’t mention the cheating Beaton and just bang on about getting his prediction right… the man’s a wee sleekit rat

  • John L says:

    He is definitely an Old-age Dirtbag.

    Kyogo for a hat trick HH .

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Well, he’s had his nose up clemmonts butt since he arrived here, just like every other ibrox manager before him. Nae surprises he’s keepin himself there with these predictions. Just bein typical.

  • Fan says:

    Keevans prediction…?????????

  • George Nicholson says:

    For a twat like Keevins to keep trying to predict football matches involving us and the zombies I really hope he does it for many years to come because he’s never predicted a correct outcome yet and yet it’s so predictable what shite he’s going to spout , keep up the good work Shug ya auld trumpet , 2-1 the morra to the hoops , any win will do
    but I am concerned about the officials BIG TIME

  • Rionsa says:

    I think it must be because he doesn’t get death threats when he slags off Celtic.

    He really is an embarrassment

  • David says:

    All Keevins does is attach himself to the manager that is in the ascendancy and predicts an easy game for the team in the lead and a hard game, draw is a disaster defeat is a calamity patter for the team chasing .

    He’s calling for the head of the manager of the team in 2nd and fawning over his counterpart.

    Weak journalism but what else do we expect , he’s had a 40 year career just doing that all the time .

  • Jim Quinn says:

    He does it , Hugh k , can’t b bothered spelling his full name , so people in his work place , think he is balanced in his opinion, and not anti gers , so if he gives a score line prediction like that , heho he’s not pro Celtic, we need Celtic fans like him like a hole in the heed, come on the tic , 2-1 the tic despite them .

  • Gerry says:

    You called it…he’s all about speculation for his phone in show! Doesn’t deserve anyone’s time…
    3-0 or 3-1 is about right tomorrow! For our club !
    No excuses tomorrow! We turn up
    and we’ll get the correct result !

  • Tony murphy says:

    I agree wouldn’t give the guy time of day let alone listen to his drivel can’t stand the man

  • John Hirst says:

    Keevin’s prediction lasted 20 seconds . Way to go Hugh

  • Vincent Osborne says:

    Just watched the game how the bhoys can be so different from 1st to 2nd half 1st absolutely brilliant 2nd couldn’t keep the ball if our lives depended on it that said we’ll take a point and march on hopefully get them in a winner takes all at celtic Park COYBIG

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I wonder will he be embarrassed by the way the game went after his ‘prediction’

    Probably not as the likes of him cannot be embarrassed…

    Not now, not ever !

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