Is Giakoumakis Unsettled Because He’s Not Celtic’s Starting Striker?

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Tonight, there’s a story doing the rounds about Mark Guidi saying that Giakoumakis not unhappy with the money on offer in his new deal but that he might be slightly miffed about his status within the Celtic team itself.

Could it really be that simple?

Guidi has contacts within football, and he might be in a position to know.

Still, we should take this with a pinch of salt, in the main because it is hard to believe that Giakoumakis knows for sure that he would be guaranteed to start every week somewhere else.

If you’re taking a step up from Celtic – and only a fool would move his career backwards at this stage in it – you are likely competing against established forwards already in place, or going to a club which certainly has the cash to create competition for places.

He is good enough to play every week. That’s not even up for debate. But this is a game where there are no guarantees, and he could easily find himself in an even worse situation.

At our club he is respected and plays regularly. He has to tolerate being used in a rotation system, but a lot of managers do that these days and so there are no guarantees that he wouldn’t end up playing for another of them.

The system keeps people fit, and therefore it works. It is, anyway, up to each player within that system to do enough to make the manager’s decision difficult. He does that. He’s that kind of player. He just has to keep it up.

It’s not impossible that he’s frustrated. I think we would all be frustrated if we just wanted to be out on the pitch every week, but this is the system, this is the manager’s call and it’s what he signed up for in the first place. Kyogo probably also wants to hog the ball a wee bit, as do the other players who at other clubs would walk right into the starting eleven every week.

We’re not a club like that. Competition exists here. Players have to be patient and take their chances. The knowledge that nobody just walks into the team is what keeps players sharp and hungry and that pays dividends when they are in the side.

I love this big guy.

Regular readers know I rate him as the best natural goal-scorer at the club, a six yard box predator. They are not easy to find. But this is a team game and more and more it becomes obvious that the manager has the right idea in forging that mentality. Giorgios should stick with it, for our good and for his. He’s in the best place of his career.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Don’t disagree, but I can see where he’s coming from if that’s how he feels. Once January rolls around, there are going to be a lot fewer midweek games, and that means Ange can just roll his best 11 every week without any rotation. If he wants to play every week, or even every other week, he’ll likely need to find a new club. And if Celtic bring in a new striker – one who can score in the Champions League next year – GG is going to find himself 3rd in the pecking order and not even making the bench as a substitute. If that happens, it’ll be best for everyone for him to find a new club ASAP.

  • Duncan says:

    The problem isn’t that he is playing in a rotation system under Ange but rather despite being the most effective finisher (when he starts games and not getting cameo appearances after 60-70 minutes) he seldom gets the run of starts Kyogo seems to be getting.
    He offers far more as a lead the line no 9 than Kyogo has.
    He doesn’t need multiple chances either to prove it.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s a tough yin, because there were times ah thought the big man wasn’t gettin enough game time and others, when ah think he could dae better. Its no just about his strikin play imo, ah think he makes his presence felt all over the park, always right in there hasslin the opposition and never hides. Personally, ah wouldn’t want him tae leave and hope they can work somethin out.

  • Nick66 says:

    Part ofa squad, a team member, you will play regularly, nobody a guaranteed starter. I believe that’s part of the job that all players sign up to. Ange I feel would straight out tell them that. So if he’s griping about game time, well, he enlisted on those terms. To me it’s simple speculation on the press benches, trying to create stories when there are none. Whatever happens, happens and the right choice for all will be made.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Penalties fk fk fk fkim.
    Get rid of him.
    He is the start of a problem, has he got a French connection.
    “B”team player

    • Frank Morrison says:

      Based purely on him missing penalties?? What about his goal tally??

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ Jim The Tim. Penalty ‘king’ yerself are ye ? How should his penalty takin be held against him. Some of yer best players, includin strikers, can be doubtful and just dont feel comfortable when it comes tae spot kicks. Ffs remember even Henrik missin pens and had tae leave them aff for a while. Dont think its a reflection on a players all round ability.

  • Frank Morrison says:

    That’s the way I see it. I believe he’s happy at Celtic but frustrated.

  • Tam says:

    Big fella took his chance, in the second half of last season, if he’s feeling a bit frustrated I get that.
    He is after all the only one of the two with a champions league goal. HH

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Unsettled players are never a good influence at any club. If he truly feels miffed that he doesnt play full games every week, that ain’t gonna change under Ange, so let him move I say, would rather have harmony in the squad that a player sulking and bringing the standards the French contingent recently..

  • Johnny Green says:

    This story, a notion from someone’s head, Mark Guiddi, is best ignored. I am surprised it is being given any credence.

  • SSMPM says:

    More billy bollock speculation from the press for you all to respond too. Or ignore. C’mon a Hoops.

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