There Will Be No Resolution To The Celtic-Ibrox Away Ticket Standoff For Years.

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Stewart Robertson gave a podcast interview to The Athletic where he said that he could not see any “short term solution” to the issue of away tickets for Glasgow derbies.

Stating his own fans were “happy” with the situation, he suggested that as long as the clubs are selling season tickets for these areas that there was nothing they could do.

This, of course, is disingenuous bollocks as anyone who has a seat near where their fans used to go knows full well.

I had to purchase a separate ticket for the February game at a cost of £50. Had the club wanted to, it could have told me that there were no tickets available because their fans were going to be in that end. They could do the same.

The simple fact is that they don’t want a solution to this.

They have pandered to their hard-core element and see no way of rolling it back without provoking fury in their own fan-base.

This will continue as long as their own rabid moon-howling element wants it to, any other claim is simply untrue.

Their club has bent itself to the will of the lunatic fringe.

Nobody over there is capable of taking a long term view of anything. From their boardroom to the stands, they are completely impervious to the idea that actions have consequences.

When they brought these changes in they apparently didn’t realise that they were creating a situation from which there was no easy escape and then seemed genuinely shocked when Celtic responded in kind, although they were warned in advance that we would.

Their latest wheeze – which was to remove our 700 tickets for the game earlier in the season at the last minute, under the pretext of having to create a Red Zone – resulted in Celtic, again, responding in the same fashion.

And that, too, has apparently surprised them.

Celtic has attempted, several times, to resolve these situations and we have been rebuffed on each and every occasion. Robertson said that he doesn’t know how our fans feel about all this but that his are perfectly happy; we already know that.

And you know what else? Ours are too.

Just so long as our club continues to treat them in the same manner they treat us, as far as most of us are concerned that’s just fine.

If you polled Celtic supporters as a whole I suspect you’d find that most of us would be happy if they were never allowed to set foot inside Parkhead again, not a single one of them.

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  • Stephen says:

    We celtic must save a few £s on not having to replace toilet facilities after a sevco visit.

  • John says:

    Your last paragraph James sums it up to a tee for me and I suspect the overwhelming majority of our fans. Keep the scum out!

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    After the Mogadons & us Fuk them on the 2nd Feb we move ahead of them! Let’s draw them in the Cup at Liebrox wae a 50/50 split & after we PUMP them Dance till Fukin Dawn lol! The SCUMBAG Knuckodraggaz will IMPLODE BIG-TIME as the penny or is it £1 drops that we’re winning the Treble in their 150th ahem 10th Anniversary WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • SSMPM says:

    Never let the racists hooligans back into Paradise again. We don’t need that filth anywhere near Paradise, its called that for a reason, and we shouldn’t let that scum contaminate it with their bile and vandalism. There will never ever be an Old Firm game again so why bother offering respect to this new orange promoting scum club, who are they?
    ‘Continue to treat them in the same manner as they treat us’ is a reactive move in response to their actions. Treat them in the manner we decide their club and their fans deserve. The perfect resolution is to never again allow their hatred back and when they get liquidated again, vote against them getting back into the league again. I live in hope our fans and board take this as a long term stance. HH

  • brian o doherty says:

    If I dont see another Zombie FC fan at Celtic park until I die I will die happy.

  • SSMPM says:

    Ooops spot on guys, you only die once. HH

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