Celtic Has Always Signed The Best Of The Best At Home. But Who Is That?

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Ange’s most key signings for Celtic so far have included the players that he brought from Japan. We may well return to that market at some point. This is what he does.

He makes sure that he knows all about a player before deciding to go for him.

It stands to reason that, having had a season to keep an eye on things here in Scotland, that he’s not terribly impressed by many of the players that he’s watched in this country.

If he had been, I’d suggest that more than one deal would have been done already.

We have, of course, signed one footballer who has spent the last couple of years here, and it was Benji Siegrist. That is telling. It shows you that Ange is keeping an eye on the domestic market, and how nothing escapes his eye.

Is Siegrist the only player who has impressed him?

Doubtful, but he’s the only one, so far, who Ange rates as good enough to play for our team.

This is the first time in a long time that there is no obvious standout footballer in Scotland outside Celtic Park for us to even consider. Connor Barron of Aberdeen has been scouted, but nobody thinks he can step up and go right into the team.

There is no Armstrong. There is no Turnbull.

This year there’s not even a Scott McKenna. Early talk about Ryan Porteous has faded as he has faded from the public consciousness. We’ve just bought a left back so even Josh Doig is not on the radar.

The obvious name being thrown around right now is Lewis Ferguson. It is a measure of how much this team has evolved, even since Ange has been here, that you can no longer see what he would bring to the club if we were to move for him.

He has been one of the country’s outstanding players for several years, but that’s the problem.

He needed a bigger stage than Aberdeen on which to properly grow; in this window not even the club from Ibrox is interested in his services, which shows you how far down the list of potential signings for us he’s fallen.

A disastrous last season didn’t help.

Ange has watched this guy enough to know he doesn’t want to do business. He’s seen every club in the country now and knows what he needs to about them all. He has moved for one domestic based player.

One. I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Of the ones you have mentioned James the only one I would consider good enough to play for Celtic is Porteous. He is quick strong, good with the ball at his feet and a great passer. On the negative side he is a bit raw and can be impulsive, but that can be tempered with good coaching. None of the rest of them would be good enough to replace what we already have.

    • Seppington says:

      Unfortunately the last ex-Hibs roaster we signed couldn’t screw the nut and wasted the best years of his career. I see no reason to believe Porteous has his head screwed on any tighter, and I don’t think he’s good enough for it to be worth the risk so it’s a no from me.

  • John says:

    I’m with you Seppington. Porteous is far too rash and would be a huge risk. If he came to us he really would be a marked man by the masons in black.His off field activities are also questionable. Don’t know why so many wasters ended up playing for the Leith club. Griffiths, Riordan, O’Connor to name but a few. Thank God Broony had a brain.

  • Duncan says:

    That was Ramsay and hence why he’s now at Liverpool.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Aberdeen did brilliantly to get 4.3M for Ramsay, but I would have been disappointed if Celtic had even offered 1M for him. He has not overly impressed me at any time and I never understood the hype. We will of course find out in due course if he lives up to his price tag.

      • Duncan says:

        Well perhaps it is simply the case you do not know what you are looking at or for?
        Liverpool evidently do.

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