The Media’s Attacks On The Celtic Boss Leave Scotland Looking Like A Backwater.

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Over the last couple of days, incredulity has grown across Ange Postecoglou’s neck of the woods about the relentless way the media has gone after him since he’s been here. There’s a note of amusement in the coverage at the moment, but it may not last.

The truth is, the foreign press cannot understand this at all.

They thought that a new manager was to be given a fair shake, not poked like a dancing bear. Fortunately for us, Ange is the sort of guy who not only can handle but can hand out a few verbal slaps of his own.

He doesn’t do the dance with the hacks here as much as he slaps them into submission.

A recent clip from the Australian media highlights how it began right at the start, at his first session with the mainstream media here.

They had tried to suggest he came from the football boondocks; he batted back by reminding them that he had international experience as well as that of club football and had coached at a World Cup.

But the Australians recognised that for what it was; the media’s first attempt to define Ange in their own terms, their first effort to undermine him and start their narrative rolling that this was a guy who was out of his depth.

He recognised it too and was not going to allow them to get away with it.

Robbed of their obvious line of attack, they’ve attempted others.

And every time they have he has given them a firm smack for it.

He handles it well, so the concern isn’t for Ange or for Celtic.

But the Scottish media’s pitiful behaviour reflects badly on the game in this country.

It is parochial and small-minded and arrogant and elitist, which is a laugh considering that the J League is ahead of ours in the global rankings.

You only have to look at how one of their players is tearing it up here to recognise that the standard there has to be better than what ours is … no wonder we’re going back.

Our media does the game here no favours.

Look at their behaviour since Tuesday; The Daily Record went out and found yet another Hungarian to tell their audience that Celtic’s aren’t actually that good and that although we won the first game of the double header they expect to beat us in the second.

It is shocking that a national outlet goes out of its way to cast so many negatives on one of their local sides, but we’re not the target audience for that rag anyway of course.

The rest of the global media village is always aghast when it looks at us.

Ange is the best manager that corner of the globe has ever produced; when they see how he’s being treated here they just can’t get over it.

What a pathetic backwater it makes us look.

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  • Geoff says:

    Sevco carried out SG’s master tactical plan against the world beaters of Brondby for the complete performance!
    We beat the Hungarian champions and Champions League quality opposition and Ange is asked if he thinks we deserved to win.
    Maybe the answer is to treat the media how they are treated in Govan.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Smsm have to start realising that the world-wide web is here to stay. No more phannying about with Multi billion pound bids from China. Time they started doing their jobs.. HH

  • Steven R says:

    Instead of brushing aside those stupid media questions, Ange should start dishing out a few verbal volleys of his own. I worked for a global transportation company when it was Australian-owned, and I can assure you, the Aussies don’t suffer fools gladly. When Ange becomes “non-diplomatic” in responding to the Scottish media, the whole world is gonna know about it – believe you me!!

  • Jim says:

    I really can’t wait till we win the league this season and he Rams every word back down their throats ,scumbags

  • SSMPM says:

    Our board has responsibilities to safeguard our club. Why oh why are you letting abusers into our house to abuse our family representatives. A parent would be hammered for letting abusers in to abuse those they have responsibilities for and you should lose control.
    The answer is simple really. You show disrespect, you cause trouble in our house then you get thrown out. Its basic behaviour management and an alarming example of irresponsible guardianship of the club.
    What is wrong with our board welcoming this lot into Paradise to cause repeated damage. Its a shocking dereliction of duty to protect the club by siding with abusers indeed that means you the board are abusers too.
    Get a grip Celtic ffs .

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