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The Only Place Morelos Will Ever Supplant Larsson Is In His Own Head.

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Mad Dog is in the papers today claiming that he wants to supplant Henrik Larsson in the Europa League scoring charts.

To be honest with you, Larsson’s position on the Europa League scoring charts had never even dawned on me for even a minute. I had no idea where he was on it, and to be frank I didn’t all that much care. I’ve given it zero thought in my life.

So I was surprised to find that when you include qualifying games that Larsson does, in fact, sit at the very pinnacle of Europa League goal-scoring with 40 goals in the tournament.

That’s nice to know, but it doesn’t bother me all that much; we don’t need all these phony prizes to recognise what the King of Kings actually was to our club.

Morels is nine goals behind.

He may or may get those goals over the remainder of his career; all he has to do, really, is land at a club next season which players regular European football at that level and his chances will be pretty decent considering his age.

But so what?

Kris Boyd has more SPFL goals than Larsson; he has tried, on a few embarrassing occasions, to suggest that makes him the King’s equal or better … the idea is so preposterous nobody seriously debates it with him.

The idea that El Ned will ever supplant Larsson where it really matters – in his standing as a European footballing icon – is frankly nuts.

It exists only in Morelos’ own mind, that and the minds of a handful of fevered sports reporters too stupid for words.

Larsson’s list of achievements and accolades is vast.

Morelos has a single league title.

The King has titles in three different countries. He’s played in two European finals. He has won the Scottish Golden Boot award five times and the European Golden Boot once. He has over 100 caps and 30 goals for his country.

Morelos barely scrapes into a 40 man Colombia squad.

In the same stupid interview, he talks about overhauling his hero, Radamel Falcao.

Apparently he needs only a goal to do that in terms of the Europa League … but again, this is a ridiculous comparison with a player who has won the tournament twice with different clubs and whose list of records in the tournament include, but are not limited to, the most hat-tricks (3), the most goals in a single campaign (17), the most goals in a Europa League knockout tie (5) and the most in a single game (4.) He’s Colombia’s all-time top scorer.

Morelos is a legend in his own household, and he will need to do something momentous in his career after Ibrox to be considered any more than a middle of the road striker with a penchant for temper-tantrums.

I knew he would be wholly ineffective at the weekend the minute the first Dundee Utd player put him on the ground; wind Morelos up and he forgets to play football and starts trying to go around the pitch settling scores.

He is a fool to himself, and if he believes for a minute that Falcao or Larsson will be sweating these “records” – which are only a handful in their own long and illustrious collection of them – he’s an even bigger one that we already think.

So is any hack who thinks that any of this actually matters.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Aww bless.

    Doesn’t mater if Morelos breaks all of Larsson’s scoring records.

    In terms of personality, Henk typically played with a smile on his face – and frequently with his tongue sticking out. 🙂

    Morelos always looks likes like he’s chewing a wasp!

    • Dora says:

      Exactly Bob, morelos is a rotten little Prk, Larsson was an absolute gent..
      The chunky one will never get offers to play for the likes of Man Utd or Barcelona ever, be lucky to get offers from anywhere, who’d want him!!

  • john clarke says:

    alfredo morelos has a career average of 0.49 goals per game. he supports his family from afar. he may lose his cool sometimes but for all we know he is probably a most decent, likeable man. celtic fc has to mark alfredo closely. i don’t like time wasting “look at me” celebration of goals but alfredo is a most valuable player for the blue bags.
    james,you may wish jason larsson could play for celtic fc sooner or later in his career.

  • Seppington says:

    Hey Morelass how many goals have you scored against your klub’s biggest rivals? How many did the King of Kings score against your klub? What’s that? You’re too much of a thick hun twat to hold information in that fat head of yours for more than 2 seconds? Well let me enlighten you; often more in one game than you’ve managed in years of trying.
    You are nothing, a nobody who has achieved zilch beyond one medal for a freak title with no competition and a loft of gifts from your supporters in black. The absolute roasterage of comparing yourself to Larsson…walloper. You can’t even be favourably compared to Scott McDonald FFS….

  • Tony B says:

    I judge people on how they behave, and Moreloss is a thug both on and off the park.

    Regardless of how good he is to his mammy, he is a thoroughly nasty piece of work, and a serial cheat to boot.

    Apart from his character defects, he also differs from the KOK in that he doesn’t possess a tenth of the great man’s football talents.

  • Guchi Boy says:

    El Fat Bastardio has eaten mare Big Macs in a Night than Larsson cd manage in 7 yrs, noo that’s sum gon BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • john clarke says:

    sorry, i mean jordan larsson, spartak ,moscow. outstanding season2020,
    form drop 2021 with injuries. speedier than his father so i read..

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