This has been a dismal and damning season at our club and everyone knows that this is the case.

The challenge has collapsed. We’ve existed a cup competition. Europe was an unmitigated disaster.

The next few months fraught with uncertainty.

But amidst all the chaos and recriminations and demands and egotism and arrogance and contemptuous treatment we’re being subjected to as fans there are, believe it or not, some glimmers of light here, and for once I think we should on the positives.

Do not underestimate just how important they are; we might not have won ten in a row, but ours is still a house built on solid foundations, and although we wouldn’t have wished for it to happen now, and here, with everything at stake, there are things afoot which will transform our fortunes in years to come and make this seem like a bad dream.

This is the side of where we are, the positives from this evolving farce.