The Mooch Trolls His Fans With “The Team That Should Have Started Against Celtic.”

Image for The Mooch Trolls His Fans With “The Team That Should Have Started Against Celtic.”

There is not exactly unrefined joy on the Ibrox fan forums at today’s line-up.

In fact, most of them could care less about today’s game, although not much less.

They just want this season over with for the most part, knowing as they do that the league is finished.

So a game at home against Kilmarnock, following on from the cup final that they lost, isn’t exactly getting the juices flowing.

But when the team line-up was read out it certainly making the anger veins pop. Because they started without Morelos and Lundstram and Kamara and gave both Raskin and Cantwell a game. Which is like a red rag to a bull to the Peepul who thought both should have started last week and boldly predicted the difference they’d have made.

It is managerial weakness whichever way you dress it up, and it shows a complete lack of awareness of how his decisions are now being perceived.

He either bottled it last week from playing them or he’s doing it this week under pressure … their fans see this clearly and they have not been shy about pointing it out.

The better they do today – they are 1-0 up as I write this – the more anger will grow as those mental fans of theirs ponder what might have been.

I have never seen an Ibrox manager get himself into such a mess this early, nor one in a mess that was so deserved. Right from the start it’s been obvious that this guy isn’t anywhere near savvy enough for the job he holds.

The first brick fell out of the wall last week, and although I didn’t think Kilmarnock would be the second you know it’s coming.

Hell mend this joker when it finally does. He’s in big bother.

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  • jrm63 says:

    “The league is over”. It is not.

  • SSMPM says:

    Agree with the talentless not fit for purpose assessment, except for the idea that the man’s not savvy for them perhaps with an easily misinterpreted inference being that the club’s too big for him. This is rankers, an 11yr old outfit, not the big club that used to reside there and died. It has next to no history or finance behind it to be a big club. With all the press and media propaganda up here it’s easy to fall into the wrong wording with regards to them, as I guess many of us can do at times with this sevco outfit, and yes I know you know that, but they should not be elevated to being a big club. We have to continually remind them, the press, media, etc, of that status. We must not allow the space for this confused, muddled, forgotten or accepted position. HH


      Too true. If we don’t challenge their fantasy every time it’s aired we give credence to their absurd delusions.

  • Dora says:

    If I were unfortunate enough to support sevco, I’d b very dubious about little Micky B—he has that most irritating air of Cockiness!
    He’s just a rotten individual who’s a pretty good snap for sevco so hope he sticks around.
    I hope the forks don’t appear any time soon cos one more spanking from Celtic and he is a gone..

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