For All The Talk Of “Celtic’s Decisions,” The One At Dundee Today Was A True Shocker.

Image for For All The Talk Of “Celtic’s Decisions,” The One At Dundee Today Was A True Shocker.

All through the course of this campaign, there has been constant, bitter, bitching and whingeing about the decisions Celtic are getting. Most of it is honest-to-God tripe. A lot of these decisions are marginal and others undisputedly went the right way.

Through all of it, decisions elsewhere have been ignored, along with some horrors that have gone against us.

The focus is never on those, only on those which “contribute” to our victories, like the red card yesterday which was wholly deserved and which came when we were already 3-0 up and absolutely cruising. Only a halfwit – step forward Malky Mackay – thinks that materially influenced the result. Still, the press wanted to debate it.

Well there ought to be an inquest into the disgraceful decision which went the Ibrox club’s way today at Dens Park, the decision to award them a penalty towards the end of the first half.

Tavernier missed it, but that’s not the point. It was a shocker.

Of all the decisions we’ve seen this season which have stirred up alleged controversy, none is as obviously stinking as that one was, and I don’t believe it should matter that such a decision doesn’t seem to have materially affected the outcome.

It came at what was a critical time in the game for the away team; they were toiling at the end of a first half in which they had gotten not a single shot on target.

Every commentator should be stating the obvious; that is never a penalty kick in a hundred years and how it was given will be a mystery until it’s explained ten years from now, probably at a Sash-Bash with the whistler as guest speaker.

We go to Ibrox next, of course, and we will be watching, all of us, to see who is given the job of refereeing that fixture. Madden shouldn’t be anywhere near it, but if it’s not him we can probably expect it to be Beaton.

It was ever thus.

In the meantime, I don’t even want to hear about decision which have gone our way this season.

None comes close to being the shocker that one was today.

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    The European champions not that good today just beating bottom of the leauge dundee also the usual penalty missed by the super full back tavvie, Beaton likely the ref for the bigot dome match will make no difference celtic to win by 3 clear goals our forward line will rip there defence apart it is so poor.

  • Smokey says:

    Boyd wanted Dundee man sent off!
    Never in a million years a penalty, madhun could not wait to give it…..
    As for Andy Walker what a complete idiot,
    Thank goodness he is banned from Celtic park
    The pricks prick… he hates all things Celtic

  • Guchi Boy says:

    We will Fukin HORSE them at their SHIT-TIP, aptly named wae the stolen BOG ROLL they hurled oan the park raday!!

  • Michael Gallagher says:

    Worst decision I’ve ever seen in the history of dodgy penalties it really is unbelievable surely madden must be embarrassed with that God help us next few weeks

  • harold shand says:

    Take your pick , Madden , Walsh , Beaton or McLean

    It certainly won’t be Clancy as he’s not allowed near their games

  • Gary Greer says:

    You are absolutely spot on it’s the worst penalty decision this season and there has been a few. I was always against the narrative that the referees are biased but watching how this season is playing out its obvious that some referees want the new club to win and its truly a sad Indictment of Scottish football. HAIL HAIL

  • Dougie says:

    Concern for Celtic goalkeeper at castle grey skull with tennis ball idiots for his safety

  • Tam says:

    What will the head of referees say Mr Crawford Allan..we will never know.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    This is what we’ve been forever up against. That decision today must be up there with the worst of them. I don’t blame the bluenoses like Boyd and Miller etc it is the craven Tims like Walker, Bonner, Duffy and many others who haven’t the courage or principles to call it out in case it affects their earnings.
    Madden the guy who didn’t give a penalty at Celtic Park a few years ago. When Leigh Griffiths was nearly chopped in half as he was about to put the ball in the net with minutes to go against them with the score 1-1. For him to give that penalty today wasn’t an honest mistake it was blatant cheating.

  • Martin says:

    That was really one of the worst. When he first blew everyone assumed it was a Dundee foul for Morelos pushing. But no.

    If they have a first half like that against us it’ll be about 6 nil by half time.

  • Sonny says:

    Come on guys why are they getting big bucks and I dont mean the refs . It’s the sfa referees committee how long is it going to go on for
    If they dont stop now , we as supporters we pay there wages should be making a stand as to what is a farce of football ithis country
    You all know that the powers that be are making a fool of us , the people who pay their money week in week out .
    It is happening you all know that and it should be a supporter commitee telling them we are not stupid we know what’s going on , it has to stop or we will not have any football left . We need movement now or it’s over.

    A supporter who feels there should be honesty in the game

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