McCall’s James Forrest Comments Sum Up Our Media’s Reliance On The Opinions Of idiots.

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Ian McCall of Thistle has gotten himself in the papers today with a quite ridiculous comment on how James Forrest’s brother, Alan, currently playing for Livingston, is a better football than his the Famous Name, who is two goals shy of 100 for our club.

This is a contemptible view, and one that we shouldn’t even need to be debating.

If Alan Forrest was a better player than his brother the chatter would not be of his going to Hearts.

This is such an obvious fact that it doesn’t need spelling out, but apparently it’s too difficult for McCall to grasp, and too difficult for his Radio Scotland “colleagues” to argue.

James Forrest has more than 400 appearances for Celtic.

He has regularly played for Scotland. His brother is a decent enough footballer for his level, but his level is way below that which James has been playing at for the past ten years or more.

Alan Forrest is 25. At that age, the Famous Name was playing a part in Brendan Rodgers’ Invincible Celtic team.

McCall’s comments are insulting to a player who has 38 caps for Scotland and who just signed a new deal with which almost certainly make him a one club footballer, and this isn’t because he’s in any “comfort zone” but because he loves Celtic.

McCall has a 39% win ratio as a lower league manager.

As it’s true that Alan Forrest would be playing at a higher level if he was as good as James, it’s also pretty clear that if Ian McCall could spot a player that he would be coaching at a higher level.

But this is BBC Scotland, folks; jobs for the boys and gigs for their mates.

McCall himself freely admits that his “bosses” at the broadcaster are actually his pals, and when your hiring practices are as dodgy as this then you get the “opinions” that you deserve.

No wonder a lot of us are no longer prepared to pay the license fee.

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  • harold shand says:

    Creepy looking c*nt that McCall

    Celtic are champions and they blew the chance of a lifetime on Wednesday night so it’s a double bubble of misery for the BBC

    To be totally expected they are gonna come out with stuff like this for at least the next few weeks

    and of course fantasy transfer stories about them

    • Starman says:

      McCalls FINEST ACTING PERFORMANCE was NOT on the park but when Fat Swallee heed butted him in “A shot at glory” lol! Wee Fat Wank that will take THEESEL bak tae the 3rd tier.. CLUELESS!!

  • Frankie says:

    What an embarrassing thing to say about 2 brothers, the proofs in who has had more success poor brainless McCall.

  • Tam says:

    Those two young men are brothers. What on earth was McCall thinking. Would he or a member of his family like to be compared with one another

  • John says:

    Has anyone watched Thistle on these Friday night Championship games? Absolute sh*te! Any manager who has Richard ( Dick) Foster in their team knows f*ck all about the game. Just more anti Celtic drivel! from another BBC sevco lover. Its really getting to them now

  • Tony B says:

    McCall is a dyed in the wool hun and therefore knows nothing about football.

    None of them do and this is a tautology.

    They only get a voice because the BBC in Scotland is infested with huns and masons, hence the proliferation of them on BBC Sportsound and Sportscene.

    The mantra is, say only positive things about sevco and their players, while exaggerating anything negative about Celtic.

    This can be done in various ways including omission of certain news items and highlighting others to place one club in a favourable light and another in a less favourable light.

    For example, nothing has been said about the clear anti Catholic bile being sung by sevco fans in Seville, while Celtic supporters have been taken to task about some litter on the streets of Glasgow in the aftermath of the league title win.

    This is what we are facing in this country; a Pravda like control of the media, which is only counterbalanced by blogs like this.

    The good news is that the mainstream media’s days are numbered, whilst blogs like this will continue to flourish

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol Ian t(the bawbag failure as a player and manager though plenty of success as a BIGOT)McColl how we feel his pain.
    Obviously Firhill is missing its village idiot when this klown is not there.
    All his negative tactics as long he the manager at Thistle they will be stuck where they if he doesn’t get them relegated,and in saying that I reckon he will be the first manager to get sacked next season in that division if it doesn’t happen over the summer.

  • John S says:

    Alan Forrest is a very good player and it’s no wonder other teams fancy him. As for the comparison, I was not aware there was one.

    Sorry to change the subject but, given the recent pitch invasions, clubs that cannot fully guarantee the safety of spectators and staff (including tv commentators) should have to play x amount of games (reversed) away from home.
    Similarly, where fans of a club despoil a neutral or away venue.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Mcall is a racist bigot FACT is also a junkie gambler I have seen him put 1000s into machines FACT

    • Starman says:

      Used tae punt in Hills in Byres Road on EVERYTHING & ANYTHING!! A PISH STAINED JAKEY LOL!!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    McCall a wee hun always has been I know plenty of his family plays some intellectual bs but guy a wee fud cant stand that wee fraud, he said this cause he hates our Great club no harm to james brother but he ain’t in same league wee jamesy could easily been ” down south” the holy grail to so many the clowns here but like calmac he knew how great our Clubwere and is! ,But wee man not celebrated enough but I like many always rated him been a great Celtic player and he proved it plenty! Champions league qualifier winners, cup finals 4 on the trot semis, hun winners, Rome goal, plenty big moments McCall was a shit wee fat hun and always mentions that poison when our club are being praised like that fud mccoist worse kind of hun, that show also a joke Mcgeady put the point to McIntyre he was booed at other grounds cause he was a Celtic player and choose Ireland , that panel said nothing!! All huns mind mcall, McIntyre, in that Daryl broadmoor all huns and a diet one in levine! Glad I don’t and never will pay that licence! Not a chance!

  • Jimmy says:

    Any tips James or anyone else. Adverts take up large parts of story and even worse in comments section. How can I get rid of them.

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