The Media Needs To Learn That Celtic Don’t “Enter The Race” For Every Player They Scout.

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The hacks tonight are running the story that we’ve got “competition” in the race to sign Aberdeen youngster Connor Barron. The thing is, there’s no actual evidence that we’re even interested in signing this guy.

We scouted him. That’s not the same thing.

Celtic must scout dozens of players every month.

We sent the whole scouting team to watch a recent international where he was playing.

The last time I checked though there were 11 players on each team … so we could have been there to run the rule over him. Or it could have been 21 others. We have no way of knowing, and neither do the hacks.

But even if it was Barron, does that mean we were necessarily going to do business? Of course not.

We were keeping an eye on the guy.

That’s different from wanting to leap head first into an auction. It doesn’t even mean that we’ll make a bid even if there’s no-one else on the scene, even if the guy is going cheap. Even if the guy was available for free.

This is what the media does though.

They link us with footballers – see Semedo, who we’ve totally denied any interest in, but who they had “signing within days” this week – and then drum up fresh stories of how we’re moving too slowly or face opposition … all so they can write the famous “Celtic snubbed” story which they love so much.

I have no doubt that we looked at Barron. I have no doubt that we’ve looked at loads of young Scottish players; we have a long and distinguished history of signing them.

But if we were going to make any sort of bid we’d have done it.

If we had made a bid, then that would have leaked out of Pittodrie faster than a thirsty Sevco fan drinking out a toilet.

Whoever is in this race, it doesn’t include us.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    The media do not have to learn anything, why would they? They are quite happy to distort the truth in order to produce headlines and it will always be that way.

    They peddle shit as they see fit.

  • Johnny Green says:

    A new season prediction from me is that Aberdeen will be a lot stronger than last year. They did a great piece of business selling on a prospect for 4.5M, I would have valued Ramsey at less than 1M as he has never particularly impressed me despite all the hype. They seem to be investing that money now in their squad and in acquiring Liam Scales on loan, Celtic have also strengthened their squad. They don’t hate the huns more than we do, that’s impossible, but I still like to see them doing well and taking points off them.

  • SSMPM says:

    A bit more competition, a bit of a stronger league would be no bad thing. If that’s in the form of an Aberdeen or Hibs, and let’s face it they can only improve on last season’s failures, then at least they’ll try harder against the huns than the wee loyalist club in maroon that fold for their big brothers like origami.
    There is no media in Scotland anymore only hun voice-mail

  • John S says:

    I’ve entered the race to purchase a tin of beans at the local shop but I’m facing stiff competition and might get snubbed.

    • Johnny Green says:

      John S, the huns will be favourites to buy that tin if it is full of has beans.

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