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Spurs Tall Tales Are Another Dire Celtic Boss Rumour Which Is Going Precisely Nowhere.

Image for Spurs Tall Tales Are Another Dire Celtic Boss Rumour Which Is Going Precisely Nowhere.

One lazy journalist south of the border mentions Ange Postecoglou amidst a list of names who the Spurs board might be interested in at the end of the season and we are, once more, off to the races.

Forget the actual drum-beat down south which is that Mauricio Pochettino wants it, he’s available and that this would answer the prayers of fans and board both … the temptation to resist throwing Ange’s name in there is overwhelming, especially up here.

The Spurs job is massive. I could see why he’d be interested if that opportunity came along. But the way their fans and their board see it, Ange would be taking a punt.

The guy who already steered them to a Champions League Final and considers that he has unfinished business there, the guy who is a bigger name by far, the guy who has not been tarnished by his failure at PSG because most people realise that club is not structured for success, is simply waiting for the call. Everyone credible in England knows it.

The other guy Spurs are interested in is another former PSG boss, Thomas Tuchel, who was also at Chelsea (as Conte was). He is supposed to have doubts. But you see the pattern? These are huge global football names, names that attracted the richest club on the planet. Both men won titles there. Those titles were not considered enough.

This is the calibre Spurs can go after and stand a chance of getting. I believe that Ange is an elite level manager, and I’ve written that, but there is a snobbery in the EPL which will never allow a club like theirs to consider the boss of Celtic whilst Celtic play in the SPFL. Pochettino is the glamorous choice, the one wanted by most of the players and fans and this is well known enough to the Spurs board that they would be crazy not to hire him.

Our media will have some fun with this, but really that’s all that it is and we should not indulge it. It’s just another part of the running joke.

But listen to what Ange actually says and consider Spurs managerial profile, and their wish-list. There is no universe in which this is a legitimate area of concern for us, and most of those who will write about it know that.

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  • Henry says:

    30 minutes of homework by Ange will see that they are a club that flatter to deceive, have not won the league in over 60 years and has one trophy to show in the last 16 years, and that was only the League Cup.

    Throw in the fact that Levy acts like Lawwell, including being the best paid football executive in the EPL and he is clever enough to give it a wide berth. Spurs is like Villa, a graveyard for managers. I think Ange’s next port of call will be Italy, though I could see him succeeding Klopp at the Pool.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Even if Ange came out tomorrow and categorically stated i.e. he had absolutely nae intention of goin anywhere else and he was here for at least the next 5 years, these pro-ibrox, media ferrets, would STILL be printin this type of bullshit. They fear the guy and they fear the future wi him as our boss, so these pathetic attempts tae unsettle him will just go on and on.

  • Seppington says:

    the temptation to resist throwing Ange’s name in there is overwhelming, especially up “…here.”

    Did you make an edit to that sentence but forgot half the edit? Surely that should either read “the temptation to throw Ange’s name…” or “the inability to resist throwing…”?

    Anyway, you’re right enough, more desperation from the hun hacks. Why was it that during the heady days of the filth’s EBT successes there were never these constant rumors about Walter Smith or Dick Advocaat? Why does this only seem to happen to Celtic managers and players? And don’t say “Aye but Morelos to China etc…” we all know those stories are never aimed at making the scum fear losing their players but to arouse them to the possibilities that the transfer fee gives them going forward…

  • harold shand says:

    Ange off

    CCV off

    Iffy headline about Abada

    All in one morning in the Daily Record

    Celtic got a big game tomorrow aye

  • Johnny Green says:

    Ange is going nowhere soon and we Celtic supporters all know that.
    Mischief making from elsewhere is exactly that, and it is easily discarded.

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