The Celtic Fans Have Been Brilliant At Supporting The Women This Year, But Will It Last?

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All of us have been really pleased with the way the women’s team has steadily gained the support of the fans. The new record has been set.

Others are going to tumble.

But will the fans continue to back them in such good numbers next season, or only on major occasions? Will the club help the fans to support the women, or will they put obstacles in the way?

Would playing in Glasgow help the women?

Would playing more games at Celtic Park be a positive? And would fans get into these games on the season-ticket holder basis that they do right now? Would Celtic fans attend in bigger numbers if the games were there rather than out in Airdrie? I know that a those who went to Parkhead would have been reluctant to go there.

A lot of barriers have been broken this season, but if the women’s game is to continue growing then we need to find ways to maintain the momentum. This site will cover the women’s game extensively next season, but the bloggers can only do so much.

Celtic must continue to lend support to the women. Celtic must continue to push their game, but what is the best way to do this?

They’ve gotten really good at promoting their cause, but that is easier during a season where we’re in a thrilling title race and hurtling towards a major finale … and that’s not something that will be evident in October-November when the cold starts to bite and fans are reluctant to commit to games unless involving the men’s squad.

That will be the test of the club, and how much the women’s game has come on.

They will do their bit. They have outstanding players and a superb, charismatic manager who is passionate about the club and must feel that he has a title in his future. We were so unlucky this season, and next will be better again.

The fans need to be part of this experience.

Without our support, the women’s team may still get there, but the experience will be better for everyone doing it together … and that’s why the club must do it all it can to make that as easy as it can be.

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  • Johnno says:

    Our supporters done a wonderful job in helping to promote the women’s game in general.
    Made for fantastic viewing and now it calls upon the powers to be within the club to follow suit.
    Remains to be seen as to weather our pitch could withstand extra games, without it having any effect upon the men’s team?
    I wouldn’t have thought it would be an issue myself, so every opportunity available for the women should be considered even if reduced crowds was to be expected earlier within a season.
    Have actually been converted to taking a bigger interest within the women’s game yet never to the degree that the men’s game generates

  • Johnny Green says:

    Personally I think the present interest is very healthy, but it’s probably just a temporary trend due to the big games involved. When the bread and butter stuff starts again next season the interest and the glory hunters will sadly disappear like snaw aff a dyke.

    Sorry ghirls.

  • Henriksgoldenboot says:

    I’ve voiced my opinons on the woman’s game previously, and my genuine disinterest in it would normally have me skipping this post by.

    But I want to raise a question that I think is relevant to your post James, and actually runs parallel to it. I actually think what your asking about is actually a moot point. The club have clearly decided this is the next avenue they want to go down and will push this to the supporters with all their might. As I stated before there is a concerted effort by football’s governing bodies and it’s marketing mechanisms to push all that is female about the game in the guise of equality but it’s actually opportunism. But that point is for another day.

    The question I want ask all Celtic fans here is, what they would do when the focus on the woman’s team has an effect on the first team, a negative effect? So say for example, right now season ticket holders get to see the girls games under their current game allocation, but what if the club decides this is unsustainable (as it surely will as this is about money remember) and hikes up the price of season tickets to accommodate the cost for increased games and increased costs. Then salaries are eventually given more parity. Then because of this expenditure they cut back on the expenditure on the first team because they couldn’t be seen to cut back on the woman’s team as it would be seen as sexist.

    Then through lack of expenditure on the first team this leads to greater difficulty in reaching European group stages or results in the lack of attraction of quality players because the budget isn’t there to pay wages required.

    Sometimes it’s wise to remember a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I’d love to hear people’s opinions on this? God bless. HH.

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