The Desperate Daily Record Has Lied About “Advice” To Celtic’s Young Player Of The Year.

Image for The Desperate Daily Record Has Lied About “Advice” To Celtic’s Young Player Of The Year.

The desperate, despicable Daily Record is up to its old tricks tonight as it takes an off-cuff remark from an Israeli international and blows it up into a story where he’s been urged to move.

This is such a disgraceful piece that it makes my blood boil.

“I was very happy for him when he went to Celtic,” Shakhtar player Manor Solomon is alleged to have said. “I thought it was the right place for him and we can see that this season. For a 20-year-old player in his debut season to make such a campaign it is amazing. This is just the beginning. I hope to see him on bigger stages than Celtic.”

“Liel Abada handed Celtic transfer advice as Israel teammate predicts imminent move to ‘bigger’ league” screams the shocking headline over those comments.

“Israel winger Manor Solomon has urged Celtic star Liel Abada to look at moving to a “bigger league” is the first paragraph of the piece.

But what do you notice about the words the player said?

Well there was no “transfer advice” in it.

There was no mention any such move being “imminent.”

He most certainly did not “urge” the player to seek that move.

Every single one of those claims, as written by Mark Pirie, is a blatant misrepresentation of what the guy said.

I would go as far as to say that they took his comments and spun them into a complete and utter fiction. The Daily Record has simply written what it wishes he had said rather than accurately reporting what the guy did say.

The unseemly haste of this media in wanting to split this team up reeks of fear and bias.

For all their egotism of the moment, for all their club is banging its own drum, these people are still scared stupid of what Ange might do with Champions League cash and with this squad an extra year down the line.

It a continuing source of anger amongst fans that this club allows this rag in the ground.

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  • Jim nash says:

    Why don’t all the celtic fans and family boycott the rag hit them were it hurts ( in their pockets )

  • Johnny Green says:

    Who cares, who takes it seriously, it’s irrelevant, we all know that and it’s not really worth commenting on, even though I just did.

  • Tracky Tony says:

    Just get that despicable rag n the Sun aswell banned from the ground they just print pure vitriolic bullshit how is this allowed to happen the total tripe they try n perpetrate should be treated with the disdain it deserves Boycott The Daily Record and The Scottish Sun.

  • Michael Miller says:

    And yet this Rag of a newspaper and I use that term very loosely is still welcomed at Celtic Park .
    They have continually lied and try to make stories out of non stories about our club and will continue to do so until we do something about it.
    Ban them from Celtic Park end it .

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Just don’t read it has written tripe for years against celtic.

  • TC says:

    Mark Pirie is the love child of Gary Ralston and Christopher Jack. Enough said.

  • SSMPM says:

    Ban them

  • john clarke says:

    DAILY RECORD is owned by Reach. In some Southern Hemisphere countries and in North America Reach can be a colloquial word for chunder, spew and vomit.
    I suggest you take your complaint to your Local Member of Scottish Parliament.
    He/She will tell you; “I will look into it for you and then bring it up on the floor”.

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