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Barry Ferguson’s Bubbling Bitchery Over The Celtic Captain Being “Rested” Is Pathetic.

Image for Barry Ferguson’s Bubbling Bitchery Over The Celtic Captain Being “Rested” Is Pathetic.

Barry Ferguson’s comments today about how “glad” he – and Ange Postecoglou – were to see Callum McGregor “rested” for Scotland last night are exactly the sort of moon-howling I highlighted earlier on when I wrote about the Ibrox fans and their barmy belief in conspiracy theories.

How pathetic that a former Rangers captain repeated such dire nonsense with this clownish rant.

This is why the Ibrox supporters believe this stuff; because goons like this keep on feeding them this “all the world hates our guts and wishes we would die” garbage.

Honestly, that club will never get its shit together whilst people like that revolve around it and feed into all its insecurities and paranoia. Ferguson is a major figure to the fans and he knows full well that he’s encouraging the lunatic fringe here.

“It was nice to see Steve Clarke rested Callum McGregor, but listen that’s the quality. think if you ask Callum he would have rather played. He never misses games. When you look back on Callum McGregor’s record, even Scotland games, he never misses them. It might have been a bit different for him getting a rest. I’m sure Postecoglou will be delighted with him getting rested.”

Celtic players have contributed to the cause of representing Scotland more than those of any other club in the last ten years.

Far more.

That will continue to be the case far into the future as far as I can see. I think we’re maybe due a bit of a break from carrying the national team, and especially in matches like these were there was nothing at stake.

This pitiful whining, this pandering to delusions and cranks and conspiracy nuts, should be treated with contempt by our media, but as I said earlier they have spent years encouraging Ibrox’s fans to believe that their club is put upon and discriminated against … they certainly aren’t going to stop pushing that line now.

But the next time these cretins lament that the Ibrox fans should get behind the national team, they should consider the relentless torrent of this garbage that they have dumped on Steve Clarke and others over the years … the media has done as much to foster and feed the hatred the Ibrox fans have for their own country as anyone has.

Ferguson gives morons a bad name, and he always has. He is a brainless dolt who has never been able to look beyond his own biases, but this is dire stuff even for him.

The closer we get to this game the more these eejits are losing their minds.

Imagine the ranting and the raving should we actually win; they’ll blame it on Steve Clarke at this rate.

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  • harold shand says:

    After reading this guy and the usual hun media monkeys this week , i’m getting the vibe that they’re sh*tting bricks at the thought of us winning and going 6 clear

    Wether that’s going to happen who knows but definitely the vibe i’m getting

    • Stevie Bhoy says:

      They really need to make their minds up at Ibrox, they complain like he’ll when Ryan Jack dosent get a game for Scotland as according to them Calum McGregor couldn’t lace jacks boots.
      Now when Jack is playing it’s some sort of conspiracy.
      I’ll put my Money on McGregor all day long.

  • Justshatered says:

    I’m old enough to remember Peter Grant and Paul McStay playing for Scotland not in a friendly, but a competitive match.
    Craig Brown then Scotland manager said they wouldn’t play the whole game. One was substituted at 80 minutes and the other at 85 minutes.
    Meanwhile players across the city had called off injured but were miraculously cured by the weekend.
    Needless to say we lost.

  • Bob (original) says:

    The bankrupted, EBT recipient Ferguson, [who allegedly transferred his assets into his wife’s name], was a decent midfielder in his time.

    However, his behaviour whilst a member of the national team was an insult to the paying punters, so his comments about Scotland today are best ignored.


      No allegedly aboot it. He transferred every asset he had so HMRC couldn’t claw back the tax he owed. I kept hoping his misses would turf him oot oan the street wae nuthin but his Y fronts. Nae joy. She’s obviously as bent as him.

  • Seppington says:

    “all the world hates our guts and wishes we would die”

    I wouldn’t call that garbage as that’s probably quite reasonably accurate. It doesn’t mean there’s a conspiracy against them though. There’s no need, the morons do themselves in every time. And all just to desperately hang on to our coat-tails…

  • SSMPM says:

    Who cares about a drunken tax cheat’s drunken fantasy that his club still exists. He’s an irrelevant drunken cheat that should be forced to repay his tax by taking every penny he earns. If he means everyone hates this pantomime club well that’s another drunken fantasy just like his drunken behaviour as a Scotland representative.

    Why listen to the view of a failed drunk

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Not ” should”! Its when we win! Come on man, anyway Sydney can rest tonight as they be no huns they in November thank God! As they would caused chaos! Tho that joke caved in to their vile poisonous hoardes says it all! No matter tho best news I heard all day and we now should comment on this bs ” o f” trademark they are crying over, we should say it loud s clear we are nothing to do with that club tell sky, the joke media here tell everyone! Sick of hearing it never used it in my life it’s their thing end it!

  • Jim Harte says:

    I wonder if Babs knows about the Welsh management team not picking Sevco’s Welsh wizard for their game due to ” consideration of (the) rangers position”. Come on Bassa give us your thoughts on this .

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    There in November even

  • Frankie bhoy says:

    Never heard fanny Ferguson say it was good to see arron ramsay getting a rest!!!

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