Under Ange, Celtic Will Never Do What The Gutless Ibrox Boss Did Last Night At Anfield.

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What Ibrox fans had to watch last night at Anfield has shocked them.

It was not a defeat on the level of the one against Ajax, or the one against Napoli at home. They conceded only twice against a top drawer team away from home. But none will call it a triumph.

Because what they watched was a performance characterised by fear and by the cowardice of the tactics. Five at the back. A deep defensive line. No effort whatsoever to challenge Liverpool further up the pitch.

No attempt to actually win.

We should not be surprised.

Van Bronckhorst, after all, wrote their chances off after one game. The media would rather we all forget that. The Ibrox fans will not let them forget, because they have not forgotten.

That was a gutless display last night and they know it. It was the display of a team whose manager didn’t think they had it in them and set them up to limit his own embarrassment.

Thank God we don’t have a manager like that.

Even with central defensive absences we will go toe to toe with the Germans tonight. We will fight them for every ball and press forward and try to win, just as we did with Madrid at home and the Ukrainians in Poland.

It does not guarantee us a positive result, but it doesn’t take a genius to realise that last night the way Van Bronckhorst set his team up guaranteed them a negative one.

Our boss is made of stronger stuff, and he wants to instil that in our team.

So tonight, we’ll try to win, and in doing so we might well succeed.

If we do, then this manager is due all the credit because his fearlessness has rubbed off on this team now and given them a crazy level of self-belief. I cannot wait for the kick off.

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  • Tony B says:

    Fear is the primary emotion of the huns, both club and fans, quickly followed by anger and hate.

    But it is the fear that that motivates them the most; fear of losing, fear of losing face, fear of being second best, particularly to us, fear of being found out for what they really are and fear of their delusional world of imagined supremacy coming crashing down around their ears.

    It’s why they are happy to accept lying, cheating (by themselves and officials) and criminality in order to preserve this preposterous facade they present to the world.

    They are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace, as are the people who enable them in Scottish sport and media.

  • JasonC says:

    Did you see our game against St Mirren?

    • Tony B says:

      No I don’t watch sevco games. If they were playing in the street I would close the curtains.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Tony totally nailed the psyche of the hun! Always said the same it’s the ” bully in the schoolyard” syndrome and its who they are the fact they were snow of the preferably Duke! As oldco died tells you most are cowards! ” not ny problem” attitudes no community no real will no belief we on the other had excel in those circumstances! And yes they are happy to recieve all the help whereas I like many tims hate winning a game if a decision is questionable in our favour, tho in brigadoon that’s rare! The hoards of mordor use the new club like the old for one thing only and that is to vent their hate ! The club has no choice but to appease the posion as its only way they can operate ,tho people that run that club are also happy to sadly Thank God our unique World loved club have no connection to any that poison we are a real club and community born out of love, charity and solidarity! God those poor people of liverpool last night tho I noticed police helmed then in long after their team shat the bed

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Snow off the dyke even

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Happy tae say, ah don’t think there’s a chance Ange would allow a Celtic team tae play like that and can accept a defeat, as long as we gave teams a right go. That last night was just a re-run of their Ajax game without as many goals. Tho I can understand havin tae be sensible and cautious goin forward in that type of game, especially wi the likes of Salah, Diaz, Jota etc waitin tae pounce. But that was just gutless. Had they shown a bit more endeavor goin forward, they mightve at least got a goal. Basically shat it.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Nice touch Tony using the Ian Archer quote never a truer phrase was spoken

  • John Copeland says:

    The Rangers players knew the script exactly before a ball was kicked last night ! They knew they could not win ! In the Anfield hallway immediately pre match ,the fear factor was in the eyes of back pass Barisic, and Tavpen ! They were bricking it ! McCoist in the studio looked like the Kleenex was required any time soon . BT had Kevin Thomson co commentating! Could anyone understand his mumblings A total all round embarrassment.

  • Duncan says:

    The Celtic Blog…
    Seems to me you spend a helluva lot of your time drawing comparisons with them James?
    Let’s concentrate on what we have to do eh and let the delusions over there continue.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I am not confident of a good result tonight, but if we play for the jersies and do ourselves justice I will be happyish.

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