Noise About Celtic “Transfer Targets” Is Exactly That. This Board Won’t Work That Quickly.

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Last week, when a series of reports said that Celtic had opened talks to buy a goalkeeper for £7.5 million, I wrote a piece dismissing story as “jam tomorrow” in the run up to a tricky game at Ibrox from which we needed to take at least a point. And what do you know?

No sooner had we emerged from that game with the point but a new bidder has entered the race.

Ugurcan Cakir is “wanted” by one of the Saudi super clubs and they can outbid us. Read the small print. Trabzonspor wanted £12 million anyway which is way too much to spend on one player even if Celtic were so inclined to get this guy at all costs.

Other names are being thrown about already.

It all adds up to one thing; nobody has a damned clue what Celtic might be doing, who we might be targeting or what we are willing to pay for players.

The only things that we do know is that the manager seems to like Bernardo (my own views on that are that he hasn’t done enough to suggest that we should spend £6 million on him) and he definitely likes Adam Idah. Sutton says we can have him for just £3 million, although I wonder if his source on that is being entirely truthful with him.

We have a lot of business to do. Debates continue to rage about where we need players most, but we definitely need a keeper, a centre back, a left back and a striker.

Four key areas. I think we also need a ball winning hard man in the middle of the pitch … a song this site has been singing for more years than I’ve been able to carry a tune.

Rumours are rife. They always are at this time of year. But I would be very surprised to see any real moves made for months to come. Even a look at the players who might be available on a Bosman doesn’t produce any name that leaps off the page.

Don’t get me wrong; in my view we should be working right now behind the scenes and trying to get some deals done far in advance of the summer, just so we have some certainly about what the team is going to look like come the start of next season.

Asking fans to buy season tickets before we’ve got a clear idea of what the plan is just looks like a piss take.

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  • Melvin Udall says:

    Wow! There’s the precedent set.

    Celtic must follow suit here and have the data to back us up.

    Amazing news!

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  • Alex Ferrie says:

    I’d like to think the club are at least identifying targets at this point, but I agree with you that all of the current “transfer” stories are nothing but uninformed speculation.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I simply don’t give a moment of energy on towards this…

    Happy to see the announcements on here when they happen !

  • Frank Connelly says:

    reports Maeda season over re hamstring gone and concerns again around McGregor?????

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