Gareth Bale To Celtic? It’s A Joke, And Not Even Worth A Proper Discussion Over.

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Wow. Slow news day alright when The Daily Record is forced to run garbage about the possibility of Gareth Bale moving to one of the Glasgow clubs as a “wildcard” signing now that he’s out of contract.

“Odds have tumbled” on it apparently; if you knew nothing about the bookies you might think that was significant.

If you do know something about how they work you know what they are doing here is trawling for suckers.

Odds tumbling doesn’t make me inclined to want to place a bet anyway; the chances of this are so outrageous that I’d expect many hundreds to one on it before I’d even consider parting with my money, and even then, a charitable donation makes more sense.

To give this story credence – and I’m writing about it to scorn it, not to pretend that it’s in any way likely or reasonable – you’d also have to know nothing about how Scottish football works, or how Celtic in particular works.

You might think Ibrox is just this mad, but there’s a difference between taking a £2 million punt for three months and putting some guy on the wage-bill who will want that every month for at least a year.

Where does The Record think the money for that is coming from?

The magic tree?

I have beanstalk beans to sell them if they believe any of that.

Celtic wouldn’t even entertain an idea so ludicrous.

Do we need Gareth Bale to wrap up two in a row next season? Would one player, even one at the top level, make that big a difference in the Champions League? Are we going to win it with him in the team?

The cost-benefit analysis here is widely skewed against this kind of deal … we are not run by madmen.

This story should be filed under not just fiction but fantasy fiction.

But when the media has nothing else to write about, they will make stuff up and they might as well have here.

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  • Candyball1 says:

    And fairies live at the bottom of my garden

  • SSMPM says:

    Stranger things … Loved it when George Best came up and signed for Hibs. I took in a few more of their games than perhaps I should’ve but it added crowds of 8000 to 10,000 at every ground, improved atmospheres and added a feel good factor to the Scottish game.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol they got the wrong Glasgow club it’s sevco he is going to,big Gordon Ramsay had a word with him and duo are ready to double up at ibrox next season.

  • john clarke says:

    James, your story made Microsoft Bing News.
    Is Dave King going to fork out the dosh?.
    Gio van B should get a reference from Z Zidane and J Mourinho first. May 2021 Gareth Bale said; that when he left Real Madrid he knew where he was going but he wouldn’t say because it would cause “too much chaos”. I think Gareth’s a pot stirrer….or his manager is having a bit of fun with the gullible Scottish Press.

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