The Ibrox Club Should Be Vowing To Hunt Down The Haters Of Tommy Burns.

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As a Celtic fan who has lambasted a section of the Ibrox support for as long as I can remember, I am gratified to see the genuine fans over there, those good people who only want to follow their football club, slam in the harshest terms the collection of goons and halfwits and gutter dwellers who went to Livingston yesterday and sang songs of hatred about Tommy Burns.

This is a reminder that these Peepul are not the only followers of the Ibrox club.

In the many things I’ve written down through the years I always remind folk of that.

This is a section of their support, not the support as a whole, in the same way the vermin who chanted their own warped stuff at Celtic Park yesterday in the colours of Aberdeen don’t give the full picture of their fan-base.

It is at a moment like this when you are glad to see that the good people are stepping up to make their feelings known, and attempting to rescue their club from these folk.

They would be helped, immeasurably, if the club itself weighed in on their side.

The Peepul who chanted that hateful stuff yesterday were almost certainly known to the club and could probably be identified easily. They will all have MyGers memberships, and probably – since the system is based on points – in the upper tiers.

Their club should have condemned this stuff along with the blogs and prominent online fans this morning, and then they should have promised to aggressively track these people down and remove them once and for all.

They should want, at all costs, to distance themselves from such people.

I am certain that if Celtic fans had been videoed singing that about Walter Smith that every one of the blogs would be excoriating them and Celtic itself investigating thoroughly.

I am very pleased to see the welcome intervention of some of their social media guys; it is great to say that this kind of spirit can overcome rivalry and other such petty nonsense. I think these guys – some of whom I’m convinced want this stamped out forever – would be so much more effective if the club itself took that kind of stand.

It would let these guys know they are not alone.

Most importantly, it would let the filthy toe-rags responsible for that yesterday know that they are.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    James, the club will know ‘precisely who these peepul are’
    Mygers scheme is detailed and geared toward the individual customer, therefore, they could easily identify and ban them. Alongside CCTV images and ticketing info that is not difficult.
    Thing is, do they actually want to?
    Their own fans should be pushing for that to happen but neither party will, they’ve simply no appetite for it
    I’d be very happy to be 100% wrong on that one.

  • Neil Smith says:

    Nope they will do f all.. trouble here is many in their board are simply cut from the same cloth…

  • SSMPM says:

    They are certainly not cut from the same cloth as Walter who I’m sure would have been furious. This lodge led son of Rangers, sevco, is one ugly child, a despicable club from top to bottom and back again. Their agenda is to spoil the game for everyone and Scotland has stupidly allowed it with relatively no kick back from our club and authority figures generally, particularly over recent years.
    Their board riddled with bitterness and vengeance have with Trumpion compliance enabled the rats to take over and steer the zombie ship as their foot soldiers. The appointments to their social media and the bile that comes out of it treads through decency, full steam ahead. Gerrard shamefully put his personal greed ahead of decency knowingly and with one success to promote himself enough deserted the ship before it sank even lower to these depths.
    I’m pretty sure there are decent fans over there appalled at this behaviour, good men and women that have seen these low marks hijack what they thought was a second chance. Finally they are starting to speak against it while our pacifist club representatives sit silently in shame. HH Tommy

  • TImJim says:

    Unfortunately whatever descent Hun fans there are, are in the minority

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