Ange Was Asked The Dumbest Question So Far Yesterday, And The Celtic Boss Killed It.

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Yesterday, Ange was asked what was perhaps the dumbest question he’s had to field since he came to the club, and that is saying something as everyone will be well aware.

I mean, it was challenged, even on the day, by Jane Lewis’s ridiculous question about the Australia tour which I’ll write about later on. (Not specifically her question, although I do like that she gets upset when critiqued … they like to give it out but can never take it.)

This Celtic manager, who more than any other that I can remember, emphasises attacking football and playing for the win, was actually asked if he’d take a draw tomorrow.

Good grief. Have they not listened to a word this guy says?

This man will simply not countenance the idea of “settling for a point”. He wants to win, every game. Furthermore, he has built a Celtic team which he believes is capable of doing exactly that.

He has said all this. He has made it abundantly clear.

And yesterday, he found himself having to say it all again.

I thought his answer was superb. It was the ultimate slap-down.

“If someone said to me there’s a system out there that would guarantee you 150 percent that you would get a draw, I wouldn’t take it,” he said. “I reckon others would, but if I took it I’d be thinking, ‘Maybe we could have won’.

“I just don’t believe in that approach. We always have to fall back on why we are in the position we are at the moment. The reason for that is that we believe in something beyond just trying to win a game of football. And that is playing our way. We have to win it too. There are still seven games to go; games of real consequence.”

And that’s it in a nutshell. Not only does it fly in the face of our system and what he’s trying to do, but we want the cushion. Just in case. This is where all the arguments about us being happy with a point fall down … if we’re six clear it’s as good as over.

Ange really does have the measure of these morons.

I thought his answer was absolutely brilliant, and the snark about “I reckon others would take it” was perfect.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Listening to radio clyde sports show now. Presenter and guests seem to think they’re funny. About as funny as a wet weekend. When will they discuss sevco breaking contracts willy-nilly? Or refusing to pay her majesty what she was entitled to? HH

  • Martin H. says:

    Jane Lewis an idiot no credibility whatsoever.

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