The Celtic Village Idiot Is Having Another Embarrassing Rant Today.

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Another day, another embarrassing Frank McAvennie rant, this time over Celtic’s policy of retaining our players by giving them new contracts.

The latest is Greg Taylor. McAvennie doesn’t think this should be a priority.

There may well be people in our support who agree with him, particularly as Taylor seems an odd choice.

But listening to McAvennie lecture on smart finances is a little bit like listening to Beverley Allitt lecture on childcare provisions.

McAvennie is so bad at managing his own money that he once had to sell all his medals to Willie Haughey after he got into debt.

He refers to Celtic as “us” but this is yet another example of him never having a good word to say about the club.

It makes me angry that this guy, and Nicholas just like him, constantly snipe at us whilst wrapping themselves in our colours.

What is with the members of that team?

Is their bitterness over the way it all ended really what drives them?

Both men won things at Celtic, but nowhere near the haul of trophies some of the people they never get tired of criticising have.

Taylor deserves his new deal, because he’s a grafter and a fighter and he never bitches or moans about the torrent of abuse he gets from jokers like this. He has earned a deal that makes him feel appreciated in our colours.

The idea that we can only do one or the other – secure the stars already here or buy new players in January – is ridiculous anyway and betrays a total lack of understanding of Celtic which is only to be expected by someone barely allowed in the ground.

A good club should look to reward players even as it looks for new ones.

We may argue whether Taylor is the most deserving of such enlightened thinking as we will, but the fact is it’s not our decision, that belongs to the manager and his judgement is what matters.

It certainly isn’t a call to be made by someone like McAvennie.

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  • jrm63 says:

    I have to agree with McAvennie here. Taylor is a joke. A Midget with no ability to deal with balls to the near or far post. No pace whatsoever. He will not get past anyone with the ball at his feet. A pay raise?

    • Schrodingers Cat says:

      Taylor uses the ball well. He is ideally suited to inverted full back role. Our best play this year has included him in the team. He’s not a glamorous player but dostribution and defensive awareness allows players like Rogic and Turnbull to get on with it. HE HAS BEEN MISSED IN RECENT WEEKS

      • jrm63 says:

        Taylor knows where he needs to be. He has positional sense and he can read angles going forward – but he is too small and too slow. He cannot get past a man with the ball at his feet. So I am not surprized he has taken to the inverted role. It does suit him. I would much rather see Scales in that position

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Whrsh ra Burds!!

  • John S says:

    Greg Taylor is a decent player. Often underrated due to comparisons with Tierney.

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