The Record’s Latest Anti-Celtic Guff: Our Ratings In A Damned Video Game.

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The Daily Record posted one of its true shockers tonight; a piece on how the “rankings” for FIFA 22 are out and the top spots in Scotland football are dominated by players from the club across the road. As if a living soul with anything other than a tragic existence gives a toss about such stuff.

It amazes me what our media chooses to care about, and what not to.

It gets so very animated about this kind of frivolous junk.

They enjoy finding ways to publicise the “glory” of our rivals with crap such as this, meaningless fluff. Remember when they had a newspaper over there, which wrote actual news, instead of a clip-bait repository churning out this kind of stuff?

If it’s not stuff like this its stuff about how many social media interactions their club has compared to ours; go on and sample some of it for yourself. I advise wearing rubber gloves whilst handling your phone or your keyboard, because it gets messy.

The Evening Times has a piece saying 442 Magazine has named their ground ahead of ours as the stadium with the best atmosphere in the UK. Sample that for a while. Wear rubber earplugs unless you enjoy hearing about hanging Catholics and such like.

Next up will be the Football Manager valuations in November; wait and see. There is a definite series of articles coming about those, as well as the ones from the writers who work out how to set a game up and actually let it run for a season without participating so that they can tell us which player over there finished top scorer in the SPL and how many points their simulated version won it by.

And there will be the inevitable ones saying FiveThirtyEight predicts that they’ll win the league after ten games have been played … and all the other garbage that has become a part of the media landscape in recent years.

All this white noise can be silenced quite easily; all we have to do is put together a winning run of matches. The longer it takes us to get started with that the more of this dire media nonsense we are going to have to tolerate.

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  • Harold Shand says:

    Bet these hacks sit and play these games in their Castore full strips

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Its complete nonsense why even comment on the scottish blue media its such one sided rubbish and always has been for many years look how they have gone along with 55 knowing that its all bull but have still print this crap did notice on Sunday the rangers flag showing rangers fc did not know they have come out of bankruptcy if so have all the creditors bin fully paid up why is the solvency agency letting this name being used as its illegal to use a bankrupt company name very strange system in Scotland.

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