Brazil’s Celtic B Team Nonsense Shows His Lack Of Respect For The Game Up Here.

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This is an unusual day for me, a day when I’m doing two separate articles on this bonkers Super League project, an idea so ridiculous that nobody should be giving it the time of day.

For all that, here I am.

And the reason why is simple; it refuses to die.

Before I get to the tserious article, let’s cover Alan Brazil.

I’ll get to the larger article, and the larger point, a bit later on.

Let’s deal with the kindergarten first so that we can have the adult conversation in peace.

I praise the media down south almost universally, except for one outlet; TalkSport, where the goons gather to parade their ignorance.

I’m not saying the whole channel is like that, and if it was then it would be dying out more quickly even than Radio Clyde Superscoreboard is right now.

But I’ll tell you, the bad on there is so very, very bad that it risks sucking the oxygen out of the whole room.

Brazil talks as if he’s an expert on Scottish football, but he’s about far removed from the game up here as it is possible to be.

His comments on Ange Postecoglou were so outrageous, so bad, so lamentable than they were probably only mastered in terms of their utter ignorance by mine.

He says he dreads meeting The Boss; one day, maybe, if Ange doesn’t have DVD’s to put into alphabetical order or something, he’ll get a chance to.

Yesterday he weighed in on this Super League garbage by suggesting that Celtic and the club across town could leave their B teams in Scotland still win the league.

What an arrogant arsehole comment that is.

First, our B teams can’t even win the Lowland League, although both have done better this season; SPL teams would leave them in the dust.

Secondly, the Super League isn’t a proposal to replace domestic football. It’s a proposal to replace the current European competitions with, as I will explore later, something smaller, in the name of “extending participation.”

It’s like a bad parody.

I don’t mind him not having a grasp on his facts.

It’s the sheer contempt it shows for the game to make such ridiculous comments on it without being in grasp of them.

It’s the contempt he shows for Aberdeen and Hearts and Hibs and other clubs in our top flight who he just surmises would be beaten by our reserves. It’s a joke.

What’s worse is that some of our outlets ran with this moronic nonsense, and Simon Jordan’s additional guff, apparently oblivious to the fact that it makes our game look ridiculous and absurd when an English based radio presenter can make such a claim and they repeat it verbatim instead of aggressively challenging it and calling it what it is.

That, as usual, is left to the likes of us.

Early versions of this had Alan Rough rather than Brazil. That’s what happens when I post at 1am.

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  • Jim Ryan says:

    Talksport is overloaded with football morons, yet it has the best football pundit in the UK, Danny Kelly.
    The insufferable McCoist is enough to make anyone switch off. As for Brazil, the less said the better.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I’m sure he said what he said tongue in cheek. No point in having a go at a Celtic man though for what is, at the end of the day, just an off hand flippant comment.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Anyone in the media who is a Celtic man, who helps raise our profile and fights our corner is all right by me. He/she does not have to be the brain of Britain, just an honest faithful and whole hearted Tim. Ally Brazil always has our backs and I will therefore always support him in his efforts. He jests and jokes and does make flippant comments, but so what, at the end of the day he is on our side and we need guys like him to offset all the media huns.

  • Johnno says:

    Believe his comments have been taken out of context and actually raises a very valid point as far as I’m concerned.
    I don’t know what the proposals are for this so called super league, yet I fail to see how it could work unless teams willing to participate within it, we’re prepared to run a 2nd team within it’s own domestic league.
    We are currently at a stage where we have many players who can’t make a Celtic matchday squad so hence hardly get any competitive football whatsoever.
    McCarthy, Welsh, Forrest plus a good few others and this without some talented youngsters allowed the opportunity of stepping up.
    Yes it could make the SPFL far more competitive and potentially grow Scottish football in doing so also imo.
    To many of the European leagues have become non competitive in terms of who is going to win there domestic league, and currently in Scotland it stands at a 1 horse race with very little chance of that changing in the foreseeable either.
    Of course there are many issues to potentially overcome but wouldn’t totally dismiss the idea either as still believe this super league idea is far from dead and only ourselves are capable of representatives of Scotland within any such idea still imo.

  • SSMPM says:

    So to think we could play in both competitions run by different governing bodies is unbelievably ignorant of the reality of EUFA’s and decent club fans’ stance on this matter. Worse still is to say we could somehow play the 1st team in the Super League and play a 2nd team in a Eufa run SPFL.
    It suggests to me that Brazil thinks the SPFL is just so rotten that that’s why Celtic win it most years, thus saying we’re a piss poor team. It’s either a stupid ill thought out thing to say or it’s for those as arrogant and dense as him. It sounds hun like McCoist arrogance even and that he’s saying we’re actually a shit shower. If that should just be accepted as banter then you need to take a look at yourself. It’s simply not a goer in any way and a slur on our club. Most so-called banter is usually a tool for covering up disrespect, it’s a world full of hun like talk we should strive to rise above. I know he’s a Celtic man but he needs to not join that kind of jobby, that’s the main thrust that I took from whatever the point he thought he was trying to make. HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    I think we should all lighten up, times are good, let’s not analyse every remark we might perceive as a slight to Celtic. Even if it is that, who fks a give, it’s not worth our concern, we cannot change it. Life goes on and the Celtic machine rolls on, enjoy the moment.

  • Jim Ryan says:

    Can anyone think of an ex hun player or fan anywhere in the media last 20 years being negative on msm about their club?
    Me neither.
    For Celtic I give you..Brazil, Nicholas, Walker, Nevin, Provan, Commons, Bonner….and there’s others.

  • Neil says:

    Rangers get invited? Why the only ever won 1 league?

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