Ramsey Fit To Face Celtic. Are We Scared Yet? No But We’re Meant To Be.

Image for Ramsey Fit To Face Celtic. Are We Scared Yet? No But We’re Meant To Be.

The terrifying news none of us cared about has been delivered via the media today; Aaron Ramsey is set to face us at Ibrox on Sunday. Wow. Are you scared yet?

Based on the way this is being covered by some of the media and greeted by their fans we’re meant to be.

Yet I feel oddly untroubled. I knew he would be fit, just as I know that Morelos is going to pass whatever late fitness test they put him through.

Whoever they play, I still expect us to win. I expect us to go there and teach them how football is played.

Honestly, this game at the weekend is all about us.

If we show up and do our business and play the way Ange wants this team to we will leave them in the dust. There is just no doubt in my mind about that. If we are on our game, there is nothing in their playbook that will stop us. I thought we deserved more than we got at Ibrox last time and at Parkhead we simply blew them away.

They are putting all their hopes in a half-fit midfielder and a striker who might not even come up to that level. And if you’ve been following the news from Nigeria, their fans and media were less than impressed by Bassey, Balogun and Aribo, who they said looked knackered. But of course they are knackered; these guys play every week.

None of this guarantees us any easy afternoon or anything, but we can be confident.

Of course we can.

Our players are fresh and ready for this and we don’t have a European tie to think of and perhaps prioritise for in the midweek after the game.

Ramsey is supposed to be send us to bed tonight like frightened children.

What a joke that is.

A goal against the bottom club in the league doesn’t impress me in the slightest. He’s contributed next to nothing since he was signed. I look forward to the collision between the hype and the reality.

I don’t expect that Ibrox fans will.

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  • Tom Foolery says:

    Sunday is going to be a tough game regardless of who plays for us or who plays for them and I for one am not buying into this ‘we’ll just roll them’ nonsense. The impression I’m getting from a majority of Celtic fans is that we’re a better team than we actually are…we are a bang average team who, under Ange, have punched above our weight in regards to where we are domestically at this point in Ange’s tenure. Do I think we will win…Sure I do but it’s going to be a nail biter of an afternoon.

  • Pat Morrissey says:

    Rambo will last 20mins and Duffelo maybe 45. We’ll win comfortably even allowing for honest mistakes.

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