Radio Clyde’s Gibbering Halfwit Once Again Proves He Knows Nothing About Celtic.

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You have to love Alex Rae, a man who has wasted a good house haunting career by going on the radio instead. Well, let’s be honest; if you’ve ever clocked him on the telly you know he doesn’t exactly have the face for that. Showing before the watershed feels like it should come with a warning to people of a nervous disposition.

This week, he’s been bumping his gums about his theory on why Morelos and Kent aren’t performing at the moment. That this mighty question, that this complex issue, appears too much for his feeble brain is hardly a great shock.

They aren’t good enough. That’s the simple answer. They are both over-hyped and Morelos is just heart lazy and not making the least effort anymore.

Still, he tried to puzzle it out. Listening to him was like watching a toddler try to do one of those jigsaws of a wheat field. It was almost painful. And then he came up with the answer. They aren’t playing well because their contract issue weighs on their minds.

Uhuh. So neither of these two – not geniuses, let’s be honest – has twigged that if you want a deal elsewhere that you have to play for it? Apparently he hasn’t realised that all the two of them have to do to resolve this drama is sign new deals.

But okay. Some things are easier to grasp than others, and we’ll let Rae away with that. Where he went off the rails when he said that you could see the same dynamic at work as Christie and Edouard ran their own deals down. Presumably he’s forgotten Ajer.

Still, in the year of COVID Ajer was our best player. That he never played a minute under Ange is a sign that he wasn’t fully committed and the boss knew that. Edouard did, and he was horrible to watch. But that had little to do with his contract situation and simply to do with the fact that Edouard often looked lethargic and lazy.

Ryan Christie, on the other hand, who had gone decisively backwards under Lennon, enjoyed a brief revival under Ange. Indeed, he played so well that I was genuinely sad to see him leave. Although his contract was already in the final six months, he grafted mightily to assist our team prior to his departure. I could not give him enough praise.

As usual Rae is talking through his backside. The contract issues at Celtic didn’t affect these guys one bit. Ange benched one of them permanently and played the other two regularly. One was hit and miss whilst the other was as good as we’d seen him in ages.

Rae, as usual, strays outside of his brief and makes himself sound dafter than he actually is, and that’s pretty daft when you break it down. You could lose brain cells listening to that guy.

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