Davie Provan Is Right For Once. Celtic Are “Playing For The Title” At Ibrox.

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Davie Provan is one of those broken clock hacks. He goes on so much about our club – usually in the negative – that he has to be right some of the time. In one of his more positive frames of mind, he has gotten his latest statement about us spot on.

Encouraged by the way we’re playing, he has said that we are going to Ibrox at the start of next month “playing for the title.”

And he is entirely correct about that. Should we win at the weekend, and that’s not a lock and we should remember that, the worst we do is go to Ibrox three points in front of the home team. That’s big.

There will, at that point, be seven games left to go. If we get three points and go six clear with six matches left then that’s it; hang up the bunting, get the Champions flags mass produced, make room on the trophy cabinet and call the engravers.

Their club is playing for its footballing life.

That’s the bottom line. No matter what the media might try to tell us, there is no prospect whatsoever of their winning the Europa League so all this talk from their fans – both in the press box and out with it – about that being their “priority” is just garbage; they know that winning the title is the whole ball game.

That game is their do-or-die fixture.

They know it and we know it, and the media knows it and the whole world of football knows it. After this weekend is the two week international break; as long as we get through it without major injuries we’re in good shape.

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  • Bigbaws says:

    Now that’s not fair, maybe the Europa League is their “priority”. They may feel the league is most likely gone & if the win the Europa League they get Champions league group stage football too

  • Seppington says:

    “…there is no prospect whatsoever of their winning the Europa League …”

    I don’t know, If asked a couple of months ago I would have thought there was no chance they’d be going through tonight! Fair play to them, they can win games in Europe better than we can right now. It’s been a hoodoo for us for too many years now…but then again, so was Livingston until recently! Getting that millstone off our necks is hopefully another sign of the power of change Ange that has brought to the club, and hopefully next season we’ll see Angeball start to benefit us in the CL!

    It’ll be interesting see how they fare next season with half the current team out of contract and gone in the summer, no money to spend ’cause debt debt debt…

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol tuned into radio snyde tonight for the first in God knows how long but it was worth it listening to them lick the arse off sevco.
    The pundits of Mark Wilson and Gordon blue boxers nose Dalziel as well Gordon the host Gopher all giving it sevco could take any team on that’s left in the competition and beat them.
    Then a Celtic fan called in called them out on a few things mentioned some teams and results with the goals they had scored that could challenge and beat sevco,they turned on him and tried to take the piss especially Gordon the Gopher hosting it.
    On more than one occasion he tripped the Celtic fan up with the stats and laughed while doing it.

  • Martin says:

    As long as they’re in the Europa league they can win it. They’re 3 ties away. That’s not beyond the realm of possibility. I can see the gap being 5 points by Ibrox though.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    The last eight in the Europa league is when the teams left take it very seriously and see it as a way to a guaranteed place into the Champions League group stage. The team playing out of Ibrox have done well in Europe but I doubt they can go all the way.

    Meanwhile we just have to concentrate on each league game starting on Saturday . the run in is never easy but I’m sure Ange and the bhoys can see the winning post just ahead and can finish the job. The celebrations will be epic.

  • Westcaigs says:

    Not necessarily so. In 2003 we beat rangers at ibrox then lost 2 games to lose the league by 1 goal.

  • Daniel Casey says:

    Well bhoys n ghirls HH the mighty celtic into this rotten mob next week yet again I say that wee will win 2 0 or even my favourite score 3-1 and plus 1-0 will do me eh HH ?? ?? ?????????????????????????? oh n plus I say that wee will win the treble aswell but eh under the bold Ange oh n plus wee kyogo is fit for the rotten mob wee will run a mock wae them eh

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