Lawwell Gets The Chairmanship As Celtic Insults The Fans With A Massive Step Backwards.

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So it’s Lawwell after all. “Non-executive chairman of Celtic.” Rewarded for failure, for the hiring of Lennon in a shower, for taking our club backwards, for costing us ten in a row, for lying to supporters about the Five Way Agreement.

This damnable board is brilliant at this, at insulting all of us, at ignoring our wishes. It believes that the temporary salve of success on the pitch covers a multitude of sins, but at its heart this whole institution lacks imagination. The writing is on the wall for these people. They cannot continue to do this, to treat our club as if it is their personal plaything.

Celtic is not theirs. But they treat it like it is. It’s jobs for the boys. It’s cronyism and nepotism and Daddy Knows Best and the consequences be damned. Lawwell’s last ten years at our club were characterised by failure. Failure of imagination. Failure of courage in tackling the sins of Ibrox. Failure in attempting to reform the SFA.

He lost Rodgers because his own giant ego would not cope with someone more influential being in the building and you wait … the undermining of this manager will very soon be underway if it isn’t already in the rash of stories about players turning down contracts and the club suddenly being ready to start selling off its best assets, even when they have years left on their deals.

Lawwell should not be within 100 miles of this club, and now there are two of them there. The whole idea of accountability means nothing whatsoever to the people who have handed him a return to Celtic Park. They believe they can do whatever they please. They believe that they have that right, because they don’t understand that Celtic is ours not theirs.

This is a disgraceful backwards step, an old pals act, the kind of thing the Kelly’s and White’s did, and it’s exactly what happens when a small group has been in charge too long. They hand out plum jobs and key roles to each other and their pals as if Celtic were no more than a private members club, something for their own edification.

Shame on them, and shame on those who will cheerlead this appointment because it keeps their own feet under the table, their own feet in the door. This is a lamentable decision, showing backwards thinking and an appalling lack of regard for the paying customers who have had it with Lawwell and know from his past behaviour exactly how this ends.

This club, sometimes as much as the one across the city, astonishes me in its ability to look insular, arrogant and unconcerned for the views of its fans. This is a slap in the face to every single one of us. We have made no effort whatsoever here to look for someone from the business world or academia or someone who would bring fresh ideas.

Instead we’ve brought back a man whose last great service to this club was to leave it and let us move forward. In failing to recognise that, and running back for his place in the limelight now that the mess he’s made has been cleared up, he’s proved that he’s a selfish bastard.

I have no words for those who have made this decision.

None that I am able to write anyway on a website read before the watershed.

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  • Mick Donachie says:

    Disgusted doesn’t even come close. I can see Angie out in the summer as soon as he asks for money for the champions league. Words fail me … !!

  • DavyH says:

    Disgraceful appointment

  • Therese Storrie says:

    James100% on the button We don’t want him anywhere near Celtic FC He’s waste enough of our time and resources OK He’s a good businessman but so are loads of people
    We don’t need him sticking his oar in we’re it’s not wanted
    He’s messed us about with all the things above that you have pointed out Get him out Celtic and pack your own bags while you’re at it Everyone who is on the Board should be ashamed of themselves

    • Paul says:

      What evidence do you have to support your statement that’s he’s a good businessman? If you take inflation into account, he didn’t actually grow the income of the club that much when he was the CEO.
      He did make himself by far the highest paid employee of Celtic fc. I don’t think that counts.

  • Paul says:

    Celtic treats the fans like an afterthought and see them as cash cows only. Lawwell is useless, the club lied about the role his son had at man City. Not qualified for the job at celtic , just that his daddy is Lawwell.
    Lawwell is the main reason I gave up my season book and why I don’t put my money into the club anymore.
    Unless there is a change in the board and the Lawwells are removed I won’t even by my nephew a celtic top

  • REBELLIOUS says:


  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Although inevitable, I honestly cannot see him dictating to Ange, he’ll walk if he does…

  • Seamus Campbell says:

    I thought bankier said the club had engaged the services of a consultancy firm to find the best man for the job. It all sounds a bit like travelling the world selling the Celtic story looking for sponsorship and ending up with a joint deal with our neighbours

    • Martin H. says:

      We have gone down the michael beale route, kidding on there were a few candidates, when this piece of shit had the job all along.

    • James White says:

      Bankier did engage the services of a consultancy firm. That firm was called Peter Lawwell Consulting.
      It’s now been wound up.

  • paul obrien says:

    Got us for mugs

  • Geoff says:

    This is going to end badly.
    Lawwell will not sit on his hands.
    They have just invited a fox into the henhouse.

  • Dan Cowie says:

    After 54 years being a supporter, I’m now done, club seems to be run for certain individuals

  • Scotty says:

    Well said!

  • David Campbell says:

    Some over reaction to lawwells return, at the end of the day he appointed Ange the most progressive manager we’ve had since stien,, fans acting like spoilt man babies over not winning a league title 1 ye our of 10 amongst 4 back to back trebles,,, jesus

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Over reaction ??!! Whit the fuck are you on mate ? Where have you been these past years. Aye he appointed Ange and its the only decent thing he has done and that was out of desperation on his part. Turns out fortunately for him he unearthed a gem.This is the old pals act, absolutely nothin more. He’s a self important, self servin egoist and before long ah suspect we’ll be back tae the lennon days. Bad day for this club.


      You haven’t a clue mate.
      He was nothing more than a glorified accountant who landed lucky .
      He has been an economic drain on our resources over the years with a contract that rewarded failure on the park in European terms. This is the yardstick that Celtic should be measured by.
      His interference in footballing matters cost us decent managers and foisted yes men at other times.
      His interference in transfers cost us undoubted quality purchases to save a pound and saddled us with expensive dross that inflated the squad to no appreciable benefit to the team on the park.
      The fact that he lied to the shareholders around the Res12 issue and the ‘smoking gun’ should have disbarred him for starters.
      His lies regarding not seeing the 5 Way Agreement are laughable and an insult to our intelligence.
      His assistance in saving that corrupt, bigoted and racist club across the City is a blot on Celtic’s name and did a disservice to the whole of Scottish Game and in a wider context saddled Scottish Society with a Klub that now knows that they can do what they like however egregious, selfish and prejudicial to Scottish Football without censure from the Football Authorities.
      By enabling the Continuation Lie in pursuit of an Old Firm duopoly he has given license to their claims of superiority and exceptionalism that excuses, in their worldview, their repeated disgraceful, violent and destructive anti-social behaviour. Their Board and their fans are even worse that the original iteration of the Ibrox Club and Celtic’s or specifically Lawwell’s role in validating their continued existence is a stain on Celtic’s good name.
      That’s why a significant section of the fanbase will never accept Lawwell’s appointment.
      This doesn’t event even take into consideration the basic business reasons as expounded so clearly by James in his Blog. It’s a regressive move by a Board that has been in essence, unchanged for 20 years at least. A Board that lacks vision. A Board that has divorced itself from Celtic’s founding vision. A Board that has failed to understand the fanbase and treats them as only ‘Customers’. Bodies through the turnstile.
      This will not end well.

  • Lordmac says:

    Scotlands shame this man has taken more out of our club than he has put in , and has the brass neck to return and put his neb in were it is not wanted once more

  • John A says:

    Gtf lawwell nobody but your tory pals want you! Mr Liar

  • Craig Connolly says:

    To the self harming football club plc…..
    To who it may concern or not concern is who i would like to find this email with.
    I have just read Peter Lawwell has returned to the building, made chairman.
    I am absolutely and wholeheartedly dejected by this decision.
    The board have obviously no utter idea how much the entire support have been lifted, not just be Ange & his forward thinking but the removal of Peter Lawwell after his debacle of appointing Neil Lennon in a shower, his self appointed (ill chose who we buy) football director and his denial of ever seeing the 5WA when its common knowledge he had his hands all over it & in it.
    His failure to even make any attempt at tackling the corruption at the heart of Scottish football & particularly Resolution 12.
    My anger will wain, my decision – to never attend another football match, buy merchandise, or financially contribute to a club who’s leadership lacks any vision, lacks the ability to read the room and acts very much like the Whyte/Kelly’s in jobs for the boys – will not wain.
    I have been on messages, twitter, Facebook & many fan sites and I believe this is just the beginning.
    With anger and much sadness.
    Craig Connolly.

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Eamonn Little says:

    I thought this was a wind up,a couple of hours ago,when the news broke.Ange is a threat to their cherished OF business model,and I fear for this appointment.This time next year,Ange gone,players not replaced,Jim Goodwin,manager,and the grey brigade upstairs all still in situ.Nightmare scenario.

  • Henry says:

    This is a breach of the UK Corporate Governance code. In addition the code states “If exceptionally a board decides that a chief executive should become chairman, the board should consult major shareholders in advance and should set out its reasons to shareholders at the time of the appointment and in the next annual report.”

    Was this done?

    Furthermore it is insulting to fans – an example of the old bhoy network and indeed a really unimaginative appointment – much like his appointment of Lennon. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    • woodyiom says:

      Lawwell wasn’t CEO when this appointment was made so unfortunately its not a breach but its certainly not best practice for an ex CEO to become Chairman 18months later.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Big Ange seems to backing the appointment all the way. That’s enough for me.
    Lawell was wrong in supporting the 5 way agreement but as far as the 10 in a row failure goes this to me was all down to the manager and some of the players who in retrospect should have been sold during the previous summer.
    some of the anti Lawell comments are away over the top. He will be a far better and more visible chairman who I think will defend the club far more than the hopeless Bankier.
    Celtic have been a far better run club financially since 1994, Desmond and Lawell have been a big part of that without being anywhere near perfect.
    Some of you who want the board sacked better watch what you wish for, just look across the river to see what a badly managed club looks like.

    • Seppington says:

      Don’t talk pish, the 10IAR failure came about because Lawwell and the board refused to take action and punt Lennon when feckin’ Stevie Wonder could see it had gone tits-up. If they had acted much sooner, i.e. MONTHS before, we may well have still got the 10. A steady hand on the corporate tiller doesn’t count for much when you are taking the piss out of your own customers – just ask all the woke studios in Hollywood who are seeing the negative results of spending years lecturing folk about how terrible they are. The board knew fine well this was going to go down like a ton of bricks but forged ahead anyway with a decision that will undoubtedly cost the club in revenue terms as supporters begin to turn away, especially if Lawwell starts trying to interfere with team matters as he has been very prone to do – how is that good business sense?

    • Kingmurdy says:

      Of course he is back…celtic fc cannot possibly be successful without the arrogant bastard that is peter lawwell ..!!!!we would be NOWHERE without him…!!!!….such a fukn disgrace..another shower room appointment by the board of celtic fc…just wait and see…he cannot help himself,because he believe’s he is “mr celtic “…he will piss off ange, in the same way he drove rodgers out…fukn disgusting…i said it was a pity he wasnt in his car when it went up…cause,otherwise,knew he’d be back…and here we are…

  • Therese Storrie says:

    Good point !!!

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Prone to do?.Oh he definitely will.He simply can’t help himself.And we all know how that will end.

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