No Surprise As The SFA Stands By Their Man And Celtic Fans Continue To Ask Questions.

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The least surprising news of the week came today when the SFA decided to support Walsh’s decision to send off Ryan Porteous at Ibrox at the weekend. You’ll notice that no case has been opened against Lundstram either, for what was a very similar challenge.

There was no chance at all that the SFA was going to reverse this one.

That would have meant taking a proper look at the referee and his history, including having sent off Porteous against the Ibrox club before. Even if you take football bias out of the equation, can we agree that there might be some sort of preconceived one?

And of course, there are other possible motivations, which I’ll talk about later.

There doesn’t have to be bias for a decision to be corrupt, and there are some decisions which are crying out to be given a closer look. That two similar tackles in the same game are dealt with in diametrically opposed ways raises questions. None were ever going to be answered here.

Which other club is at the centre of so many of these incidents so consistently? We were barely out of the last one, where Madden refused to send their keeper off as the last man against Dundee, before we were discussing this shocker.

In the meantime, disquiet grows about how our own games are refereed.

Alan Morrison of Celtic By Numbers did a truly jaw-dropping review of this for Phil the other day, and fouls given against us, on a possession adjusted basis, are up 280% on last season … that’s an incredible statistic and it’s too steep a number to be happenstance.

Something stinks. Are we not meant to ask what?

Nobody wants to have this debate; it’s like I said before, they would rather not know.

They would rather that we went through this charade every now and again, pretending to have a clean game, pretending to have an association that takes its responsibilities for assuring that seriously.

So no, I wasn’t surprised by this decision, not even a little. Indeed, the only thing less surprising was Marvin Bartley still being in a job today.

Another responsibility they don’t take seriously.

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  • Larsson7 says:

    What about Walsh,a P E teacher at Boclair Academy Bearsden,where Rankers stars of the future are educated.
    Where does this end.
    Foreign referees have to come in ASAP

  • John says:

    I think we only need to look who the compliance officer is to understand.

  • Derek Duncan says:


  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Referencing ‘Larsson7’ above comment,
    Yes, I competed against Boclair Academy students several times at county sports, those fuqrs had all the proper javelin boots etc etc., I said to my PE teacher ‘sir they are nearly men, look, some of them have moustaches!’
    His reply was short and bang on the money, ‘son they may have all the gear, but I’m speaking to the winner right now, so you go and show them how it’s done’
    And that was that. I won convincingly two years on the bounce, snobby Twat’s fae posh (Hun) schools did NOT. I loved wee Charlie Higgins, what a PE teacher he was, gone but NEVER forgotten. RIP WEE CHARLIE.

    Again James I agree with all of the above wholeheartedly.

    Frank is the quintessential airhead, I just do not read or watch anything he contributes to, coz let’s face it, if he’s had any input, well; let’s just say it isn’t going to groundbreaking now, is it?


    • Sun Tsu says:

      Rebellious when you mentioned Wee Charlie Higgins ‘S name a feeling of immense pride came over me. He had been my P.E. Teacher at the Ninians for my six years there .He taught my older brother Willie for years before.An absolutely brilliant teacher,inspirational, and an excellent human being. Mr Higgins Mr Leo Duffy were the stars of of my educational experience at St.Ninians.
      Thanks for the memory .Rebellious. Brought a massive smile to my face.

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