Halliday’s Gerrard Quip Sums Up Ibrox’s Small-Minded Obsession With Celtic.

Image for Halliday’s Gerrard Quip Sums Up Ibrox’s Small-Minded Obsession With Celtic.

I was not surprised last night to read the stupid comments from Andy Halliday nominating Steven Gerrard for “goal of the season” for a friendly match penalty.

This is all part of the small-minded mentality which surrounds that whole club, focussed on things that could not be less important, summed up in no small part by Gerrard himself.

Halliday plays for Hearts. Gerrard has a managerial reputation to rebuild.

Yet both of them continue to have Celtic ever-present in their minds. If they were charging us rent for the space we’ve been allocated in their brains they would make a fortune.

It’s everywhere, in everything to do with their club, from the way they talk about nothing but the looming games against us to the willingness some people have to risk the future of their club by trying to spend enough to catch us in the summer.

I’ll be writing more about that later, obviously, in light of the financial reports which came out yesterday and which I wanted to look at in some detail.

It never ceases to amaze me though what some of these fools think is important. Every minor “victory”, no matter how little it matters, no matter how few of us have even considered it, gives a momentary lift to their spirits. It is pathetic.

This, of course, is almost season ticket renewal time and more than ever they need to sell a bunch of them. So as the days go on the feel-good stories about things over there are going to become more and more prominent in the media.

But more and more you realise that the focus of that campaign to flog those tickets will be about us too; “Spend your money or we’ll be left behind by Celtic” will be the call and thousands of them who otherwise would consider not renewing will do so.

And the perfect salesmen will be clowns like Halliday, many of them not even in Ibrox anymore, but shilling for the club just the same. The mainstream press will play its own role in the scheme.

None of it will be about getting behind the team for its own sake … it will all be about us, just as everything else at that club is about us.

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  • Tony B says:

    I’d be interested to hear what Hearts fans think of this phoney, who appears concerned only at what’s happening with sevco.

    • Scud Missile says:

      The FANNY Holiday was talking up the great relationship his present klub has with his previous klub,almost to the point when he describes the klubs as Brothers In Arms,that was from last nights SuperBoreBoard moan-in.

    • Stesano says:

      Mhate they won’t care they just ” diet huns” or as not the view called them ” purple huns” class that was ha ha As in intentionally forgetting the colour they play in haha

    • Stesano says:

      Mhate they won’t care as remember they are ” diet huns” tho I always preferred ” not the views” irrelevant term ” the purple huns” ha ha summed then up perfectly right down to the intentional reference to the wrong colour! As that’s the point they are irrelevant! Much like the huns themselves!!

  • Scud Missile says:

    This weekend things get back to normal,big massive protests on the horizon for the klan klubs board members of shouts out with the board.

    They are in big soapy bubble because they need the finances from the fans for season books money but are shit scared to rock the boat now regarding those banners being withdrawn,so they are starting to panic over at ibrox.

    All this shite ready to kick-off and the CHISLER Mr King waiting in the wings ready to come to the rescue of the DOPEY fans once again and he will be greeted with open arms.

    Jackass Jackson and others lackies in the media will do the CHISLERS dirty work for him with others like Halloween Houston and Chris Graham feeding the Onion Besrs shite to turn on the board,watch this space.

  • harold shand says:

    Disappeared off the show for a fortnight after we papped his team out the cup

  • Peterbrady says:

    James what about that vermin assistant at sevco wimmins he must be sacked immediately he must be banned sine-die by the corrupt blazers at hampdump and most importantly he must be jailed not fined typical sevco zombie a total coward yellow streak of pish.

  • Stesano says:

    I have always stated I would love to never play that poison as they live to hate and for that game! Take their oxygen away!! It always amazes me how good Celtic people are so tolerant of clowns like Halliday and McCoist you can see right through these types as I say I love to never entertain them they dress up their hate with the bs ” O f” greatest game in the worldi garbage!! And it is garbage!! We need none of it!! Anything that ties us too that poison we don’t need! Gerrard well his just a roaster simpleand embarrassed himself big time! Pathetic guy

  • John S says:

    Old Firm FC (formerly Sevco [Scotland])

  • Effarr says:

    John S

    I agree with you. Celtic fans complain about the phrase Old Firm but do nothing to link it firmly to them and them only. They should always be referred to as Old Firm Sevco. They were the ones who had “We are the Old Firm” on their wee archway at the Celtic match at
    I8rox, the same structure that was in a skip by the time the game finished.

    There’s no point in claiming they are a new club only to keep referring to them as R4ngers.

    It would make more sense, and anger them more, if Beale was referred to as the coach of Old Firm Sevco. Certainly better than calling him The Mooch.

    However, nothing as simple as that will be done. Probably mote people love lamenting about Celtic being linked to it.

    It goes without comment that I absolutely hate to hear it mentioned but the media in this
    country love to use it to annoy the Celtic fans and they lie down to it.

  • Dando says:

    I just don’t understand the outcry fae Celtic fans wae Andybhoy.

    Be it the tribute act or their cousins he has been an outstanding player for Celtic FC in the last few years (;-0)


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