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The Scottish Daily Express Just Published The Most Loathsome Anti-Celtic Article In History.

Image for The Scottish Daily Express Just Published The Most Loathsome Anti-Celtic Article In History.

Celtic should be considering their legal options today after the most loathsome article in Scottish mainstream media history was published in The Daily Express, by a “trainee reporter” who will either now quickly rise through the ranks or else will be cleaning out his desk by the end of the day.

I suspect, at that despicable paper, it will be the former.

The article “links” the deaths of over 13 people with the Celtic Boys Club scandal, and just to make sure that the message is loud and clear it puts a nice picture of our stadium front and centre.

The piece gets its “story” from something it calls “Spotlight” but if you’re wondering why a multi-award winning investigative team from the Boston Globe is looking at issues thousands of miles away then stop.

The source of this outrageous, paranoid, garbage is a notorious anti-Celtic twitter feed which writes thing so preposterous, incendiery and even libellous that even those over there who obsess on this subject don’t want any association with its outrageous claims, including the suggestion that a Celtic-linked paedophile ring might have murdered Lawrence Haggert.

I stay away from this subject, because it is fit for discussion only by the kind of reptiles who think there is football hay to be made from the pain and suffering of fellow human beings.

I am frequently appalled by the lengths our enemies go to in order to make these connections.

That Twitter feed is one of the most notorious in the country and has slandered numerous figures connected with our club as well as various people in political office and elsewhere.

For a national title – even one of such little repute as this debased rag – to give credence to a dark obsessive, wallowing in conspiratorial filth like a dreg from the Trumpian right is frankly a disgrace to the mainstream media.

This is not even gutter journalism; it is trawling the sewer.

It is stuff dredged out of a blocked and overflowing toilet.

Celtic has been “approached for comment” says the piece; Celtic will be consulting lawyers this afternoon and I don’t expect them to utter a single word on this, and nor should they.

It is a disgusting piece, rancid, reeking, based not on even on rumours or speculation by on paranoid, dark fantasies which would not be out of place on a Qanon message board.

The writer has the cheek to put “Exclusive” beside this piece.

Oh it is that alright, because although these “claims” have been circulating on the bottom of internet basement floors for the past couple of years no-one with a shred of credibility wants to go near them.

Jordan Shepherd, Mr Trainee Reporter, has just dredged the swamp.

Any real journalist who follows him in there should never set foot in Celtic Park again, and not simply for dragging our name through the mud of this atrocious stuff but because they’ve left the path of sanity and embraced a Fox News style corruption of the discourse instead.

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  • Garry Cowan says:

    Would any of these vermin even give 2 fucks if it didn’t have a connection to Celtic?

  • Smokey says:

    These so called trainee journalists and the rag itself
    should be banned from Celtic Park…
    High time Celtic took a stance against these attacks,
    It has gone on far too long, wee Fergus would have banned a few of them

  • Gary Brophy says:

    Have you seen the state of the guy who wrote the article???? He’s got sex offender wrote all over his face.

  • David says:

    This piece will have already been approved by the Hierarchy full stop That’s the reason I left Lodgeland in 1974 it’s was rotten then it’s ten times worse now.

  • Jonnym says:

    Look…everytime there’s financial bad news for them and results don’t go their way on the park this is the stuff the media print..I’ve said it hunners a can put the kettle in for it…if we were still second that article wouldn’t have been printed…it’s high time our club took action against these cretins n maybe if the support put pressure on them they will do it

  • SSMPM says:

    Evil vile low life propaganda. No care, empathy or consideration for victims of CA or their families and all about a trainee hun journo’s corrupt anti Catholic view and personal ambition. Hurt them where it hurts most, sue them Celtic and empty their blue pocket. HH

  • John Trainor says:

    Hopefully immediate legal action, immediate ban from Celtic and only a full front page apology and donation to a celtic charity to try and make amends. This country’s media is only fit for the bin, playing to one side (which stills buys the rags) and articles like this only highlight how bigoted the whole place is. Scotland is on a very slippery slope if this is not condemned by all. And the club should insist it is.

  • John S says:

    The epitome of abuse of free speech. Lies intended to damage.

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