Alan Hutton Does Not Have The First Clue What Is Going On Inside Celtic.

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Yesterday, Alan Hutton, writing on that click-site he shares with idiots like Noel Whelan and Frank McAvennie, used his latest piece to attack our defence yet again. He says he believes that we’re already preparing to cut our losses on Starfelt.

Alan Hutton probably believes in Narnia.

That he has anything to say about Celtic is as daft as my being asked to comment intelligently on molecular biology.

How in God’s name does he know what we’re about to do?

How does he know the thinking inside Parkhead?

You get tired of this, day after day, ex-Ibrox players trying to tell us what’s going on inside our own club when they have about as much knowledge of that as the rest of us do about those secret camps in North Korea which are hidden from the world.

Celtic is not going to bin Carl Starfelt after a handful of games just because Peepul like this don’t rate him. As I’ve said before, notice that no-one from across the city is ever subjected to this relentless scrutiny. Nobody over there is ever put under this pressure.

No, this treatment is reserved for Celtic players.

This is not the first time Hutton has made spurious claims about knowing the thinking inside Celtic; he claimed to have “dressing room sources” a year or so ago. Next he’ll have friends in the boardroom feeding him information.

You’d be as well to believe in magic beanstalk beans.

The relentless attacks continue then, with Starfelt the target today (and for a number of days last week). I wonder how many Celtic fans read what this guy has to say; not many, I’d wager. The number who takes him seriously is even lower than that.

But players read this stuff too, and I’m starting to think that’s the point.

This chip-chip-chipping away at their confidence is the purpose.

I hope the big guy isn’t letting any of this get in his head.

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  • Paul Fitzgerald says:

    He might be talking rubbish but I hope he’s right as Starfelt is utter gash

  • Hans says:

    I believe in Hutton having sources within Celtic in the same way I believe Phil has sources at Ibrox.

  • Geoff says:

    Your last comment sums up exactly what these non entities are paid by Sevco driven media to try and achieve.
    I think I have commented previously that anyone thinking of signing for us has to be made aware that there will be no settling in period and God help you if you make any kind of mistake.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Why do Cetic fans care what alan Hutton says? We can’t even trust our ex-players to tell it like it is. Last one to do so was Tosh McKinlay. And he lasted about 5 minutes. HH

  • JP says:

    Hutton still watches the Teletubbies, and understands them.


    Why would you listen too o ne of the most inept players ever to go to England

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Everybody has there opinions on players some fair some anti celtic but of what I have seen of starfelt he has been pretty poor to be honest will he get better as the season goes on hope so but he will need to get up to speed now,the defence overall has let us down and midfield they all need to gel very quickly let’s see how we go starting against motherwell.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    At 26 Starfelt has learnt all he should need to be a good footballer,fact he’s pretty poor tells me he’s not going to improve in the Hoops

  • Therese Stirrue says:

    This is just more attempts by the media and their acolytes to do Celtic down Who cares what any of them say ? Just get your head down and do the job you’re paid to do Do your very best to be as best as you can be There are many a player who really loves the Hoops and would play for nix And no nonsense from Media scum would stop them Ignore the lot of them !!

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