Once Again, The Media Is Ignoring The Celtic Manager’s Actual Words On Kyogo.

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The headlines are screaming; Kyogo is definitely out of the 2 February game. Except he isn’t. The manager is said to have delivered a shock to Celtic fans, but he didn’t. Once again, listen to the words the manager actually says. They should not be re-interpreted.

It won’t be a quick return. Seems definitive right? Well we’re 12 days away from that game and a lot can happen in that time. The manager said it will be weeks; how about two weeks? How about just shy of two weeks? Listen to what else he said.

“We are still sort of working through (it),” he said, “but suffice to say it’s not going to be a quick return. I’m reluctant to put any time frame on it, just for the player himself, I think it’s unfair that I do that, but we are still looking at a number of weeks at the moment. Hopefully we will get some clarity, there are still some things they want to see if it settles down, but we are looking at a number of weeks at this point.”

At the moment and at this point are what the manager said. At the moment and at this point along with his talk about getting “some clarity.” Things are still up in the air. Celtic itself is reluctant to rush him back. Which doesn’t mean Kyogo doesn’t want to play and might not believe that he is fit to play. We are 12 days out. Anything can happen.

For the record, I don’t think he’s going to play. I think he will be out for a while longer. As long as we have the firepower to turn up and put on a show I am not concerned. Tomorrow morning we’ll find out which of the Japanese players has been called up; if Maeda is still with us we’ll be in good shape. Even without him, Giakoumakis will be available and so will Jota.

We have more than enough about us to win the game. We are not, and have not been, a one player team no matter what the media has wanted to believe for months. We now have a very strong squad and there are goals everywhere in the side.

But the manager has not ruled Kyogo out. He has left enough wiggle room. He has created just enough doubt. We’ll know soon enough, one way or the other, but Celtic fans shouldn’t worry either way.

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