Even The Village Idiot Knows That If Celtic Win The League That’s All That Matters.

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One of the media narratives which has emerged over the last couple of weeks, but which has been pushed more aggressively in the last couple of days, is the idea that if the Ibrox club loses the title but wins the Scottish Cup that this will constitute a satisfactory and successful end to the campaign. It is not the case. The moment they went top of the league, the moment they became favourites to win the title, that was torn away from them.

If Celtic win the title, Clement will have failed. Do not listen to a single person who tells you that he was brought in simply to mop up the mess that Beale had made; he was brought in to win this title. When he got his nose in front, the expectation from every quarter in the media and the Ibrox fan-base was that he would get them across the line.

Whilst much of the media is willing to go along with the nonsense that Clement will be a success if he wins the Scottish Cup, one person has already broken ranks, and it’s a strange name and one that actually shames the rest of them; it’s the Village Idiot himself.

“I’ve heard people saying recently ‘you’ve got to remember where Rangers were when Philippe Clement came in,” he said. “I don’t think you can have that mindset. You’ve got yourself in a place where you can win a title. It wasn’t to be at Ibrox a couple of weeks ago in the (derby), but the two performances after that haven’t been good enough.”

And then he echoed what this site has been saying.

“You can’t go back to where the club was when Philippe Clement arrived. He’s here and they got themselves back in a title race, which at this moment in time looks like it’s probably going to end in a whimper. Some clubs get bogged down by winning cups but (at this club) people are going to be judged by winning titles.”

That’s how most Ibrox fans feel about it too. Their team was back in it, and they haven’t been able to put it in the bag. In fact, they’ve allowed the momentum to switch back to Celtic, and their game at the weekend is virtually a must-win.

There has been a subtle, but definite, turn in the media since Dundee. Clement has been put on notice by most of them now, and most especially by Jackson earlier in the week who as good as spelled out the necessity of them winning the Scottish Cup if Clement isn’t to be under real pressure. But The Village Idiot is the first to say that’s not enough.

The Ibrox fans are restless. The media is even more restless. But it’s pretty embarrassing when the one person in their ranks who is willing to tell the bald and simple truth of it is the one most of us regard as the dumbest one of the lot of them.

When you find yourself on the wrong side of him, how far from the path of sense have you actually strayed? That’s a question they should all be asking themselves.

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  • sligo123456 says:

    For a change a wee bit of sense spoken from the village idiot!
    Didnt know he had it in him.

  • Jim M says:

    A broken clock gets it right twice a day, 1 more than the village idiot.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Most Sevco fans of whatever hue will be honest and demand the title…

    But not The Scummy Scottish Football Media of course –

    Protect Gio, (for a while) – Protect Beale, (for a while) Protect Clement, (for a while – well hopefully a very short while in his case)…

    And then throw them under a Parks of Hamilton bus !

  • Roonsa says:

    The League title is everything. If you offered me the League but told me it will cost you a 3-0 in the Final, f**k it, I’d take it.

    Of course I want Celtic to win the Cup but I demand we win the title. That’s all I really care about.

    Plus if we lose the Final it puts the board on notice that we need to invest properly because the League campaign was way to close for comfort.

  • Jamie D says:

    We should put the cup final way to the back of our minds for now. The important matter is winning the league and to take advantage of the millions on offer from `Europe. Plus, if we succeed, it will throw a mighty spanner in the works at `Liebrox. Just concentrate on each game and if we keep winning, it just increases the pressure on that mob, knowing that they are doomed to be runners-up once again. I feel sure that if that scenario pans out, the cup final could well be a fun day for us, leaving them with a close season headache and little money to attempt to solve the problems. HH

  • Denboy1967 says:

    I would like to make a formal complaint regarding the use of the words “Village Idiot” when referring to the former “player” from Ibrox. To call him by this name is a slur on all true village idiots and it would be helpful if someone would come forward with a more suitable name which does not offend our village idiot friends. Suggestions please.

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