Clownish Ibrox Fan Writer Wants SFA Action Against CelticTV Star Tom Boyd.

Image for Clownish Ibrox Fan Writer Wants SFA Action Against CelticTV Star Tom Boyd.

There are people writing for Ibrox’s fan sites who, frankly, should never be allowed near a word processor. They simply write whatever nonsensical ideas pop into their heads, no matter how far-fetched, ridiculous or divorced from reality.

Today, one of them – and I am going to spare him the huge embarrassment but he knows who he is – has written a foot-stamping head-banger piece suggesting that the SFA clamp down on CetlicTV’s Tom Boyd, who I wrote about yesterday when Mark Pirie of The Daily Record wrote his own moon howlers story about him.

All I can say to Tom Boyd is to keep it up, and keep telling the facts, because if you’re upsetting the Goons Gallery then you’re doing something right.

This is his ridiculous assertion.

“So we have Boyd, an employee of Celtic implying that VAR and the SFA are cheating. An individual who has been under investigation before for comments made about referees, and yet, nothing ever seems to get done about it. Imagine if Kevin Thomson, Neil McCann or Alan Hutton made such remarks working for Rangers TV – we all know what sort of fall out there would be.”

First up, we do know what “fallout” there would be; none whatsoever, and nor should there be. Wanting sanctions for what people say on the club’s internal media platforms … Good God, the world has gone mad. Or their part of it anyway.

The line about how Boyd has been “investigated before” is hilarious.

Because there wasn’t an investigation. But some clown from The Sun was screaming that there should be when Boyd made some pretty cutting remarks three years ago after John Beaton failing to award us a stonewall penalty in a game against Dunfermline in the cup. The equally gormless writer of The Sun piece suggested that we could be fined as much as £100,000 … you wonder what these people are smoking and hope you never accidently inhale it.

As far as I’m concerned, all this shows is a pattern of behaviour … and not from Tom Boyd.

In choosing to link to The Sun piece, this eejit has actually cast the light where it belongs, and maybe the reason that there was no investigation in that case. Because he’s what Boyd had to say about Beaton in that particular article.

“It’s clear it’s a penalty kick. In the light of day, he’s putting his hand towards the ball, heading towards goal. What does John Beaton not know about the new rules? If he doesn’t know that’s a penalty, he should not be in the middle of the park refereeing a football game. He’ll probably be welcome down his pub tonight again.”

And that’s why there was no “investigation” and nor will there ever be, because what Tom Boyd would ask the committee first and what I would ask the writers of the two awful pieces suggesting that he should be sanctioned, or that we should, is what they think the bigger scandal is here; a referee drinking in a supporter’s bar, or a broadcaster pointing that out?

Yeah, I suspect that would shut more than a few of them up.

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  • Mary Donnelly says:

    Since the implementation of VAR. Has there been any decisions given against ” The Tribute Act “.

  • Scud Missile says:

    The sevco fan klan base writer of calling out Tom Boyd in the article had to be wee Coco the klown at ibrox noise.

  • Tommy Kennedy says:

    We have all our enemies very worried and they will be hysterical when we go to Ibrox and turn them over.All that mob can bleat away as we start the new year in style

  • Brian says:

    So mr. Gerrard is allowed to be here barely weeks and make comments but no action taken.

  • Michael Donohoe says:

    I wish that our SPINELESS BOARD would speak up about the corruption in the sfa referees, they are not even hiding it. And the Scottish media are covering it up.

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