Celtic Should Be Concerned By Ibrox’s Transparent “Offer” To Dundee And The SPFL.

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If Celtic aren’t already concerned about the possible ramifications of the Dundee postponement on Wedneday night they should be right now.

The Ibrox manager has been allowed to basically misinform the public yet again in a statement loaded down with untruths, and the upshot of it is that his team is “prepared” to play the game behind closed doors.

They even “offered” to play the game yesterday. How nice of them, right?

Well, of course they did, and I have no doubt at all that they would gladly play it in an empty ground far away from Dundee.

For God’s sake, this is an away match for them, in the closest title race in years.

This game should have been played last week before the game against Celtic, and now if they get their way it will be held at a neutral venue in front of no fans.

Although most people expect the Ibrox club to win – ask Keith Jackson, he wrote and published a piece saying they already had – it’s unacceptable to give them an advantage like that.

If this happens, Ibrox will have utterly neutralised Dundee’s home field advantage. That’s as blatant an attempt to skew the odds in their own favour as you will ever get, and it cannot be permitted, not with a one-point deficit in the title race, not with £50 million on the line.

This doesn’t just impact on the potential final result; with no home fans in the place, they will have a better chance to rack up the goal difference in addition to winning the match … how can that be fair?

Dundee will almost certainly be in the top six.

We face the prospect of having to go there and play on that exact same pitch, and so do some of the other top flight clubs.

If we demanded, right now, that our own away fixture at Dundee be played at a neutral venue at mid-day on a week day we would be told to go to Hell and rightly so.

We’re watching a blatant attempt at a stitch-up, and it’s happening right in front of our eyes.

There is an obvious solution to this, and the SPFL could push Dundee towards accepting it; play the match at Tannadice, and allow Dundee fans to watch their team.

All the media wants to talk about are the impacts on the away side and its supporters; the home team players aren’t responsible for this mess and neither are their fans, and they shouldn’t be made to suffer for it, and we shouldn’t be disenfranchised for it either.

Nor should we allow it to influence the destination of the title.

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  • Frank Connelly says:

    seen comment on Phil’s site re Tavpen on 5 bookings Soutar on 5 books And Goldson on 11 bookings an all would have missed last weeks game against us if the Dundee game had been played the previous Wednesday and if they had been booked would have missed our match.???????????????

  • JPD says:

    Offer Parkhead and make it available to season ticket holders

  • Tam says:

    Was an assistant of an opposing team not struck with coins. Did a professional footballer not have a glass bottle thrown at him. I think this issue could be sorted QUIETLY between all involved. But this is being used to deflect from the dangerous, disgraceful, but expected behaviour of “the rangers” supporters at Ibrox, and the SMSM and “the rangers” board total silence on the dangerous disgraceful actions of “the rangers” support ……why have CELTIC not announced they will no longer take part in the 5% ticket agreement as the safety is still an issue…..I would like to think the SMSM and the SFA SPFL would agree and understand….but I’ll NOT hold my breath

  • Bhoy in paradise says:

    Quite depressing to see the depths that the tribute act are prepared to go to. I get the feeling that this debacle has a few more twists and turns to come. For the sake of Scottish fitba, I hope I am wrong

  • Eddie says:

    Don’t think they can use Tannadice as there is no VAR.. ??????????

  • Taj says:

    You know that anything the SFA can do to help them they will. Dundee should not be held responsible for this debacle but with anything servo linked they will.
    I agree that if it was Celtic it would be a different story. Shameful!

  • Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom says:

    Surely the obvious answer is to play the match at a neutral venue in Glasgow where the pitch is guaranteed to be in good playable condition, the TheRangers will be allowed to get the maximum fan allocation they would have got in Dundee, and the neutral venue’s ticket office can distribute tickets for the rest of the ground, and give them the ticket money from this? ?
    Celtic Park with 57,500 Dundee Supporters sounds like a good solution to me! ????

  • Effarr says:

    I had to laugh last night when the ITV newsreader said Clement joked about playing on Mars. I don`t think he is capable of joking even if he tried, it was pure sarcasm.

  • William Gibb says:

    The only way to solve this is to dock Dundee 3 points every time a game is cancelled due to state of park regardless of who they are playing then it might make them get the finger out and sort the pitch

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